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Would love to see a follow up article outlining the odds of the coaches recruiting him actually being in place when he attends the school. Kinda the running joke these days
Pretty sure a contrary article was posted just two days ago. Is SDS just pandering to specific fan bases now?
Cousin Eddie is probably more concerned with his public colonoscopy that Saban is about to give him on Saturday. What a clown. This is just rinse and repeat.
I agree with your initial post BamaTime. However your over defensive response leads most people to believe Benzone is probably accurate
That game was tough to watch. For both teams. Kentucky looked scared to throw. Georgia looked like Joe Cox was QB again. Not sure what Kirby is doing. He has all the talent in the world but this kid Stetson is not the answer
Mullen first up the crowd after a brawl is cringeworthy. Not a good look for either side. This isn’t a WWE event. Show some class