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SEC West 1) Alabama 10-0 2) Auburn 7-3 3) Texas A&M 7-3 4) LSU 6-4 5) Ole Miss 4-6 6) Miss State 3-7 7) Arkansas 1-9 SEC East 1) Georgia 9-1 2) Florida 9-1 3) Kentucky 7-3 4) Tennessee 4-6 5) South Carolina 2-8 6) Missouri 1-9 7) Vanderbilt 0-10 SEC Champion: Alabama I looked at the schedule for each team and made picks on what I think will happen. I think Alabama is the team to beat, but could see them losing to only Georgia or Auburn during regular season. Regardless, I still think they win the SEC West if they drop one of these games. Additionally, I think the SEC west is still a deeper and more talented division than the East rn. To start off I have Auburn, LSU and A&M are unpredictable, but I think they finish 2 through 4 in some random order. I gave Auburn the nod because I think they drop the first 2 games (UK and UGA) in low scoring sloppy games, but get on a roll in the middle of their schedule after Gus realizes he could get fired. Then, they play Bama hard for a half, but depth and talent over whelms and they lose by 10. I picked them to beat A&M, but that is a 50/50 toss up. For A&M, I think they definitely lose to Bama and UF, but LSU and Auburn are toss ups. I picked them to beat LSU, but lose to Auburn, however I see them at best 8-2 (finish 2nd) and worst 6-4 (finish 4th). I think LSU loses to much from last year to beat Bama and Florida, but they have a shot against Auburn and A&M. I have them losing both because of scheduling (Auburn will be on a 3 game win streak and A&M will be on a 4 game win streak). However, they could surprise again after all the player's leaving and finish 8-2. For the bottom 3, I think Kiffin or Leach have the most talent, but Kiffin gets game 1 in an interesting 50/50 egg bowl matchup and has wins over Arkansas, Vandy, and South Carolina. Leach will get his wins against Arkansas, Vandy, and Missouri. Last in the west, I have Arkansas getting its lone win against Vandy. For the east, I have UGA and Florida as 9-1 and UGA gets the head to head. I think UGA could potentially lose 4 games (Auburn, Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida), however I only have them dropping Alabama rn bc of their Defense, O-line, and RBs look just as good as last year and I think even if a QB doesn't pan out I know Kirby will go conservative and use the talent he accumulated to at least get 7 or 8 wins and finish no less than #3. I gave them the nod against Florida tho bc this will be a battle tested team by the time they play Florida. Florida has some talented transfers and returning players, plus they have a schedule advantage in the first 5 weeks. The only potential Ls are A&M and LSU, but I give Florida the nod bc I don't trust Kellen Mond to win a big game early and I think LSU loses to much and they are still figuring things out by the time they play. As I said before I give UGA the nod bc they will be battle tested by Auburn, Bama, Kentucky, and Tennessee in the first 5 weeks and both of these teams are coming off BYEs so they should be fresh to play. I think after easy wins against Arkansas and Vandy, Florida will be challenged by Kentucky and Tennessee, but Mullen will win the games he suppose to and finish 9-1. I'm really high on Kentucky this year, but they have a ridiculous schedule and I think they will for sure lose to Bama and I think they will be banged up the next week for Florida and drop that as well. I think UGA plays it conservatively against UK and gets the win as well, but UGA is coming off Bama and has to go to Lexington so could be a trap game. I have Kentucky beating Auburn and Tennessee on the road, but could easily be Ls as well so this team could finish between 5-5 and 8-2. I have a talented, but young Tennessee team at 4-6 bc of Coronavirus concerns. What I'm hearing out of Pruitt doesn't sound good and they have their hardest stretch weeks 3 through 5. If they don't get a win out of Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama I think this team goes full rebuilding mode and plays a ton of young guys that will lose to A&M, Auburn, and Florida down the stretch. However, out of both of these stretches I would not be surprised if they sneak 1 or 2 wins so I think at best 6-4 and at worst 4-6. For the bottom 3 in the east I think they all have a hard time beating anyone this year in the top tier or in the SEC West and their only wins will come against each other. You can rearrange their order however you like, but Mike Bobo will not save the SC offense, and the talent level is to low at Missouri and Vandy rn.