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I cannot wait for SEC media days. TAMU and jumbo needs to tell Coach Saban We are sorry.
More like every game ND would play in SEC, heck Vandy might just might beat them.
My fellow SEC critters and individuals. Notre Dame can go big ten. I'm not too concerned about their haunch back. They will be like 4th or 5th up there. If they come to The King of College Football Conference The Southeastern Conferencethen those luck of the Irish would become the middle pack or ranked at 12 in the conference. As far as the TAMU ,I suppose everyone who jumped on the GOAT Coach Nick Saban needs to be apologized to for his statement was correct about TAMU. Back to conference realignment, we have not seen anything yet, I expect half of ACC to big ten and some to SEC and the remaining left out. ACC to SEC I love to see VA Tech, Miami, FSU, Clemson, UNC, NC ST, Ga Tech, Duke, WF
Now that southern cal is going to play in cold frigd snowy blustery wind weather and fly across the country, waiting wait, we just got a new headline, riley leaves southern calbvbfor a mountain West conference team
Oh no, please do not tell me that history will repeat itself on The Bama Program. After Bear stepped down, he wanted Stallings not Perkins but Bebe declined. And well the record speaks for itself about life after Bear at the Capstone till Stallings finally arrived and up till Coach Saban. Saban names his replacement and that person denies and down goes the Tide. Good grief.
I will take Oklahoma and Texas over southern cal and ucla anyday.
That chant, I love to hear. SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC
That is good to know, now how about the offensive line?
Way to go Sharks!!! Hopefully you win Game 2 And the crowd cheers the chant that no other conference desires to hear; SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC!
It is a possibility that the UGAly Dawgs could repeat. Their current QB may not be NFL or CFL or USFL or XFL material. He is a leader, with that along with the rest of those silver britches. Them Dawgs could run all the way to L.A. for a repeat. Best wishies to UGA offense.
Concerning The Mannings, Grandpa no National Title Uncle Peyton no National Title Uncle Eli no National Title If the genes run in the blood then Arch no National title. I wonder which NFL team he will play for , with those genes he will be a NFL Hall of Famer maybe a Super Bowl Champion like his wonderful Uncles. Just no Natty
Just like when the SEC Football Head Coaches are all in the same room, it would be something to have all 14 starting Quarterbacks sit in the room and talk. Love to he in both rooms to hear what would have been said.
Oops. I just remembered, Arch can still change his mind. Perhaps this is a publicity stunt. Hopefully The horns and Sooners will come to the SEC in 2023 or 2024 rather than 2025. Money to pay for exit is there both programs can over come that easily
Okay the only way to settle this is to have an SEC All Star game. East vs West Back then and now. I believe the West wins convincingly
History usually shows, when the team from Lee County Alabama has a down year and almost everyone writes them off or not take them seriously,these burnt orange and navy blue wind up surprising a lot of folks.
SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC! hopefully a SEC National Title game in Omaha.
Wow. A&M calling out. Okay. If Saban gets suspended then Jimbo too. Too much TV ratings and revenue for them to be suspended. Besides it is not going to teach them anything. I think they both learned their lesson. Just let it go.