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Billy Ball survives.7-6 includes bowl game
Hugh Freeze can coach and that's a big difference. At best Tigers can go 9-3 Perhaps 10-2 Laugh as you want but Auburn surprises you when you count them out. I can see TAMU losing to Auburn and Ole Miss too and Bama losing The Iron Bowl Pat Dye Field at Jordan Hare has not been good to The Crimson Tide much. At worse Auburn could be 6-6. But I truly believe 8-4. Freeze can coach and that will be the turn around the tigers need
Free Shoes University. Nah. You chickened out when you had the opportunity to join The King of College Football Conference. You and miami passed.
Looking forward to each and every head coach speaking especially The Dean of The SEC and The Lane Train.
NCAA should be out of business. Let's restore all the wins that have been taken away from each FBS team and awards too.
Some SEC fans are happy and some are not happy. Commissioner Sankey is the best for no.
Those wins should still be accountable. All college football teams that had their wins taken away should be reinstated due to current nil deal
The SEC got it right. Heck these games are better than the big ten.
Way to go UT. Very proud of you volunteers. Rocky Top will always be home sweet home to me. Good ole Rocky Top. I will be moving to Knoxville. Got a promotion. So it would be good to attend some of the games. Congratulations UT!!!
The SEC knows what it is doing. Everyone laughed at the SEC when it started a football conference championship game. Well we know who has the last laugh now. Big ten has been talking about going from 9 conference games to 8. So what's the fuss? Either way each SEC team will play each other home and away in a four year span. We shall see the results in 2024. Mr. Hayes are you not a Mizzou fan? You cannot handle Arkansas Oklahoma Kentucky South Carolina Ole Miss Texas A&M Georgia Nope not a show me here
So what if Ohio State made the field goal? What if Bama wide receivers did not get hurt?
The last Four. 1. Georgia 2. Michigan/Ohio St winner 3. Alabama 4. Clemson/ Florida St winner
Sorry for spelling incorrectly. Jordan Hare Stadium. My Big SEC fingers got in the way.
Auburn will probably go 9-3 at worse 7-5. They will probably win the Iron Bowl after 3 years. The Iron Bowl will be played at Patrick Fain Dye Field at Joedan Hare Stadium. And we all know The Tide does not play well in Lee County Alabama. As far as the Vols are concern. Rocky flop
Baseball in the SEC is awesome. Rivalries, I'm not too sure, but let's create them.
The nice lovely lady who cheers for Loyola Chicago, Sister( I cannot recall her name at this moment) anyway she has UK Wildcats all the way. I can live with that or The Crimson Tide or maybe Coach Bruce Pearl and his Tigers. Either way SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC IT JUST MEANS MORE
Oh dear, as a SEC fan to the hardcore. Bama needs to keep Lswho, rocky flop and awbarn. Every two years its Lizards and UGAly dawgs. Win those games and there is your number one seed for the playoffs. Bama Ls?, awbarn, rocky flop Awbarn UGAly dawgs, pachyderms and lizards. Ugaly dawgs can have awbarn, lizards and boom boom sooner
As a former middle and high school boys basketball head coach, I cannot get over the spitting incident. That is disgusting and disrespectful. As far as quoting scripture, I have done so myself but not like that. To me that coach should never be coaching.
Is Awbarn a powerhouse? Not! For that matter, no mens hoop from the SEC is a powerhouse.
Let's rearrange the tournament locale SEC Tampa Bay ACC Our Nations Capital big ten Cleveland Big East Philadelphia Big XII Dallas Pac-12 Los Angeles As far as conference realignment; we have not seen anything yet, there will be a major , major seismic shift in college football or should I say NFL jr. Oh wait the only NFL jr is the SEC the King of College football.
Could I just go back and have Lane as my offensive coordinator and Kirby as my defensive coordinator and Shane as my special team coordinator