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This guy is dead wrong about Field's. Smart is an excellent recruiter but has yet to develop a single player. They leave as they come. Look at Fromm. He didn't get better as the years rolled by and in fact, in some ways he got worse. He can't or won't try and turn a 3 star into a 5 star and because of this Field's would never have developed like he did at OSU. GA will win big as long as Smart recruits well. If he drops that recruiting ball for a few seasons his inability to coach up players will be exposed. It's the only real issue I have with Smart. In every other way he is an excellent Dawg CEO.
Absolutely. Yes, Florida didn't bring their "A" game but LSU did. It wasn't a few plays that doomed Florida it was a lack of will to win combined with an LSU team that wouldn't be denied. To say Florida lost only because they didn't play well isn't true. Florida lost because they don't play well AND LSU did.
Agreed. Also, as he eluded to, he gets a lot of say so in Gainesville. In the NFL he is basically another employee who instead of dealing with collage kids has to deal with induvial players. And their managers. And their lawyers. And their agents. Besides, while another couple million or so would probably be nice the guy is already swimming in the loot. If all he cared about was money he would have been a stockbroker not a coach. I think he stays for quite a while to enjoy the power he has over the program.
I just don't think Pruitt is a good coach and I look at the 2nd half stats of practically every game to prove it. The reason why Tenn gets worse in the second half is because Pruitt can't adjust to the game. He doesn't look at what worked and what didn't, what the other team is doing and their weakness then adjust for the best chance of success. The best coaches make the adjustments at halftime they need to win but Pruitt doesn't. I don't know what he does. Maybe go cheerleader? Maybe tell his team to fight harder? Rah Rah Rah? I just know there is no way he is making the adjustments he needs to win games in the second half and no amount of talent can make up for this critical part of the game. Of course, I'm not a coach. Hell, I'm not even a good Monday morning QB but I see what I see and Tenn needs a better coach if they ever want to be relevant again. The SEC East needs more than just Ga and Fl. We need Tenn back.
While I agree your coaching staff leaves much to be desired the time off might be a good thing for your team. I doubt you can beat FL. They have too much firepower but if Tenn goes out there and plays their "A" game all healed up, they could make FL work for it. While I'm a Gator/SEC fan (yes I cheer for every SEC team GA included during Bowl Season) I don't want to roll a dispirited Tenn team. I want Tenn's best game. It brings back old memories of some pretty fantastic days when Tenn, FL and GA were always in the SEC East mix. Tenn shouldn't be down this long.
I know just how you feel. Lets hope you do better than McElwain. Those 2 back to back almost killed the program.
SC better fall on their knees and do whatever it takes to get Freeze because if they don't someone else ... like Tenn ... will grab him and pound the SC program for years to come.
LSU lost a lot of players to the NFL and they are hard to replace. Even so, I'm willing bet that most teams would love to have a few bad seasons in between Natty's.
There is no way I could judge Tebow on the difference between college and the NFL when it comes to QB's. Two different animals but what I don't get are the detractors saying when Tebow replaced Orton, it was the kicking game and defense that won those games. The reason I don't get it was because it was the same kicker and defense that Orton had and the only difference was Tebow who took them to winning a playoff game. I never thought Tebow would be a gunslinger but he did have a way of putting a team of his shoulders and plowing through to a win. I would think he should get a "little" credit for doing that at Denver.
I doubt there is any guile going on. Coaches aren't that stupid and trying to get one to fall for it won't work. Not in this league. Also Afan is right. Everyone will start off sloppy and with no warm up games to play they will be that way for at least 2 or 3 games. The schools with the same players from last year, running the same system with the same coordinators will get it together quicker. FL is in a better situation because of this and will come out sort of strong compared to others who have switched everything around. Still, sleep on Ole Miss at your peril.
Davis may prefer Auburn-Kentucky and it;'s a good pick but I think it would be Fl-Ole Miss and Tenn-SC because those games could go to either set of teams. Ole Miss will put up a fight at home and FL could lose the first game of the year. Between Tenn and SC it's anyone's game. The rest of the slate is pretty predictable and I find it hard to believe the fav in those games could lose.
Could he have gone higher with another year? Hard to say but I would have to guess ... and it's just a guess ... that Gardner-Johnson is rethinking this right now. Yes, he got drafted, but a 4th round pick not only loses money but they might be the first to go when the time to cut happens. At least Mullen was honest. Just because you go to Fl, or any other school, doesn't mean you're automagically destined for the the NFL and a Pro-Bowl. I don't know about Gardner-Johnson but I prefer not to have a bunch of sunshine blown up my butt and if I need to improve I want to know about it. No matter how far down my ego deflates.
Leave the conferences as they are. Create an 8 team playoff. It would only add an extra week which can be put in the dead week before the playoff we have now. Let each Power 5 conference champ get in. Then add 3 at large teams which would allow for the Group of 5 to get in as well as teams from the same conference who while they didn't win, are possibly better than anyone else. The current selection committee pick the at large teams. With this setup, the makeup of the conferences wouldn't matter that much and it would be a real playoff not a beauty contest playoff.
"A good team"? Really? At least admit you were overwhelmed from the get go and nothing you could have done, no single play, no amount of wishful thinking would have given you a chance. Half the teams in the SEC could beat you and you know it. Perhaps the next time the CFB playoff committee has to decided who is number 4 in the rankings, they won't default to the Big 12. Their entire conference was humbled.
Sometimes I question the so-called rankings when it comes to recruits but I will say this for Kiffin ... he can coach an offense and if he learned anything from his time with Saban he may become a great SEC coach. Having said that ... I can't wait for the Ole Miss Vs Tenn game. Think there is any "tar and feather Kiffin" resentment still there?
Agreed. That's why they play the games but Tenn really came on at the end of the year. It wasn't just the wins but how they won looking like a much better team than at the start of the season. If they start off next season playing like that they will be a team you overlook at your own peril.
While you're not wrong we all have to make our own luck, good fortune or Karma. Even then, once made, we have to be able to take advantage of it or it's wasted. Still you're right about other schools wanting to be in the position GA is in now. They might not have made the play offs or won the SEC but they had a shot for it while everyone else sat at home and watched.
It seems to me GA is playing "old school" Bama ball from 5 years ago. Times have changed and that won't get it any more. Even Saban changed to a high powered offense. Fromm is a great game manager but not an elite throwing QB which is needed for an explosive offense. Run and and play great D used to be the formula but this is today and GA needs a great innovative offensive coordinator to go along with their talent. One who can build an offensive powerhouse while maintaining their elite D. Smart needs to change with the times or get run over by them.
Saban will teach off of this. Probably too many players going to Bama thinking all they have to do is block a little and catch a ball or two and the automagically go to the playoffs. I expect next years Bama to be hungry and hard driving. Lets see how they play their bowl game. We can tell if the team wants' to win or just show up because they didn't win the whole thing.
Maybe they should bring back the BCS but with 4 teams. Hell, lets spend just one more week and go with 8 teams.
I have to agree, Frank's has that cannon of an arm that makes coaches salivate but he seems to be slow when reading defenses which results in poor decisions. Franks will heal up but I have to wonder if he wouldn't be better playing BB. In a battle between Trask and Jones, I don't see how Frank's can compete.
I'm not seeing it. Unless FSU payed him A LOT of money I can't see him going. Penn State is a top flight grade A place to coach. It's not like they're the nuns at "Our Lady of Perpetual sorrow" and have a storied history. While FSU "may" be seen as a top flight destination for a coach at his level, at best it would be a lateral move. Franklin can coach though and would probably turn FSU into a national power again if given the time but I doubt FSU is willing to do what it takes to get him. The reason they got Tagaart was because he was the only one willing to do it. That should tell you all you need to know about a transfer from Penn State to FSU.
There are big things he has to think about. How many QB's are out this year in the SEC? Some were only injured temporary but some for the entire season. Is an injury worth another year? How high can he be drafted? Will the NFL QB draft be better for him next year without the current competition? If the offense, whether his fault or the coaches, falters next year will his draft position be even weaker? Finally, is winning an SEC or National Championship for GA worth giving up millions for when another season could ruin it all? Fromm is a good QB but doesn't have the Hurts/Burrows/Herbert arm. He can be extremely accurate and he can read defenses like no one but he doesn't have that cannon, that nuke the other QB's have. That's the talk I'm hearing from NFL talk shows and while the talking heads are just ... well ... talking heads they do make some great points from time to time. Can he develop a cannon in another year? Remember Franks? That guy has a cannon but when it comes to playing QB he wouldn't make a pimple on Fromm's butt. Now, combine Frank's cannon and Fromm ability to own the position. THAT'S a first round NFL QB. Can Fromm get there in another year? As a Gator I want him to stay. I want the Gators to beat him while he is there. Not after he's gone and some inexperienced rookie comes in. I think if Fromm stays it's better for GA, better for FL, better for the SEC and better for CFB ... but is it better for Fromm?
Judging on what I've seen this season so far, I expect GA and Bama to win out in regular season. I also expect GA to lose to LSU. This will drop GA down to around 7 while Bama hangs in there at 5 or possibly 6 depending on the outcome of Oregon / Utah. If FL wins out, including their bowl game, they will be in the top 10 like last year. Throw everything into chaos if OSU loses.
Leach would be a catch ... no pun intended ... if they could get him. Every QB recruit with a live arm would know they would lead the SEC in yards, attempts and catches and every receiver recruit knows they would break records with that Air Raid offense. This doesn't translate to wins of course but sure does translate in recruiting. They would be fun to watch!
Mike Leach would be interesting. He could go to a top rated QB recruit and say "Look, we will throw the ball more than anyone in the SEC ever will. We ARE the Air Raid Offense. If you want to be the leader in completions and yards come with me". He wouldn't be wrong.
When you're making the big bucks like these coaches are, expect to get your butt chewed when you don't come out at 100%. Florida is an up and coming team and far ahead of where they should be. Can't wait to see Mullen and company at full strength with Mullen's players. Gratz Dawgs! You were the better team today and played like it!
I doubt Fromm is what the NFL is looking for. He just doesn't have that cannon but in the CFB world Fromm is a difference maker. You beat an up and coming Gator team with solid play in all phases of the game. Yes, the blown calls were blatant but the Gators had plenty of time to make up for them and couldn't. Great game guys! Cya next year!
GA has the better players. FL has the better coaching staff. I think GA made a huge mistake in picking their offensive coordinator and it may cost them this game. With the FL defense at full strength and Toney back it will be a great game.
I think LSU has the best resume and should be number 1 but after watching OSU I have to say they look strong in all phases. Until Clemson plays someone other than the nuns at "Our Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow" they shouldn't be ranked any higher than 4 at best which is where they sit right now. I also question Gators at 6. While I do love my Gators I think they are a little over-hyped. We will see next Saturday. GA has the better all around players but FL has the better coaches. Should be a great one ... again!