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I'm more surprised he stayed in the SEC at all given there is risk they won't give an automatic waiver. It def made no sense for him to consider UGA given Darnell, Fitz and Bowers and all our WR core coming back. Gilbert is a stud but i think would be better playing WR, and studying the tape he doesn't engage blockers and when he is the decoy its very easy to pick up since he changes to half speed. That said, I wonder why Clemson, or even Tech (I know lol), or UNC didn't try (or did they). Dabo wouldn't put up with not buying into the team but you woulda thought if he was homesick, a quick ride up 85 and your in Clemson and a few hours north your in Research Triangle. I wish him well at Florida but for someone with such raw talent that has an attitude that does not complement it .... its not really a good place to go and learn to be a professional if you don't already have that mindset
Lol wtf are these statistics? GPA at two different schools that are a whopping .... point zero three percent different? and that graduation rate! Here are some more relevant statistics, which proves just how far UGA is ahead of Florida: Number of CFP Playoff Births: UGA 1, Florida 0. State Income Tax Paid by Head Coach: UGA ~$370,000, Florida 0 (no state income tax in Florida, hence the trailer parks (see below)). Number of Trailer Parks within College Town: UGA 13, Florida 21. Murder Trials since 2010: Florida 2, UGA 1 (unverified) Athletic Department Profit (2019): Florida $17.2 million, UGA $30.7 million
After Fields took that hit the medical staff didn't give him any diagnosis, gave him (at least 2) cortisone shots and a numbing/pain agent, and we all saw what happened. However, I think it was extremely negligent how they handled it - he could have had serious damage to his kidneys (hit was lower than the spleen / on the wrong side of the body), which would have been worse) and internal bleeding could have caused him a huge problem. A hard hit with a helmet - I've seen people on more routine hits pee blood. It made for a great story, but could have been very bad. My point is I do not trust Ohio State's medical staff to make the medically appropriate decision, which in this case would be messing with positive tests.
NASA-Gator must be on Mars or bath salts if they actually believes any of the words they said. There's a reason they play GA-FL at a neutral site ya know..
Bulldogs don't have "tails." Also not "tales" but I forgot most UF fans are townies and don't frequent the library...
He's not as old as I thought - "health issues" aside would be a good landing spot, and I think given the state of UT football in the past decade the expectations would be fair and maybe not so overwhelming. Also no state income tax in Texas, so even if he is just moving there at least there's a tangible benefit in his tax savings for retirement income!
BYU did not "Avoid playing" Washington. They were screwed when the Pac-12 messed around and then cancelled the season, only to start later than everyone else and refused to play non-conference games. So BYU had to redo its entire schedule, and only when they realized they screwed up changed policy and then approached BYU to play. BYU has already played 9 games; they did everything right, traveling the country in the middle of a pandemic, and haven't lost and should be rewarded for doing it right. By the way, BYU was offered to play because Washington has a $20 million athletic department shortfall. It was 100% about money. They offered BYU exactly $0 of TV Revenue on top of that. Horrible and insulting deal. Compare BYU with Florida, who caused 6 games to be cancelled or rescheduled because of incompetence, thus eliminating any future flexibility with game cancellations in the SEC (that's why some games are cancelled and not "rescheduled"). At least when BYU beats you in your bowl game you'll feel good knowing you lost to a team that did it the right way. RTR