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No one wants to use facts so I guess I'll go but I'm glad you did realize some stuff about your school. Don't make me drop some more knowledge on you later. Also I'm not even an ole miss fan haha
Best OC in the country hahahahaha you state fans are unbelievable
I'll compare any school in the conference against State just to show you how terrible of a school they are. They should kick state out and add UNC or something.
Pretty pathetic how you can't even debate your own school. I would be ashamed to go to a school I couldn't back up with facts, but you literally went to the worst school in the conference so it's not a surprise at all. hahaha
What's the matter buttercup are the facts too much for you to bare? hahahaha
I guess they don't teach reading comprehension at cow colleges
Yeah giving up 31 to Ole Miss was really miraculous hahaha
Hahaha I would never come to your inbred state anyway
Again nothing you said discredited my facts. NEXT
None of that went against any of my facts. I love when moronic state fans start to realize their school is pathetic hahaha
Once again when you talk facts to the State morons they shut down. Typical
Let's see her. Mizzou is a better school, academically, better location, been to more SEC championship games, better alum base. Shall I go on?
I love when you give the morons facts they say you're a "troll". Get over it buttercup. The institution you went to is equivalent to toilet paper. You just wasted your money for nothing. hahahaha
Mississippi State is the laughing stock of the conference from there institution, to their athletics, to their alumni, to their town. It's just all pathetic. The SEC should send them to conference USA or something. It's pathetic
hahaha i hope your realize your program is the laughing stock of the conference. Literally Mizzou has more credibilty than y'all. This is just sad hahaha
Hahahahahaha this is hilarious. First the egg bowl now this hahahaha
No wonder you’re tbe laughing stock of the conference hahahahaha