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I would fire a decent HC at a big program to hire him if I were an AD. He has a lot of talent to work with but making adjustments 3 plays later in the same drive is very impressive to me. I know that happened in the Georgia game when they blitzed on one look. They did it again and it was over.
I don't like the way they treat female sportscasters different from male ones showing intimate photos and making the broadcasters uncomfortable on air. It's not the first time. I know most fans will think nothing of the way they take digs. They are trying to "fraternize" with her but it just seems unprofessional. If they would spend more time watching the game they could perform better analysis. The refs are crap this year but the sportscasting is a joke also.
Well, when playing spoiler is the pinnacle of your success you get good at it. Just not too good.
Bama needs big wins to impress the committee though. I think we may see Mac Jones. Today is Wednesday. Full day tomorrow and walk through Friday. If Tua has not practiced this week it will probably be Mac Jones. With the Heisman race pretty much over he will probably rest up and rehab. No point in tipping that to State blatantly though.
I think Alabama will win out, but I think Georgia will beat Auburn and lose to LSU. Bama still needs a bit of help and that's ok. It would be great to get LSU in the first round of the playoff. I think the corndogs would really relish another shot at Tua and Alabama.
If Gus had been a real pal he would have subbed in more backups during Auburn's thrashing of the hogs. Not in his nature though.
Because the SEC W is the crappiest division in football. Hahahahahhahahahhahahhahhaaaaaaaaa. The Bama hate is so strong. Nobody wants to face a healthy Tua. I DO NOT BLAME YOU. Healthy he would smoke CFB.
I kind of like it. I think NS will use the slight as extra motivation. The team will come out with its hair on fire.
I could throw TD passes to Smitty. Bama will have a winning game plan with or without Tua.
Mack Jones can win games with his arm and Alabama can beat LSU without Tua and Mack Jones. You might not like to hear that but Alabama has been running the same worn out slants and screens for like 8 weeks now. There is a lot more that they can do with the stockpile of blue chips that litter the field and bench area. Nick has a coaching staff that has been sandbagging. Tua will probably (90% chance) be back for LSU anyhow. This guy. You can forgive him for doubting Mack Jones, but last season Alabama's backup was Jalen Hurts. How did Alabama get to a place where you didn't know squat about third stringer Mack Jones? Tua beat out Hurts and now Hurts is taking Riley's Sooners to the playoffs. That was our backup. Gees. Bama is deep and loaded. Mack Jones will throw several TDs this week.
Maybe not. No. Most likely not. I agree that the QB went rogue. It was a delicious lack of execution.
The Heisman is a popularity contest and is more political than field based. Jalen has all day to throw at OU and last I saw they were spying him with two players. Defense is a joke in CFB in 2019, even in the SEC. The big 12 may as well be playing basketball. Nick Saban pulled Tua for Jalen in the fourth quarter of the 2019 championship and it was a mistake. Promoting Jalen over Tua due to those garbage big 12 defenses makes a complete farce of the award.
Fans are going to fewer games across the nation. Having a big stadium is bad if you do not fill it. People will not show up when there is not good competition. Which is most of the time now days. I think that's why Auburn has not upgraded JH. There are only about 20-30 teams that can compete with each other and only about 5-10 that deserve to be on the same field with each other. Alabama is offering giveaways to keep fans in the stadium. The sport is dying. You may be good and we may be good, but the sport is dying no doubt about it.
I think the ND faithful had to be pleased with the outcome. Really the mistreatment by university officials is just a reflection of the establishment taking their patrons for granted. The public is fleeced by corporations and by government and expected to just suck it up and take it. We are third class citizens. Fans can watch on TV. To be honest competition in college football is dead. Everyone should watch football on Sunday if they want to see a competitive contest. Thank you NCAA. -University of Alabama football Fanatic/Alumni
You cannot blame him for wishful thinking. The competition in college football is between the haves and Ole Miss and Mizzou are have nots. I think there are only a few defenses in the country that are good enough to slow them down. LSU, Auburn, and Georgia are three. We'll be watching to see if there is a collegiate defense good enough to stop this NFL passing attack. If Jalen beats Tua for the Heisman then the award is not worth having.
I've sat in the nose bleeds at Death Valley. You have to bring in your own oxygen. It's going to be fun lugging a tuba up there. Don't lean too far forward. The broken AC and treatment of the band, even LSU's is just downright dirty. Texas deserves what is coming to them.
Alabama is starting two (2) freshmen linebackers. A healthy dose of play action and throwing to receivers crossing, runningbacks, or players otherwise matched up on those linebackers should give our linebackers experience so that they play better against teams down the road. Alabama's secondary is opportunistic and extremely talented this year. I would stick to the linebackers. I think he could manage two TDs and about 200 yards. It won't be near enough. Bama is choosing who it wants have touchdowns based on play selection. Jerry Jeudy will outscore USC.
Parity is dead in college football. The top teams put 8-12 players into the league every year and teams that cannot do that have little to no chance. The NCAA has implemented rules changes that concentrate talent at top schools. The NFL should be the model that CFB tries to emmulate as much as possible to create parity and fan interest. I think they wanted to restructure CFB into the top 30 teams or so. There are about 12 that can play with each other and the rest are just fodder for the kill. Someone needs to fix it - and I am an Alabama Alumni and fanatic. Did not watch the game. You have to go in to game week in week 2 of fall camp. Of course there are going to be mistakes. A win is big though because it's like getting two byes during the season. There are still going to be games on the schedule that both of these teams statistically cannot win.
Totally Glossed over NM State. Yeah IDK why they are on the schedule. Unofficial bye. Your comment does have some merit, but NS can win most of his games with the second string. - And he will do that. Alabama has made the playoff every year that it has existed. It will STILL take a quality team like Jawja to keep them out. Good luck with that. ;P
Love Jalen but he is not going to get OU to the PO.
C.Cowherd loves to make outlandish predictions. I don't think that his assessment is off base in this case. Gus has always had a run first offense. The HUNH is predicated on run blocking even on passing downs. Blow the other team off of the ball. Keep them on their heels. There is no Cam Newton, There is no Asa Martin. You've the speedy sophomore and the injury prone Boobie Whitlow. He whiffed on the athletes that he needed to run his offense. That is all that it takes. Gus does a POOR job of recruiting needs. If they have interest he prioritizes them. He needs feature backs and he does not get them. They will be beat up at that postion by the end of the season and the new QB whoever he is will be too green to carry the team ...once again, in a run first style offense.
I have Hulu and missed just about every opening score this year because the game would not show up and load until it started. I was unable to load the broadcast version during the semifinal for a few mins and watched a bit of the coaches viewing party. I did like some of their discussion and changed the channel to the coaches at half time for a bit.
Tua gets to earn his "Heisman" Monday. He's won 15 consecutive games for Bama. Let's make it 16. He has yet to be tested.
I don't care if he gets 3 tds. I don't care if he gets 350 yards. Points on the board are what counts. The defense has to make him hurry. Do not give him all day in the pocket.
He's small and slippery, if he takes a hit from a safety it's a big hit. I hope our guys long arms are able to get a hold of him.
Tua is basically a cheat code for the NCAA. Vegas had to alter their line setting process because of him. If he does not get the award then it is a sham because he has earned it. The Heisman has been a sham popularity contest some years. It is an elusive award.
I don't even care if I miss half of the games any more. Alabama will handle Georgia. I don't know why anyone would bother writing about "must win" battles.