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I've sat in the nose bleeds at Death Valley. You have to bring in your own oxygen. It's going to be fun lugging a tuba up there. Don't lean too far forward. The broken AC and treatment of the band, even LSU's is just downright dirty. Texas deserves what is coming to them.
Alabama is starting two (2) freshmen linebackers. A healthy dose of play action and throwing to receivers crossing, runningbacks, or players otherwise matched up on those linebackers should give our linebackers experience so that they play better against teams down the road. Alabama's secondary is opportunistic and extremely talented this year. I would stick to the linebackers. I think he could manage two TDs and about 200 yards. It won't be near enough. Bama is choosing who it wants have touchdowns based on play selection. Jerry Jeudy will outscore USC.
Parity is dead in college football. The top teams put 8-12 players into the league every year and teams that cannot do that have little to no chance. The NCAA has implemented rules changes that concentrate talent at top schools. The NFL should be the model that CFB tries to emmulate as much as possible to create parity and fan interest. I think they wanted to restructure CFB into the top 30 teams or so. There are about 12 that can play with each other and the rest are just fodder for the kill. Someone needs to fix it - and I am an Alabama Alumni and fanatic. Did not watch the game. You have to go in to game week in week 2 of fall camp. Of course there are going to be mistakes. A win is big though because it's like getting two byes during the season. There are still going to be games on the schedule that both of these teams statistically cannot win.
Totally Glossed over NM State. Yeah IDK why they are on the schedule. Unofficial bye. Your comment does have some merit, but NS can win most of his games with the second string. - And he will do that. Alabama has made the playoff every year that it has existed. It will STILL take a quality team like Jawja to keep them out. Good luck with that. ;P
Love Jalen but he is not going to get OU to the PO.
C.Cowherd loves to make outlandish predictions. I don't think that his assessment is off base in this case. Gus has always had a run first offense. The HUNH is predicated on run blocking even on passing downs. Blow the other team off of the ball. Keep them on their heels. There is no Cam Newton, There is no Asa Martin. You've the speedy sophomore and the injury prone Boobie Whitlow. He whiffed on the athletes that he needed to run his offense. That is all that it takes. Gus does a POOR job of recruiting needs. If they have interest he prioritizes them. He needs feature backs and he does not get them. They will be beat up at that postion by the end of the season and the new QB whoever he is will be too green to carry the team ...once again, in a run first style offense.
I have Hulu and missed just about every opening score this year because the game would not show up and load until it started. I was unable to load the broadcast version during the semifinal for a few mins and watched a bit of the coaches viewing party. I did like some of their discussion and changed the channel to the coaches at half time for a bit.
Tua gets to earn his "Heisman" Monday. He's won 15 consecutive games for Bama. Let's make it 16. He has yet to be tested.
I don't care if he gets 3 tds. I don't care if he gets 350 yards. Points on the board are what counts. The defense has to make him hurry. Do not give him all day in the pocket.
He's small and slippery, if he takes a hit from a safety it's a big hit. I hope our guys long arms are able to get a hold of him.
Tua is basically a cheat code for the NCAA. Vegas had to alter their line setting process because of him. If he does not get the award then it is a sham because he has earned it. The Heisman has been a sham popularity contest some years. It is an elusive award.
I don't even care if I miss half of the games any more. Alabama will handle Georgia. I don't know why anyone would bother writing about "must win" battles.
Tua's offense is 2 minute offense. ...Unless he wants to score in less than 2 minutes. Then it's just however long he wants to take.
It will be a test for Bama's NFL receivers and Tua will have to pick his matchups appropriately. It's hard to beat NFL throws to NFL receivers but I expect Bama to get the ground game going with checkdowns off the edge early. Work the line side to side with screens. Soften up that defense and grind a little clock on offense. Saban is one to take the ground and pound to a ground and pound coach.
Burrow would have to borrow Stephen Garcia's stats from the 2010 Bama game. G-Mac ought to remember that one. One should not lose a game with Ingram, Lacy, and Richardson in the backfield. Same thing With the talent on this team. It's too much. No one should beat Alabama. Should. I hope the team prepares for the worst and plays their best. It seems that they really want another NC - at least on offence.
He has speed to burn and they sub him in like a knife through warm butter. Teams are like "Waddle? Where did he come from?" He would be the feature player at 110 Div 1 schools. At Bama he is an overdrive on the offense. He lets you coast.
Chryst looked really good. The hit was legal albeit violent. The comment is regrettable. I wish Guarantano a speedy recovery. Good luck the rest of the way Vols.
Alabama's defense is improving daily. The offensive line is actually getting better. The best chance to beat Alabama is not going to come on a Saturday this year as long as Tua is healthy. Saban is treating Tua like an NFL franchise player, and that is a great thing to see, because he is one. I haven't heard anyone say it yet, but there is nothing else Tua needs to show before going into the draft. He has another year and a half. This is round two of Clowney. He is a waste of talent at this level. RTR.
LSU is way over rated. Auburn is actually a better team even though they lost. Texas A&M may be the third best team in the SEC. Mond is for reals. Georgia and OSU may be the only teams that can keep Tua in the game.
I think that his analysis is pretty solid except that Alabama has 4 receivers who will go high in the NFL Draft on this team. I doubt Ole Miss has the depth. They have 2 potential first rounders.
Tua is THE best play maker on the team. He will let Tua work his magic and find a rhythm. I think Saban will run the ball with the lead. The run game has flourished after Tua softens them up with the pass. This is a pass first offense, or at least what we have seen so far is pass first.
Yeah. I think Auburn was looking ahead to LSU, Ole Miss was looking ahead to Bama and Bama just executed the first page and a half of its playbook. We will get to see something this week. We could see Jalen throw to Tua. Who knows? Will we see Tua and 5 wide? I think that's an offense that gives him time to throw or room to run. Ole Miss will look much better on defense this week. I hope that they don't try to injur our QB. This will be a good game. But not that good. ;) 42-24
Jalen's intangibles are his true worth. He gets you out of negative plays while punishing defenders and gliding down field. He keeps improving, but really Bama could win a championship with a lot less QB than Jalen Hurts.
I really think competition in the league is mostly dead. Bama beat vandy by what 60? Nick Saban and Alabama slipped a little at aTm but really were pretty close to beating everyone they played this year by about 40. Texas A&M's QB really is pretty good though. Tennersee is about to get theirs. Alabama has also had to burn redshirts due to injury.
I'm just happy Georgia is learning how to play football.
That 2012 game was an amazing ball game. Georgia was within spitting distance of a title.
Mountain Dog I think The Boss Man has some Bammer envy. Nick Saban clearly wants to win all of the games. I really think that is the goal. Maybe there are no real "National Champions" There are teams that you beat twice in the same calendar year and have a 6 game win streak over. I like winning the last game and getting that trophy that all of those other teams covet. Championship or no championship playing top teams and beating them is the goal for any true sportsman. Really the best part is the bickering and the uncertainty that clouds CFB. I like that the only thing that the other teams know for sure is that they are chasing Alabama and NS.
In the Playoff era making the NC is a huge deal. The semifinal games are very difficult and you have to get ready to play again in a week. The two games with Clemson were basically toss up games. Whoever had the ball last won. It's not like Bama was shut out. In 2010 that was probably Bama's most talented team. Injuries on the OL and other places really hurt that team. They got healthy and clobbered MSU so bad it was obvious that they never should have been paired together.