I've lived 2 miles from Tiger Stadium my entire life and when you hear the band playing and the 100,000+ fans screaming after an LSU touchdown it's not likely to become an Alabama fan! Thank goodness for that...

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LSU is the easy target after going 500 last year. Even with 54 scholarship players beat Florida. These crybabies are still hurting from 2019 and will be picking up jaw from floor this season when we get back to a 10 win season. I don't want to hear squat from anyone representing Georgia lol, arguably the most talented roster but lost 3, 4 straight to LSU and atleast 2 consecutive where they were demolished. 2 in a row lost by Florida as well, Auburn fired their coach and gave us their best running back prospect! Imagine Tank and Armoni as your thunder and lightning! Saban isn't as young as he used to be, once retires those nuts wingers go back in hiding. Just football guys it's just a game lol
*** 2006 final answer. Auburn given gift of victory 7-3 after pi flag thrown with 3 minutes remaining, ref picked it up. No one noticed player removed helmet in celebration. The 10-9 lossin 2004 was when ANOTHER gift to Auburn, kicker missed PAT with score tied 9-9 and late late flag on PAT was called a personal foul on #9 burnout one wearing #9 was on the field lol. Got another chance and barely made it. The FG that was counted clearly went wide right but ref was SEC official, nuff said.
*The play I tried to compare was on 09/18/2004 that Auburn won at Jordan Hare Stadium by the score of 10-9 back when Tubberville was the HC of Auburn and Saban was fresh off of his first national championship in his career. Back, way back when defense won championships! *I hope those sorry officials flag LSU for impersonating a power 5 football team next game! Whenever that is... Fastest team to go from penthouse to outhouse in my life! Flag em
OzHog, actually while the ball is fumbled and not clearly recovered yet you can hold. It's not viewed as a normal holding call and more like a free frawl where almost anything goes. As long as it's not a personal foul the Auburn player was actually being either very smart or just lucky by holding the jersey of an Arkansas player from recovering the fumbled ball. The best comparison is when a pass is tipped at the line of scrimmage (or wherever, just more commonly seen when a DL gets a paw on the ball) and just from the ball barely being grazed, not even altering the trajectory or the spinning motion, if it's tipped the DBs can literally tackle the wide receivers without penalty *as long as it was tipped prior to the defender interfering with a receiver. Often you can't tell a ball was tipped until you see the slow motion replay, it's often that close but still is within the framework of the rules. I think it was around 2003 or 2004 when LSU was at Auburn and driving at the end of the game, low scoring game when an Auburn DL barely got a finger on a ball almost exactly when another Auburn DB mugged the LSU receiver, during real time it looked like blatant passing interference and I'd have bet anything that we got robbed. The DB really got lucky because he was going to be early and commit interference but just a split second before he hit the LSU WR the ball was barely tipped, didn't even affect the spiral or trajectory. I want to say Auburn got the W by a 10-9 final score. I was irate and couldn't believe what I was seeing, no way would that flag actually get picked up and ref called it right. Because it was tipped and allowed the DB to get there early and not get penalized. Surely though you must have seen a fumble that a player of either side was about to fall on and recover only to get his jersey nearly ripped off of him by the opposition and no foul called? Or have you ever seen a holding foul called in the middle of a scrum or during a live fumble? No, because as wrong as it may seem it's actually legal to grab or hold or do whatever (as long as you don't touch the quarterback anywhere below the belt or above the waist!) Just kidding, we ALL probably can agree this was a bad call that resulted in the Razorbacks losing a game that they deserved and really needed, wanted, but the refs in the SEC are by far, not even a competition, the worst in college football period! These are the refs that officiated last years CFP semis when Clemson beat Ohio State after multiple bad calls, questionable calls, and just plain ole sorry A$$ SEC officiating. Did this crew also referee the 2018 NFC Championship game that saw the worst officiating choke in competitive football? *and this call wasn't even that hard really! The problem is they have wayyy too much power over these games and influence. When ANY GAME is decided by a referee making a horrible call it's very disappointing, never should the officials decide the outcome of any football game yet they do far too often. #REFORMsecOFFICIALS #defundSECstripes #RazorbacksAREclearlyBETTERthanMYlsuTIGERS2020 #JoseFORpresident
***If he is a slight threat to throw it... *I'd put him in the wildcat too! (Accidentally left that out and don't know how or if I can edit a comment. Oh well. Either Waddle or Stingley! Now that Ja'Marr Chase opted out maybe Stingley gets in on offense too ‍♂️
Speed kills, Waddle has plenty. After his punt return TD last year against my Tigers, I was as impressed with his recovery from an abundantly obvious facemask MISSED-call (go figure, the worst officiating in the NCAA is in the SEC, not even close) only to spin around, losing 5 yards then he hit the jets and WOW! He seems to be so dynamic and shifty, fast but extremely slippery and elusive. If he gets more involved, not really "if" but when he gets more touches he is going to do things not seen in football since maybe Reggie Bush. I'd line him up all over the field. Put him out wide, slot, in the backfield, and if he is a slight threat to throw it this guy will be a stat sheet stuffer! To do what he did with 3 other first rounders or future first rounders at WR just wait! It's hard to imagine the speed Alabama had on the field last season lined up wide. Ruggs, Jeudy, Smith (Louisiana native ) and Jalen Waddle! Those 4 receivers combined are probably better as far as speed, talent, and grit as most NFL teams have. I don't follow the NFL much anymore but can't think of a team with 4 that good. Before it's all said and done it looks like all 4 are first rounders. *I'm still trying to understand how that facemask foul wasn't called lol, it must have ticked him off because it sure didn't help get him down. WOW, I just gave props to an Alabama player or players! This corona has an obvious affect on my LSU Fanhood. Clearly
Isn't something when an elite player is from a state with two powerhouse programs, one that's arguably the best dynasty in the history of the game being coached by the best to ever coach college football! Yet LSU still finds itself in the mix with the two Iron Bowl squads and LSU is probably as likely to land the 5* as any of the 3 mentioned. If it "did/does" soon get narrowed down to only two teams just expect LSU/Alabama to be those two. Auburn, nothing against Auburn but they've played 2nd fiddle to Bama in that state forever really. The only championship Auburn has produced to my knowledge was the year of Cam Newton (still a controversial discussion, most admit something was paid/given to him or family, no one talks about it.) In the meantime just from the last 20 years I know LSU won 3 of 4 Championships, Auburn won 1 of 1, Alabama won what, 5 of 6 maybe 7 in that span. Just from the who's who, the SEC is the cream of the crop and Alabama still is the king of the mountain when talking "sustained winning culture" and LSU is sort of known to be somewhere in between Auburn and Alabama when talking about who's the closest to Alabama with Auburn maybe there like Florida is when comparing the east and Georgia is still the best in the east with only Florida to challenge. Auburn and aTm are a much closer example of which programs are consistently sending kids to the NFL, winning the conference or winning a national championship. It's already down to two, as long as this post is it's already eliminated Auburn from this kids top 3 and now back to the real heavy hitters, Alabama and LSU is the honest, best answer to where he lands but Auburn has probably under a 10% with Alabama around 50% and LSU holding strong at 40% in my own assessment. DBU or LBU or NFLSU or whatever, nicknames aside. This one isn't going to play for a cupcake, that's why it's Bama/LSU and no one else here!
Are you sure you aren't mad? If my team got flat out taken behind the ole woodshed twice in two years I'd actually be happy to not see them on the schedule again! Ok, I see why you aren't mad now, can't imagine a 3rd beat down like the SEC Championship, basically a home game. Similar to if we let Clemson come in to New Orleans and stomp a mud hole in our faces, ouch that would have hurt. Hurt similarly to 2018 when that puppydawg squad rolled in to Death Valley with the confidence of a top 5 team facing an overachieving, last minute quarterback transfer in a new offense. We had zero chance to win but still steamrolled Jake Fromme State Farm and company. Lol I'm just having fun, don't think I'm serious and "George Pickens" me! Lol
That's amazing stuff. Even a LSU hard hat went further than Alabama this year. But I expect the Tigers to give the dynasty a consistent close game battle for years to come. Not to mention the conference as a whole getting better and better each day. Those cakewalk seasons to the CFP are over, I hope the Tide fans enjoyed those historic teams and always taking the feild with far superior talent and coaching. Talent is getting more widespread and competition is heating up. I don't ever remember so many solid and great head coaches in this league ever. Just waiting on Lane Kiffin to break the "Saban disciple" losing streak. That will be the day that Tide fans really see the end of a great run finally coming to an end. Can't wait to see next seasons league games! It should be an exciting 2020 football season in the SEC with plenty of drama and great storylines. Geaux Tigers!
Was it premature to think Odell Beckham Jr. was getting a new gig?
Clyde was one player on my beloved Tigers team that was an unexpected, very pleasant surprise. He didn't start the season averaging 100 yards per game by any stretch. He was a kid who has shown a flash of brilliance in previous seasons with limited action. But BOY DID HE COME ON STRONG at the right time! This kid elevated his game in SEC action and made himself into a scary weapon as almost a safety net or check down. He seems to get his pads low, even for a 5'7" 208lb.RB and it almost seems like he uses that height or lack of, to his advantage. Defensive players are looking for him behind those huge linemen when suddenly, a burst through a crease and powerfully hitting the hole makes tackling Clyde at the point of attack or even the 2nd level into a very "TALL" order. Then to see his ability to catch the ball, he almost never gets tackled by the first guy, shows so much grit to fight for extra yardage and sure turned me into a believer! Such an exciting player to watch and absolutely an every down back in the NFL. He is a Darren Sproles type that may only be 5'7" but he certainly carries 208lbs with authority and the heart he showed, the character, the kind of young man he is really makes him a very good prospect and I really am hoping to see his name called as that 2nd RB especially when you consider his low mileage and compared to others with 2-4 years of a heavy work load, Clyde is as fresh and healthy as any ball carrier in this draft. *Anything he gets he earned by working his tail off, he and two other former Tigers (Burrow,Jefferson) weren't even in the discussion a year ago to be projected as potential 1st rounders. Proud Tiger fan!
If they start investigating each and every program that's done things wrong then the whole NCAA basketball world will crash down. So many fans of other schools are very quick to name Wade but maybe when each and every one that has violated a NCAA rule gets held accountable they will have to virtually clean house. More like the steroid era in baseball. Do you REALLY want to know how deep the scandals go? Be sure that you're prepared to see the more names, coaches, kids, former college players, etc. It's all a matter of how deep should the investigations go. But once pandoras box is open it's going to be a very long lasting and surprising time in this sport. There's so much more that likely occurred than most really want to know about.
Hmmm, funny that fans from other schools are very quick to throw shade at Will Wade and LSU hoops. I did see several other programs get notified of NCAA investigations and/or sanctions but the only thing to actually occur in the wake of last year's "knee jerk reaction" to suspend Wade before any facts were out was the AD and school president both moving on. Until Wade is formerly investigated or something happens then he is not guilty of anything but being an easy target ever since several blue bloods got tarred and feathered by the media. All this news does in my opinion is show proof that Wade can recruit at a very high level and under a microscope without being in violation of any school or NCAA rules. So go point your fingers at one of the several programs who are currently going through the process or have been proven to violate something. People like this guy are just afraid of what Wade will build at LSU and are sour grapes. Geaux Tigers!
Can anyone find Joe Burrow's weakness? Nope, 15 teams sure looked hard though with many great oppositions and D-coordinators. Tua, can anyone find a weakness? Well at only 6'1" and being injury prone maybe not. Once he doesn't have 4 of the best WR's in all of football, find a better WR group in the NFL and I'll wait... Tua has proven to be a great college QB when healthy and with 4.3 speed everywhere. Not much taller than Baker Mayfield either but I'm probably trolling here and a homer. Geaux Tigers!
In a perfect world, shorts and t-shirt I'll put the blazing fast wideout clocking a best time in the 40 of 4.31 after making multiple sonic booms, just after that 40 yards I'd expect Ruggs to break the sound barrier! I always thought Waddle was the fastest of the 4 great receivers. Waddle and Ruggs were both amazingly fast, Juedy with more upside should do a 4.40 at worst and when Louisiana's steal does get to the combine he should also run a sub 4.4 40. That's 4 guys on a team loaded with talent and Tua tossing it around to 4 kids capable of 4.40 or less! The speed Alabama had on the field probably won't be seen again for years. All great players but none over 200lbs or over 6'1" so each will make $ as a teams deep threat and be that guy who takes the top off of the defense. I can't wait to see the reaction from the NFL's elite corners. I'd love to see Richard Sherman on an island with Ruggs just once!
From an a/m fan lol. If my memory serves me the last time LSU went to the "quietest home of the 12th man" Jimbo's nephew physically assaulted an elderly staff member from LSU and Kevin Faulk had to clean his clock. (In a similar manner as the team did on senior night in Baton Rouge, what was it, 56-7 or so?) I think I just chuckled a little... :)
Ok now isn't his buddy also a "verbal commitment" currently and not yet signed a LOI? Huntley is also a highly recruited player and maybe both flip together to play for the defending champions and help replace a ton of defensive players while playing in a traditional 4-3 defense and Pelini. * In addition to that his other buddy, Jackson Muschamp recently announced his intention to go to Colorado State rather than SC and anyone who has followed Burch and his recruitment know that he was also looking forward to playing with his high school quarterback, I don't expect he flips to Colorado State though. And if this is nothing more than media buzz then why is it even newsworthy to mention when he will sign? If he was solid at SC he wouldn't have made a 2nd visit to Baton Rouge and on his own dime! It wouldn't matter when he physically signs if it was 100% for South Carolina.
All of this about Will and the poor job at South Carolina, imagine if his bigtime 5-star recruit Jordan Burch flips at the last minute! He's a major piece to this years cycle and reportedly committed to SC to play on the team that isn't only local but his high school teammate/quarterback was going to. With new buzz out there that Burch visited LSU (unofficially, already took an official in the fall) many predict he will flip on Muschamp and that wouldn't be good for him. But 18+ million dollar buyout! WOW that's a very large number. I just hope we at LSU steal Jordan Burch to help make up ground after losing 2 or 3 bluechippers during the early period.
Nah he thinks he's Joe Burrow and one thing about Joe Burrow after 2 exciting seasons and the most amazing season for an LSU fan is our guy knows exactly who he is. He is comfortable in his own skin and completely confident in his ability and in his team and coaches in any game against any team. He will show up in his spongebob pajama pants in a team meeting, Babe Ruth would not be caught dead in some hideous pajama pants. If he doesn't prove accurate in his statement I'd expect him to be carted off or be laying near motionless on the feild after leaving it all, everything on the field of the Mercedes Benz Superdome come Monday night! Just an average Joe. Geaux Tigers!
Would love to see Divinity at the outside linebacker spot. In limited time and snaps he posted some impressive stats, he was solid last year and never really was healthy this season before the suspension. A healthy Divinity at his natural position could make for two elite pass rushers with Chaisson lining up on the other side. With a quarterback as good as Trevor Lawrence and in the biggest game Coach Orgeron has coached I hope he is smart here and really does an honest assessment of his available players and puts the best 11 on the field in the game. I'm happy for Michael Divinity to be able to suit up and be cleared for this one. His final game as a Tiger and hopefully his most memorable. He could potentially be an impact player and a shot at redemption might be exactly the kind of motivation he needs.
So how about you just compare common opponents and not go in a circle from the who's who? Didn't both LSU and Klemson play one team, a common opponent for comparisons sake? I thought both Tigers played Texas A&M during the regular season, if we are going to go into it like that look at the results of each teams win vs A&M then do your mathematical equation and try again. See if you do that then you'll come to see it's why it's not a perfect measurement to show who did what to which team who played this game vs that blah blah. It's why January 13th they actually will get to decide it on the feild. Let's hope for a clean game and SEC officials stay as far away from it as possible! May the best team win. Geaux "The Real" Tigers who play in the Real Death Valley!
Nothing but respect to Jalen Hurts, I have watched him from his freshman year beating LSU and he always seemed to dismantle our defense or LSU's maybe not quite like Burrow and company did in the first half to Oklahoma's defense but Hurts never seemed to rub it in or showboat or act like it was all about him! I respect talented kids who work hard, play hard, and demonstrate class and sportsmanship while he has done exactly that and persevere through a very humbling experience when Tua arrived in Alabama and eventually took the starting job. It's not like Jalen lost his job to some run of the mill kid because he was not performing! He lost it to a generational talent, a kid who was expected to be the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft as a junior until Burrow emerged and his devastating injury. But I hope Hurts gets his chance to play on Sunday and believe he has tons of raw talent and upside. He will need to polish some things and improve as a passer but that is something he can do with the right system and coaching staff and commitment to work hard. Definitely a kid I'll pull for going forward and for doing it the right way during his great career in college.
When I watched during the coin flip and heard the game was to be officiating by the SEC I knew one of these two teams would end up really angry about certain calls or missed calls. Then as it unfolded there were multiple very close ones that made the worst officials in the NCAA have to make decisions that would eventually have a major impact on the outcome of this game. They got put on the spot and exactly like in most league games they were exposed as bottom of the NCAA! My fingers are crossed they aren't anywhere near New Orleans on January 13th! I'd rather use footlocker employees for that National Championship than SEC officials.
* lost to Kansas State but no one cares. Also came back to beat Baylor in regular season then had to beat them in OT in conference title game. They didn't belong on the feild with LSU and the reports that this was the 5th best team LSU played this season is disrespectful to Texas A&M or maybe Vanderbilt. I'm happy that the Coaches called the dogs off in the 2nd half atleast. As far as the post game "foot in mouth" I agree, why even bring that up to a player? Why assume he knows, Joe Burrow may not own a cell phone (sarcasm but he isn't exactly a social media guru either) but with so much to talk about there's no reason to bring up a tragedy like this in a post game interview with a player period. I understand the reason was to hopefully get a response like, "oh yeah we played that first half for Coach E. and felt inspired by his loss!" But it was likely scripted and Dari likely was instructed to ask, I feel bad for him and it's not really a big enough deal to really get too concerned about maybe just a lesson can be learned and these reporters should carefully choose their questions and avoid bringing up recent major tragedies unless it's relevant and common knowledge the kid knows about it. Geaux Tigers!
I honestly think if Lincoln Riley could have waved a white flag and forfeited at the half he would have! What my LSU Tigers did to Oklahoma was as dominant a showing vs a "top 4 team" and to even say OU is the 5th best team to play LSU this season is almost disrespectful to Texas A&M who I'd honestly think would matchup pretty well and likely beat up on Oklahoma. *Atleast now many will begin to forget what Clemson did a year ago to Alabama. Hopefully LSU can return that favor and take the trophy back to the SEC where it truly belongs.
Absolutely good news, it was reported before A&M game the earliest he could be eligible is "if" we go to NOLA for a natty. He has been practicing since and seems to be very grateful to remain a Tiger for whatever reason. Now it's time, 3 sacks in 5 games and a senior. I'll take him back and bet he plays his best game and makes an impact! Welcome back Mike the Tiger!
I wanted Joe to get the chance to carve up Ohio State and the first cornerback off the board in the upcoming draft. Now I'll be very happy to stop Clemson from their 30th consecutive win and Trevor Lawrence's first loss in college and with a 58-2 high school record he isn't used to losing. According to Dabo "little ole Clemson is just happy to still be playing football!" What a troll. How about 7 passing TDs and over 400 passing yards while hanging 49 on a playoff team before halftime!?! Joe for president 2020! C'mon Nola 1/13/20, Geaux Tigers!
He was a pretty good receiver with some size, I can't remember exactly his height but something tells me 6'3" maybe 6'4" unless I'm confusing him with another talented receiver during the time period, Malachi Dupre was solid. One of the two were tall, thin speedy kids with a large catch radius. Frankly EITHER would be better than signing Antonio Brown! What a dumpster fire since before the first coin flip on the 2019 season, well his antics are well documented and started long ago but I'd rather ANY of the listed players who tried out over Brown. No question Brown's talent is there but it does not exceed his baggage and reputation of acquiring more baggage. The guy needs a full time staff to help him carry all of that baggage and New Orleans doesn't need it or want him to accumulate any more while representing the franchise. Where's Marques Colston or Devery Henderson right now? Anyone check to see if Jerry Rice is willing to replicate Marshaun Lynch? Dang, anyone but Antonio Brown! Dural is relatively talented and still young so sign him and if his hands and legs work watch him become a star with Drew Brees putting the ball on target open or not the Saints badly need another WR to get some pressure off of Michael Thomas.
Thank goodness for ESPN and especially ESPN Deportes for these clips. The only way to make this one any more hilarious is if the ref's didn't throw a flag at all (like last year's NFC Championship) or the ref gets flagged for flopping OR he goes postal by yanking off the QBs helmet and attempts a Miles Garrett impression! I've never seen anyone have a natural reaction to drop to the ground immediately following an unintentional punch to the face or bill of their ball cap but I guess his fight or flight senses kicked in and flight was the popular choice and he just folded like a chair rather than wet his pants. This ref must be borrowed from the SEC. Or the University of Florida! ;)
And Dabo can't understand why virtually everyone with a pulse and TV just don't respect his team and twenty something game winning streak. Well you just said it all! The ACC dominates only one sport, basketball! Until the likes of Miami, FSU, Va Tech turn their programs around Clemson could cruise through their conference with 9 guys on the field on both sides of the ball. Maybe it's a big reason they are signing 6 or 7 five star kids yearly. I can understand the logic, why not be able to basically flip a coin for a national championship ring and be a 4 time conference champion, or 3 time if your name is Trevor Lawrence.