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Nah he thinks he's Joe Burrow and one thing about Joe Burrow after 2 exciting seasons and the most amazing season for an LSU fan is our guy knows exactly who he is. He is comfortable in his own skin and completely confident in his ability and in his team and coaches in any game against any team. He will show up in his spongebob pajama pants in a team meeting, Babe Ruth would not be caught dead in some hideous pajama pants. If he doesn't prove accurate in his statement I'd expect him to be carted off or be laying near motionless on the feild after leaving it all, everything on the field of the Mercedes Benz Superdome come Monday night! Just an average Joe. Geaux Tigers!
Would love to see Divinity at the outside linebacker spot. In limited time and snaps he posted some impressive stats, he was solid last year and never really was healthy this season before the suspension. A healthy Divinity at his natural position could make for two elite pass rushers with Chaisson lining up on the other side. With a quarterback as good as Trevor Lawrence and in the biggest game Coach Orgeron has coached I hope he is smart here and really does an honest assessment of his available players and puts the best 11 on the field in the game. I'm happy for Michael Divinity to be able to suit up and be cleared for this one. His final game as a Tiger and hopefully his most memorable. He could potentially be an impact player and a shot at redemption might be exactly the kind of motivation he needs.
So how about you just compare common opponents and not go in a circle from the who's who? Didn't both LSU and Klemson play one team, a common opponent for comparisons sake? I thought both Tigers played Texas A&M during the regular season, if we are going to go into it like that look at the results of each teams win vs A&M then do your mathematical equation and try again. See if you do that then you'll come to see it's why it's not a perfect measurement to show who did what to which team who played this game vs that blah blah. It's why January 13th they actually will get to decide it on the feild. Let's hope for a clean game and SEC officials stay as far away from it as possible! May the best team win. Geaux "The Real" Tigers who play in the Real Death Valley!
Nothing but respect to Jalen Hurts, I have watched him from his freshman year beating LSU and he always seemed to dismantle our defense or LSU's maybe not quite like Burrow and company did in the first half to Oklahoma's defense but Hurts never seemed to rub it in or showboat or act like it was all about him! I respect talented kids who work hard, play hard, and demonstrate class and sportsmanship while he has done exactly that and persevere through a very humbling experience when Tua arrived in Alabama and eventually took the starting job. It's not like Jalen lost his job to some run of the mill kid because he was not performing! He lost it to a generational talent, a kid who was expected to be the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft as a junior until Burrow emerged and his devastating injury. But I hope Hurts gets his chance to play on Sunday and believe he has tons of raw talent and upside. He will need to polish some things and improve as a passer but that is something he can do with the right system and coaching staff and commitment to work hard. Definitely a kid I'll pull for going forward and for doing it the right way during his great career in college.
When I watched during the coin flip and heard the game was to be officiating by the SEC I knew one of these two teams would end up really angry about certain calls or missed calls. Then as it unfolded there were multiple very close ones that made the worst officials in the NCAA have to make decisions that would eventually have a major impact on the outcome of this game. They got put on the spot and exactly like in most league games they were exposed as bottom of the NCAA! My fingers are crossed they aren't anywhere near New Orleans on January 13th! I'd rather use footlocker employees for that National Championship than SEC officials.
* lost to Kansas State but no one cares. Also came back to beat Baylor in regular season then had to beat them in OT in conference title game. They didn't belong on the feild with LSU and the reports that this was the 5th best team LSU played this season is disrespectful to Texas A&M or maybe Vanderbilt. I'm happy that the Coaches called the dogs off in the 2nd half atleast. As far as the post game "foot in mouth" I agree, why even bring that up to a player? Why assume he knows, Joe Burrow may not own a cell phone (sarcasm but he isn't exactly a social media guru either) but with so much to talk about there's no reason to bring up a tragedy like this in a post game interview with a player period. I understand the reason was to hopefully get a response like, "oh yeah we played that first half for Coach E. and felt inspired by his loss!" But it was likely scripted and Dari likely was instructed to ask, I feel bad for him and it's not really a big enough deal to really get too concerned about maybe just a lesson can be learned and these reporters should carefully choose their questions and avoid bringing up recent major tragedies unless it's relevant and common knowledge the kid knows about it. Geaux Tigers!
I honestly think if Lincoln Riley could have waved a white flag and forfeited at the half he would have! What my LSU Tigers did to Oklahoma was as dominant a showing vs a "top 4 team" and to even say OU is the 5th best team to play LSU this season is almost disrespectful to Texas A&M who I'd honestly think would matchup pretty well and likely beat up on Oklahoma. *Atleast now many will begin to forget what Clemson did a year ago to Alabama. Hopefully LSU can return that favor and take the trophy back to the SEC where it truly belongs.
Absolutely good news, it was reported before A&M game the earliest he could be eligible is "if" we go to NOLA for a natty. He has been practicing since and seems to be very grateful to remain a Tiger for whatever reason. Now it's time, 3 sacks in 5 games and a senior. I'll take him back and bet he plays his best game and makes an impact! Welcome back Mike the Tiger!
I wanted Joe to get the chance to carve up Ohio State and the first cornerback off the board in the upcoming draft. Now I'll be very happy to stop Clemson from their 30th consecutive win and Trevor Lawrence's first loss in college and with a 58-2 high school record he isn't used to losing. According to Dabo "little ole Clemson is just happy to still be playing football!" What a troll. How about 7 passing TDs and over 400 passing yards while hanging 49 on a playoff team before halftime!?! Joe for president 2020! C'mon Nola 1/13/20, Geaux Tigers!
He was a pretty good receiver with some size, I can't remember exactly his height but something tells me 6'3" maybe 6'4" unless I'm confusing him with another talented receiver during the time period, Malachi Dupre was solid. One of the two were tall, thin speedy kids with a large catch radius. Frankly EITHER would be better than signing Antonio Brown! What a dumpster fire since before the first coin flip on the 2019 season, well his antics are well documented and started long ago but I'd rather ANY of the listed players who tried out over Brown. No question Brown's talent is there but it does not exceed his baggage and reputation of acquiring more baggage. The guy needs a full time staff to help him carry all of that baggage and New Orleans doesn't need it or want him to accumulate any more while representing the franchise. Where's Marques Colston or Devery Henderson right now? Anyone check to see if Jerry Rice is willing to replicate Marshaun Lynch? Dang, anyone but Antonio Brown! Dural is relatively talented and still young so sign him and if his hands and legs work watch him become a star with Drew Brees putting the ball on target open or not the Saints badly need another WR to get some pressure off of Michael Thomas.
Thank goodness for ESPN and especially ESPN Deportes for these clips. The only way to make this one any more hilarious is if the ref's didn't throw a flag at all (like last year's NFC Championship) or the ref gets flagged for flopping OR he goes postal by yanking off the QBs helmet and attempts a Miles Garrett impression! I've never seen anyone have a natural reaction to drop to the ground immediately following an unintentional punch to the face or bill of their ball cap but I guess his fight or flight senses kicked in and flight was the popular choice and he just folded like a chair rather than wet his pants. This ref must be borrowed from the SEC. Or the University of Florida! ;)
And Dabo can't understand why virtually everyone with a pulse and TV just don't respect his team and twenty something game winning streak. Well you just said it all! The ACC dominates only one sport, basketball! Until the likes of Miami, FSU, Va Tech turn their programs around Clemson could cruise through their conference with 9 guys on the field on both sides of the ball. Maybe it's a big reason they are signing 6 or 7 five star kids yearly. I can understand the logic, why not be able to basically flip a coin for a national championship ring and be a 4 time conference champion, or 3 time if your name is Trevor Lawrence.
Everything worked out to perfection so far! 2 more games,hopefully. But LSU's team and especially offense has been doubted from coaches to players, from o-line, receivers, running backs, and especially QB. Playing with the "underdog mentality" has been a big help. Always wanting to improve and prove those guys wrong has kept the Tigers hungry and I think to count them out this season would be crazy. But anyone who has watched film of Burrow before landing at LSU mostly in spring games can see a very accurate passer with so many intangibles and ability it's not as shocking if you watch the film and knew the youth at reciever, doubts around the country from head coach, running back, and offensive linemen. It made those guys believe and "never underestimate the power the the human spirit!" Geaux Tigers!
So if I'm not getting my facts all mixed up it sounds to me like the kid, obviously a future star already verbally committed to a&m but is making another announcement to where he is going to sign? Why does that sound somewhat unorthodox? I just must have been under the wrong impression but isn't a "verbal commitment" the same as the ole hat on a table 10 seconds of fame? I just thought they were equal except on signing day once you get the new lid comfortable on your dome you grab the nearest pen and ink your pledge? I just wonder what the difference between announcing a commitment as Harris did not too long ago then will he echo the announcement a second time? Hmmm maybe the fact that his approach is not the usual way it's worthy to report as a possible flip for the blue chipper. Pretty sure Gus at Auburn dealt with this a week ago with an offensive linemen by retracting his original scholarship offer which I applauded him for. Not because the kid was taking visits at rival schools like Alabama but going on social media saying something similar to what Donnel Harris is doing by making two announcements unless, possibly, just maybe he has news like dare I say a new school to announce as his future home for the duration of his college career? That's probably why he is named in this article. Anyone who follows recruiting knows you do one or the other, announce your school early then sign when the time comes or wait to announce until you can sign but you don't often see this. Maybe he caught amnesia and forgot he made his choice know? Or possibly came to his senses after LSU walked through a&m and wanted absolutely no part of that sort of old fashioned "over the knee" kind of whipping from Mr. Orgeron and the bayou bengals! If ya can't beat em, join em!
If you don't agree with and chuckle at #2 you have no business here! The funniest part is Dabo is STILL crying, still beating that dead horse when even the 11th year Sr. kicker from Georgia can clearly see they played no one. He's full of wisdom by now and I should lighten up on him and give more respect to my elders. Did the guy decide to retire after winning the Graza award? Heard his son might sign his and enroll early next season for Georgia to keep the wide right tradition alive!
Wow, it's rare to hear any QB as a "can't miss pick" but I've watched every snap he's taken in 2 years and most multiple times. Studied him pretty hard and concluded that if I were a defensive coordinator trying to prepare for him I'd definitely have my work cut out for me. His intangibles are through the roof, his size, decision making, accuracy regardless of in the pocket or running either left or right, progressions through reads are fast and keeps eyes downfield and in such good sync with receivers (doesn't hurt that 3 finished with 10+ TDs) but he can elude 90% of anyone who might try rushing him and know his guys are going to get open usually for a long ball! He is tough, as tough as I've seen at QB since Tim Tebow, his demeanor and poise are unflappable, ok... I'm done lol, that's about 7% of my evaluation and go find a weakness! Tell me arm strength, show me a throw he can't make? Curious what he would run in the 40, I'm going on a limb if he runs at combine or pro day, Joe will run a sub 4.60 if you don't think so go check that long sideline run vs Georgia last season, he got caught by a safety that little tracked him and barely caught him at the 10 after running for 60 or so yards. Joe isn't near the Taysom Hill or the Plumlee kid level of speed but he gets from dropping back to full speed in a flash, if he weren't probably the best LSU has ever seen, may ever see as far as total package in a quarterback I'd bet he could play linebacker! Sure wish Tebow would have considered linebacker at the next level, no telling what he might have done. I hate that it's nearing the end but Joe wants a title and he wants Ohio State if he could choose. What a story book ending if he gets that chance! Geaux Tigers!
Glad I'm not alone in myself bias. Always pull for the conference and am always surprised when a Georgia loses to a Texas or any good SEC team losing to a good Big 10 or other power 5. I fully expect Alabama to beat Michigan by 2 touchdowns and have an already thin lineup see some players sitting out for preparation for the draft. Last year LSU had to play a reciever at DB in new years 6 bowl against a previously "self proclaimed national champion" and LSU still manhandled them. Hopefully an SEC team win the National Championship! I don't care which one as long as it's an SEC team lol.
I don't blame Auburn for this one. Anyone who follows the recruiting process closely knows that it's generally accepted and common for a verbal commitment to continue visiting whether officially or unofficially or have coaches visit them in home but where this youngsters mistake was made is when he seemingly already pledged his commitment to Auburn, took visits, THEN said he would make an official announcement. No sir, the "official announcement" was your verbal commitment, so by making that statement he broke a little unwritten rule. Had he verbally de-committed before saying he would make an announcement then he would be fine in saying he would make his decision or announcement. It's just how he went about this that resulted in Auburn retracting their scholarship offer. I might feel differently had he never made a verbal commitment to the Auburn staff or not said that he would make a decision while his name was already pinned to their projected recruits. The kids who "flip" atleast have the guidance from older, wiser people and may have given a verbal but as soon as they flip it's time to sign. Only then it's too late to retract an offer. By doing it the way he did the Auburn staff was proactive and even had it not been a rival school I'd still expect they'd have retracted the scholarship offer. Don't tell me you're coming, make that announcement as a verbal then tell the world you'll make another announcement lol. If you are coming already why would you need to make another announcement? It's obvious he was going to flip already and tipped his hand. Or that Auburn just didn't appreciate the way his approach was by talking out of both sides of his mouth. Gotta say I'm not a fan of either team but am a fan of how Auburn handled this situation.
There was some very tight coverage by Georgia making Burrow put balls in exact locations and our wideouts had a uncharacteristically tough time, one flat out drop by Terrace Marshall that was an easy TD but agree that several were bang bang, DB's had great timing and made the refs make judgment calls that mostly were not PI calls. I actually didn't mind the way it was officiated. ANYTIME the worst officials in all of sports (SEC football officials) let the players "play" or do not control the outcome of the game with 24 total accepted penalties is a more fun game to watch. Derek Stingley is already a STUD at cornerback! He was born to be, he was probably as good as the top half in college his sophomore season of high school! At 16 years old the kid already had an NFL like body, frame 6'1.5" filling out at 180lbs with very little fat, now listed at 6'1" 190, I think that's inaccurate by a tad for competitive purposes, I'd say 6'2" 205lbs just from comparisons of others that size. His verified 4.30 40, 38" vertical, insane natural skills and polishing those make him what some say a top 5 overall if a freshman could be drafted this year! Thriving in 1 on 1 and mostly press coverage he has that great speed to be step for step with almost anyone, that's what allows him to do the "hard to teach" things on the feild like getting his head around in time to locate the ball and make a play, his toughness and tenacity then take over on a 50/50 ball my money is always on him to fight and win the battle. Only 6 interceptions this season (led the SEC, also passes defended) oddly he could have easily ended up with 10 picks or more! He flat out dropped 3, had another 2 the WR was able to disrupt, and 2 more overturned on review. Imagine a true freshman with a dozen interceptions on a season at cornerback lol. He is as impressive a freshman I've ever seen at any position let alone one requiring the perfect blend of athleticism, football IQ, toughness, confidence, and decisiveness. The intangibles are off the charts! He will probably play two more remarkable seasons and set some school records then go in the top 3 to 5 as a junior going early. A once in a generational talent maybe lifetime. He should leave LSU/DBU whenever he moves on to business on Sundays (will dominate the NFL) will leave Tiger land as THE BEST DB in the history of DBU! I expect him to take the coveted #7 jersey directly from Delpit after this season. He has already earned it as the best defensive player on the team. A first team all SEC selection, likely an All American, his best is yet to come! *wait until he gets the ball with room to run! Rumor already is to make him a rare two way player, a former wide receiver/cornerback in high school, elite receiver there's already talk of playing him in all 3 units. I'd like to see that! Unrealistic to expect anyone to play at the highest level for the full 60 minutes, too risky for him getting fatigued and play dropping off and risky for twice the injury potential. Barring injuries he will be invited to New York in one of the next 2 or both years as a Heisman Candidate. *my article is already wayyy too long lol this topic is one that can't be overstated. The next Lebron James of the DB position, not a weakness, not a thing to dislike, checks all the boxes, scores off the charts and only 18 years old! FREAK!
Haha, this is irony at it's finest! I actually thought this was meant to be facetious, a sad attempt by RednBlue to be cute. Wrong, this derelict just did his best at sounding like an educated fan throwing a little shade at Coach O. and his very strong cajun accent coupled with deep and growly voice, his dialect may not fit in to what RednBlue fans consider to be easy on the ears but he has proven to be a winner. He has improved each year to be sitting at the top looking down a programs similar to Ole Miss in college football irrelevance. Atleast some can make excuses for it, for characters like RednBlue making no less than four grammatical errors in only one 24 word run on sentence while trying to make a point about how the head coach of the #1 football team sounds when speaking. Bobby Bouchet boi, sha u donnte maak nosince, yu duble negitiv an Rebel eduamacation sha git samiller rezaulz onda gridirin az youz get fwom da classwoom!! Youze gitcha haiwcut lik Plumlee two? Ya mullet!
This is funny, Kiffin and Coach O. have a long history as freinds and coached together a lot. I doubt Coach O. would intentionally do or say anything to cause Kiffin harm or any grief now or later but let's call a spade a spade. Ole Miss isn't the next Alabama, it's not Auburn or Florida. It isn't the sleeping giant that Tennessee is, atleast Tennessee has some tradition and history of relevance post the Vietnam War! Mississippi isn't a hotbed of high school talent but in Kiffin's advantage he's made several relationships from coast to coast while getting fired, running g programs down, and getting in front of cameras to insert foot in mouth. I actually want him to become the next puppet on the string at Ole Miss, the 2nd best program in that state within the SEC. Lane Kiffin has the knowledge and experience along with being a good recruiter to maybe pull this program out of the pits of despair. If they can win 8 games a year that's a special season! Not going to beat Alabama, Auburn, A&M, LSU, and not sure their cross conference annual game but probably another L annually. Should be competitive with Mississippi State (please don't use the same celebration as this year's embarrassing moment in egg bowl) but what else, 7 or 8 wins could possibly be expected? The last time I can recall Ole Miss having a punchers chance at a new years 6 bowl or 10 wins was when Eli Manning played there. Then probably when Archie played there, then before that in 1959 they were good. We are talking Ole Miss not Texas. Good luck Kiffin, Good luck Ole Miss. Next time Coach O. has "good advice" likely based solely off of his direct knowledge of the inner workings of what may be going on that isn't known to the public and as a freind he knows Kiffin has the ability and should wait for almost anyone but Ole Miss to call! Not that he would ever be concerned or fear them. Does Coach O. REALLY look like he has much fear? Lol exactly! And to Bobby Buchet up top, dude must have graduated from a much worse school than Larose High! I originally thought he was trying to sound like an uneducated person but realized he actually was trying to make fun of Coach O. and his strong accent. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
One position that Georgia is probably the most talented with talented depth! Swift should go to the draft if he feels his stock is up and will be the first RB taken, he has proven himself in college and will be a great NFL back. His 5'9" 215lbs much like my LSU jr. RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire at 5'8" 210lbs. Are both a lot alike. Swift has sustained more success for longer, will be selected before CEH but both are threats to catch it out of the backfield, both have very low pad levels, possess 200+ pounds of compact muscle and toughness, both capable blockers, swift has more homerun speed, Clyde may have a quicker 1st cut, better spin move, overall I'd welcome both back to college if they chose to return. At this point I doubt either will return and I don't think LSU or Georgia need be worried with the horses in the stables. With the two young guys Georgia played in the SEC Championship those kids are future stars, Cooks especially! With LSU having 2 solid 4 and 5* true freshman and a redshirt freshman, possible the #1 rated RB in this recruiting class inks with LSU both of the winners of the SEC east and west are in great shape if the similar leaders at RB move on to play on Sundays. I have to Root for Swift, great player and class act. Hope the best for that young man! But he's probably going pro and should. My opinion
Kirby Smart is leading the way in "Happiest person that Joe Burrow is out of eligibility now" Game 1, Baton Rouge both top 5 teams, Ga favored. Final score LSU 36 Georgia 16 Game 2, SEC Championship, Atlanta, Georgia MUST win to get to advance to CFP, brings in #1 defense Final score LSU 37 Georgia 10 Sure that vaunted defense only gave up 20 once this season in 2ot loss. LSU averaged 36.5 in two games and surrendered and average of 13 points. Margin of victory avg. 23.5 in last two games. Safe to say Georgia is NOT yet on the same level. Talent wise, absolutely! Better find a Joe Brady or someone to get that spread, RPO, westcoast air raid hybrid offensive scheme established! Make sure to get the talented backup "Justin Feilds" plenty of reps, learn to be comfortable in the shotgun formation! He should become a star! Wait... Kirby did what!?? He let Feilds walk? Nooo, I questioned him not inserting Feilds into LSU game last year in Baton Rouge to provide a spark. He let him walk! Now he's captaining a playoff team, Heisman hopeful, and Jake Fromm State Farm needs to go sell insurance! Just poking fun at the Dawgs nation. Oh, LSU moved up to #1 after taking Fromm and Kirby behind the ole wood shed if you didn't hear...
He was in the right place at the right time! Credit Brady and Ensminger for completely reinventing the offensive scheme, the scheme fit what Joe Burrow was used to, a spread offense with RPO mixed. Adding his weapons (Chase will win Biletnikoff but Jefferson has numbers that could have had him as a runner up! Then Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the perfect Alvin Kamara type in catching passes, blocking blitzes, and running between the tackles or outside) the stars aligned here, this season. But Joe Burrow is very special, Chase, Jefferson, CEH all talented and future NFL guys. But other than Joe Burrow, LSU has a ton of skill position players coming and already on the roster. You won't see another 48 TDs, 4,700+ yards, 78% completion percentage with an average Joe or two Joes. This guy will probably run a sub 4.40 and is not only elusive but caught his own batted pass today knowing he couldn't legally throw it again and scampered for 16 yards finishing with 408 yards responsible for; 28/38 349 yards passing 4 TDs, 41 rushing on 11 runs, 1 catch for 16 yards lol, that's what got him over 400 yards! He is a competitor, very smart and hard worker. I could go on and on but he's special. His pocket presence and quickness, elusiveness, and football speed if he does scramble out is why he is 13-0 a week from hoisting the Heisman, and probably the first guy off the board in the draft. At 6'4" 220lbs he is a "can't miss" like none since a Manning brother coming out. With a good O-line, skilled receivers and a solid running back he should have no problem in the NFL scoring points. I'd love to see him on my favorite team next year! Better than Tua, Hibbert, we shall see but I say Yes and Yes! Geaux Tigers!
Just the irony. To give non-scholorship football players a full ride AFTER canceling the football program. I reckon I'd probably be a bit confused and somewhat puzzled about who I'd feel if I were one of the unfortunate or fortunate players, former players.
YES the SEC officiating is the worst in the NCAA and it's not really up for debate. They hold that title and show no signs of giving it up. The same office that reviewed and would stand behind a call a year ago on Devin White for targeting. The same knuckleheads who have shown some Alabama bias. Whether because the office is in Tuscaloosa or another reason it's not known. What is pretty much a unanimous agreement is poor refs, Bama bias. Ok, we agree. But, this particular situation MUST be changed! A running clock, even debatable if a second was remaining or not. I saw it several times and thought the clock was accurate at double zeros, same as a year ago preceding 7 overtimes LSU/A&M with regulation. But when it's "a running clock" and the offensive team has exhausted their timeouts unless play is suspended for a review this cannot ever result in the 3 points it did. Had they reviewed it and just had the rule in place that it's physically impossible to run your kicking until out for a feild goal with 1 or 5 seconds, no way to stop this running clock the next place anyone runs is to the locker room for the half. It's very simple, by reviewing something that should be irrelevant you now are allowing the team possessing the ball to line of for another play once you motion the clock to start and whistle for play to begin. Those two actions happened simultaneously thus allowing for 3 points that should never have been. Had the tackle been made at 5 seconds and everyone scrambling to get the FG unit out this clock dies well beyond any attempt to kick it, run a play or as an LSU fan who's pulled out too much hair watching the mad hatter virtually never gain any understanding of clock management had his QB once spike it with 01.00 at the snap! He showed more than his brilliance but also that it takes 03.00 to clock the ball. It would have taken 10+ more seconds to line up for that Auburn Feild Goal. It was a mistake, it's a loophole in the broken system that benefited Auburn this time. Had Alabama been the beneficiary you wouldn't hear Saban's cries! It is a rule needing to be fixed. Even as dense as SEC officials are they actually got this one right according to the rule. But even a broken watch is right twice a day. Or 3 times in the Iron Bowl.
*** Oh, and please don't come after Joe Brady or Dave Aranda. Sooo many other qualified candidates out there, thanks!
Distasteful, Disgusting, Disrespectful are all extreme understatements in describing how this was handled! The way the AD handled this one pales in comparison to the embarrassing celebration by a "player" during a "game." Coach Luke was a class act and not given time to do his job. A knee jerk reaction by the AD influenced by those "powers that be" make it a sad ending for the former Head Coach. I guess no credit given for his freshman QB setting records against my LSU Tigers, making the game much closer than it should have been. Given time with developing the kid with raw talent and insane athleticism might have shown to be worth the wait. Ed Orgeron didn't inherit what Luke did, Coach O. was given the keys to the kingdom, basically handed the keys and told "hey, just don't screw this up" while Luke took over a sinking ship and done a fantastic job turning the corner, was on his way to getting to where he wasn't given a real chance to arrive. Just very disappointing how it was handled. Coach Luke deserves better and will get that his next stop! I'm rooting for him and those kids on the roster to bounce back quickly. I'm not looking forward to seeing Plumlee across either baseball or football field going forward lol. Maybe he should come to Baton Rouge and play baseball for the best program in history and football for the new SEC darling. C'mon Plumleaux we got a personalized jersey waitin on ya! Geaux Tigers!