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I’ve wanted to give Mason the benefit of the doubt that he’s had very limited resources and staff at his disposal, but this is lame duck season. Vandy needs better leadership in the coming year(s) if they’re even going to think about seeing a bowl game. But Vandy’s its own animal. I guess MSU’s the second-smallest enrollment in SEC, and they’re almost 3x Vandy’s. Plus recruitment is limited to kids who can get in and stay in a top 15 school. Sure jocks get special treatment but only so much. Always interesting when they manage some success, in football or more likely baseball and women’s bowling.
I don’t get this. I understand a lot of people saying that Saban wouldn’t say something like this, but only to an extent. I can’t imagine him making statements to his team like “F!*% [opponent]” because he’s always stressing “the process” and player accountability. But I’ve also read his lips when he’s yelled at refs, and that wouldn’t go over well in church. Regardless, I don’t care. College athletes have heard profanity before. I can’t help but like Orgeron for his enthusiasm, and there’s much more to it than this isolated sound byte.
I don’t know, Saban throws “umms” around all the time lol. My friends and I used to make a game of drinking every time he shrugs his shoulders during an interview, but it became a safety issue. I respect the man to no end, but his forced interactions with the media is a sport in itself. Not a public speaker.
The few fans who cheer and encourage him are embarrassing the rest of us.
Agreed, there’s nothing more frustrating than dumb penalties. But if Bama loses because of a missed extra point, so help me lord...
Furthermore, UCF has almost 10x the enrollment of Vanderbilt and a fraction of the academic admissions standards (not saying all Vandy athletes are Einsteins, but they gotta get in and stay in.) Affects recruitment significantly. Still, as RCFD326 said, they’d give you a smack in the mouth.
Whether or not most UCF fans directly endorse the GoFundMe, 1) I’m going to make fun of it because it exists, and 2) I’m going to make fun of the fans who whine about the same narrative. If you can’t handle smack talk, you’re only further demonstrating why you don’t belong. ONE insane man completely unaffiliated with the University of Alabama poisoned some trees, and our whole fan base will never hear the end of it! Our children’s children will be doing fundraisers for Toomer’s Corner instead of repairing tornado damage in Tuscaloosa for generations - I don’t make the rules! But I’m loving nothing more than the SEC solidarity in our shared amusement over UCF’s feeeeelings and excuses. And this perceived national disenchantment with Florida teams’ dominance (?) Thoughts no one north of Tampa has had for $200.