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I was at that OKLAHOMA UT game and that atmosphere was what every college football fan dreams of. Of course the Vols lost but I couldn’t hear for a week LoL right there with the Florida UT game in 2016! When UT is doing good(and no covid) that stadium is awesome to be in
I believe Scott frost is still a good OC. When Nebraska "corn cans" him next year, Heupel will hire him at Tenn as the OC. Ever watched that UCF 2017 offense? Fun Fun Fun. Kevin Steele's a good coach and recruiter but needs a #2 on D to help. I was thoroughly disappointed with Jim Chaney's second stint at OC!!! My only doubt with Josh Heupel at Tenn is if he does good will he leave for Tampa Bay in 3 years when Brady and Arians finally retire? Call me stupid now but it could happen...
I just can’t see a team only playing (no matter the cause) 6 games and getting to the playoffs. That’s literally the equivalent of an NFL team going 5-0 and getting a #1 seed in the playoffs (obviously that doesn’t or wouldn’t happen) the playoff committee has been alright since it’s inception but this just makes them look stupid. Maybe my opinion is coming from hatred for OSU but I think a lot of people don’t like this at all. I understand the times and the difficult year this has been but I’m a born and raised SEC fan and if this was LSU, Bama or Florida or just a SEC team people would be up in arms. I’m sorry you shouldn’t get rewarded for your conferences’ incompetence and inability to adapt and adjust to bad situations. I don’t even understand how Ohio State got to the title game. I thought Indiana was suppose to be in? Or am I thinking of that wrong?
I really hope Bama just destroys ND and doesn’t let up. I hope Clemson wrecks OSU and we get a shootout in the NC with Bama vs Clemson V
Big Mac dropping dimes!!! Now only $3.59!! Hahaha
What’s going on with the QB’s? A&M’s Kellen Mond, State’s Garrett Shrader, UT’s JG, and Auburn’s Bo Nix are the literal definition of Live & Die by the QB. They do things great, then do mind numbingly stupid stuff. Nice win for Carolina though!
It’s the curse of the orange pants!!!! Throw them away!!!! LoL Just not in a turnover trash can or to a defender to give him 6!!!!
I could really see that UT-UGA game going like the 2018 game. Close in the 4th and Georgia strikes fast on a back breaking turnover. Then the dagger I am very interested to see the UT O-Line vs that Georgia D-Line. Would love to see a UT win, but I don’t think we have the depth just yet to go all 60 minutes. JG has improved and learned a lot but I’m waiting to see him truly win a game, not play to NOT lose it (however that has worked well lately)
As bad as Tennessee has been the past 13 years (six losing seasons, headed for a 7th), this next hire will show how serious Tennessee actually is about winning. You'll get your answer in about a month
I don't really like Kelly for Tennessee. Plus, you need a coach that won't jump ship for another possible NFL job, even if he had his team at a championship level
he will. Like Jimmy G. Honestly I thought coming out of college he was the better Qb
He didn't need to go to the Browns, unless he never wants to start anywhere again. That franchise is horrendous for any QB. Wait for the end of the year and go sign with a team. I'm pretty sure he's 4 year deal runs out this year?
My God...... This man is nuts. Who cares about a golf facility or stadium upgrades? Just do your job and make UT good again.
Reply y’alls thoughts on Stoops at UT or Florida going against his brother at UK? Not that he would come back or that they want him, but I think he was just burnt out at Oklahoma. Thoughts on potential replacements at both schools?
I love the look on his face in the above photo. I can tell you this, Florida will get the better hire among UT. Tennessee is trying to salvage a season that’s not worth saving, and thank God it's not. I think the comment Jones said about Currie was crazy and when Tennessee looses to Mizzou in 2 weeks, Jones will be gone. If he is still walking the grass of Neyland vs. LSU, then Tennessee will have proven that they don’t want a serious hire and will settle for a mediocre coach again, while the fans of a great program, great school and 100,000+ starving fans will be calling for the next coach’s head in 3 years. Tennessee is an absolute Garbage Can fire right now and I hate that it is. Maybe they will hire a great coach, but if recent history has taught us anything.... it’s that they will hire a 3 million dollar guy and say screw it. Then look flabbergasted when that Big Orange throws egg on their faces.
Exactly. We've seen what Southern Miss has done against a few SEC teams in recent years. I firmly believe Butch Jones promoted Larry Scott and now he is the Dave Clawson of '08. Vanilla offense. And when you only throw 15 passes a game, teams obviously know what the hell is going on. Run, run, bubble screen, punt. Run, bubble screen (loss of 5), sack.
Tennessee needs to break their trend of the decent hires and just back up the SEC NETWORK BRINKS TRUCK and pay a absolute grand slam hire. No more of the single home run hires. If Tennessee wants to be like Alabama, then go find the coach.
Honestly I'd put money down on Lane Kiffin + Dan Mullen + Bob Stoops +/- Jeff Brohm - PJ Fleck -
It's nice to see him doing well. I don't like the teams he played for in college or NFL, but it's nice to see a former SEC person doing good. Go SEC!
Well that certainly looks like the Ole Miss program! No but I'd feel real safe about working out in the facility even after it's built. Try to catch a punt return, instead catch a cross-beam in the forehead!
I understand excitement and commitment to family, but acting that way on national TV isn't a great way to represent yourself or the organization selecting you. Then again maybe it's because I'm a Pats fan
Not that it matters much but I'm pretty sure Worley got hurt in '14 and his career was over, allowing Dobbs to start. Dobbs would still be in school had Jones not burnt his redshirt in '13 even tho they still didn't get to a bowl game
I'd say Tennessee 20-3 in the 4th quarter. Butch Jones settles for a field goal instead of icing the game and loses 24-23. See a 9 pt deficit in '14, a 13 pt deficit in '15 and a 17 pt deficit in '16 in the 4th Quarter and Florida somehow wins them all...
Such a great moment. I absolutely subtle things like this. It's amazing to be there in person
The best news for the Gators is that as long as your down by 25 or 30 points you'll still win the game. Ha.
Texas A&M worries me but they haven't done well at home lately. I do imagine UT at 10-2 or maybe 11-1
I gotta say even if Romo comes back fully healthy, if Dak plays very well don't piss on the fire, throw some gasoline on that bad boy. Hell think of Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady. Make Romo the backup. No offense to Romo but he's had plenty of time in Dallas to win but hasn't won big, and keeps getting hurt, very unreliable