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The same knifes edge that separates people from living check to check and being homeless separates you from getting your face knocked in too.
Instead of saying it doesn't apply to Henry, you should say it applies to both of them. The running game was abandoned when it was eating up big chunks of yards.
Your right. But I still remember the Penn St. Alabama game, where Alabama probably made one of the top three biggest come backs in their history. Yet an official 30 yards away from the play, latter found out to be a Penn State graduate or had some affiliation with Penn State, said the catch was out of bounds. It was before replay. Two officials close to the play argued, but the official was adamant and the win was taken from alabama.
Sounds like you've a thorn in your foot. need help?
Very nice video. Want to make some more videos? I have a couple of very good suggestions and if you could put them together in a video would be macking.
Stoops is the coach I hate the mostest. :) He hates and gives no respect whatsoever to his opponents from the SEC. Unfortunately Alabama has lost to them, 3 straight times and probably should have beaten them at least 2 of those three, but they didn't. So egg on Alabama's face for not doing it. Here is one fan that will be cheering for the Vols to win.
I'm personally not giving up on the Secondary myself. There are a lot of young players and new players with a lot of talent, so I believe. They can learn to cover. With some experience, our secondary can learn to cover so that maybe AL doesn't have to risk blitz's all the time.
The secondary still looks very suspect. They made Wisc, a running team, look like a throwing powerhouse. After halftime, AL adjusted by bringing a lot of blitz's to put a lot of pressure on the Wisc QB, and since this isn't a Spread Up-Tempo team with a QB that can throw well, it worked very well for AL. Hopefully the old saying that you get the most improvement from week 1 to week 2 applies, because it looks like if it doesn't apply, the secondary will again be giving up a lot of yards this year.
I'm an Alabama fan and thought it was hilarious. It was silly for 'Bama to be so politically correct in my opinion. Just one of those things I guess. But for Oregon to spoof it was/is funny. Sure it isn't the best, but was funny. And who else to do it but Oregon, with their dance team/ cheer leader style, that is what made it funny to me.
I'm an Alabama fan and I think that video is awesome. Good job security guy. People go to a game to have a good time, not have people try to make your day miserable. RTR!!
PCB, you got me. Didn't see you were a scrub Rebel fan before I commented.
And all non-alumni Bama fans think what elitist jerks alumni are.
I don't see anything Clemson brings to the table. Lets not invite Miami. Maybe Missouri would be ok.
I would love Virginia Tech. They have good football and one of the best introduction when the team runs on the field. They have really good fan support from what I can tell.