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Horrible timing, should've been fired next year but it is certainly not going to harm us as bad as some people say.
This site always reminds me how toxic our fan base is. Yikes.
when I first read your comment I was shocked at how stupid you came across. Then I saw your username was "BamaRulesSEC" and I better understand your education level now.
Why do people always think a good performance against an FCS team is impressive?
KT should transfer to Florida. I don't think KT is ever going to be a consistent passer considering all of his touchdowns came against horrid defenses.
Gotta disagree with you there. If he did/does get drafted there was never a shot at it being as a QB.
Ironic how the guy who's existence revolves around attempting to troll is calling someone else a loser.
I'm amazed someone as retarded as Legend can actually form sentences. If that isn't a miracle I don't know what is.
It was a joke he made in Jackson in front of boosters. People laughed.
We don't agree on much but we can agree here. This kid needs mental help and he doesn't need to be on this team.
Oh look, Kentucky is calling another state redneck. Adorable.
Leave it to a Black Bears fan to turn attention away from them looking weak against a average Boise St. team using Miss. State's shutout of an awful team.
I'm just amazed that Bo managed to throw only 3 INTs.