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It’s unfair how much talent is going to Athens! Get used to it and we ain’t done yet. Not even close. #1 class book it! GO DAWGS!!!!
I assume you mean Auburn and everyone else on the schedule. I take it you’re an Auburn fan that feels inferior and jealous of teams with winning records.
Auburn is building quite the scout team right now. I heard they just got a commitment at LB from Bishop Sycamore.
Bama is not on top. They were on top for a while but not anymore. Dawgs on top now!!! Give me a reason that Bama is the now Alpha now.
Won’t matter who the QB is. Nobody to throw to and will be running for his life every week.
Buchner ain't Joe Burrow or Stetson. He is a hail mary that Saban is throwing because he has no other option it appears. Bryce Young kept them from going 8-4 last year. What do you Tide fans think about this year? How long before Saban is on the Lake everyday?
We are getting Raiola so you can have Bear as a consolation prize. It was a mutual separation per sources. He was a problem in the football facility. Now he can go make some cash and hope to finish 2nd like everybody else. Dawgs are loaded again and will be fine. Maybe he will help them beat the likes of Tulane next time around. GO DAWGS!!!
I bet all the Auburn fans are saying the same thing. Convincing yourself that "things aren't that bad" and "we will be ok". Denial is the first symptom of disastrous season.
Gators are a second rate program right now. Will be lucky to win 6 games in 23'. No QB and offense is FCS level. Couldn't be happier and can't wait til Jacksonville. Going to get ugly again! GO DAWGS!!!
It’s all about players and culture. Kirby has the elite players showing up year after year. He gets the most he can out of anybody on his roster. Physicality and connection! Playing for your brother and willing to sacrifice all you got. The Dawgs buy in and know expectations and the standard. The Standard is now in Athens not Tuscaloosa and isn’t going to change any time soon! GO DAWGS!!!
Must be miserable for Vol fans knowing they can’t beat the Dawgs. Kirby runs laps around Heupel and his gimmick offense. An offense that makes up for inadequacies as a coach. Looks good scoring 60 on Vandy though. Vol fans are desperate and delusional if they think they have an elite coach. He lives off the element of surprise and hurry up not developing players and creating the culture of physicality and toughness Kirby has. I would be worrying about beating Beamer first. I guess your program has become elite when you schedule NC State.
I disappear like the Vols do in March and in super regionals. You would trade it all for one CFP title. The only sport and title that matters.
Looks like I struck a nerve with some Vols. I was just stating fact. Didn’t say Dawgs wouldn’t have taken him just that Raiola is a bigger get. Easy now y’all act like y’all only beaten one Top-10 team in the last like 35 tries or something. Relax. I’m sure Heupel will mold your new top-10 QB into a 1st rounder. He is an offensive genius of course. Until he plays a legit D like the Dawgs!
Harrison Bailey 2.0. Dawgs are getting Raiola so not a big deal.
Highly impressive defensive effort from the Aztecs. 9 steals and 8 blocks set the tone. Alabama was rattled and Miller cost his team in the end. He was too much of a distraction and invincibility and win at all cost attitude pop sent them packing. Nobody feels sorry for them. Didn’t take them in my bracket and tried to tell others who would listen. The whole situation just smelled funny and not sustainable.
The culture problem is that the Dawgs culture is about winning CFP national titles. Kirby is only getting started everybody knows it. When felony convictions occur and multiple players get dismissed then we can talk. When teams are getting curb stomped by the Dawgs this fall the culture problem will no longer be brought up. RaRa and the boys will see you soon. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!
Dawgs are here to stay! It’s not just about gettin 4 and 5 stars. It’s how you develop them and the culture you build. Kirby and staff do that better than anybody right now. Everybody else feared what is happening in Athens. You can’t build it overnight. Once it happens it is hard to stop the machine. GO DAWGS!!!!!
He was the Outback Bowl MVP so he is a postseason legend. He knows what it’s like to play and win championships. He wishes he was half the QB Stetson has turned out to be. Cheer as hard as you want to against the Dawgs that’s fine. So he wanted everybody to feel good about his addiction story and recovery but can’t pull for a guy that has done what’s Stetson has done. That is pathetic and he needs to take a look in the mirror. GO DAWGS!!!!!
Dawgs O is going to be filthy good next year. Bowers, RaRa, Lovett, Ladd, AD, Bell, Delp. SCARY! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!
Might have already been mentioned but Dawgs #1 in country in red zone defense and Buckeyes #121. Red zone O and D will be critical in this game. LOS and turnovers always but holding teams to 3 instead of 7 will be the key. Go Dawgs!!!!!
Is anybody really buying that the Ohio St/ Michigan rematch wasn’t discussed by anyone on committee. Yeah right. They stage teams every week. Dawgs arguably got a tougher draw but in the CFP no team is going to be an easy out. Have to get pass D addressed after last night but my Dawgs will be locked in and ready to go in the ATL! GO DAWGS!!!
Orange out in Miami. Man that would be awful to look at. Don’t own anything orange and never will. I say Tennessee-Purdue rematch in Nashville. Vols want payback!
Today was all about getting a W and moving on. Vols thought they were in the CFP and nobody would stop them. The gimmick flag football offense didn’t matter tonight. They couldn’t stop South Carolina….really??? I loved watching every minute knowing their window or relevance was slamming shut. Dawgs would have been in trouble on a neutral field. I guess we will have to tune in Tuesday to see if the Vols are #5. Hahahahahahaha! GO DAWGS!
Dawgs are extremely balanced and very dangerous on both sides of the ball. Run game is setting up the play-action game and SB13 is balling. Bullard, Starks, Chris Smith, and Lassiter make pushing the ball down the field extremely difficult. Pass rush is starting to pick up. Daijun Edwards is arguably the best back we got. He is hard to tackle and runs downhill. It's all about depth and Dawgs have it. Dawgs are built to last. GO DAWGS!!!!
I said it all week. Dawgs would win convincingly and Tennessee would head back north with Smokey’s tail tucked between his legs. The Big Orange takeover…Lol. Dawgs are the next Bama.
Nolan Smith being in on the sideline is huge loss. Losing Dan Jackson was already tough enough on the back end. Leadership is very much needed right now with young but seasoned D. Next man up looks like. Will come down to getting stops and turnovers. No big surprise but mistakes in this game will be killer. You are not going to slow Tennessee down but rather get stops. Mental toughness and good eye discipline at a premium. GO DAWGS!!!!!
All these “fans” calling for SB13 to be benched and upset about the Dawgs. Unbelievable! We beat Florida by 22 points. Back in the 90’s we didn’t think we would ever beat them again. You have to put things into perspective. We have beat them 5 of the last 6. We are fine!!!!!! Go Dawgs!!!