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Our weak arse non conference football schedule includes Clemson and Tech. I know the Vols have a tough go with NC State and UTEP. Maybe the Dawgs should have played Virginia Tech at Bristol to open the season. Doesn't get any bigger than that. GO DAWGS!!
Joe Milton looked like Joe Montana in Orange Bowl. How did that workout for the Vowels?
Bottom line is FSU players took easy way out and tucked their tails. Can’t risk that 2nd round selection right Keon. Ha! How many of the guys that sat out were 1st round maybe 1? Didn’t want to get their a@$ beat and talk about their non CFP season. How bout showing up and trying to go undefeated for your school fellas. Don’t blame my Dawgs for the ACC’s joke status. GO DAWGS!!
DeBoer will live off Saban's players for a couple of years and then we will see what he is made of. Let's not be foolish but Bama will not be the ultimate destination it has been the last 15 years. NIL will be found at other places and Bama will become a 9-10 win team annually. LSU, Texas, Georgia, and others will pass Bama by and national titles will become a distant memory. Before Saban Bama had 1 title in 30 years. That's the facts. I know before Kirby the Dawgs had 0 in 40. Not anymore. You think Deboer wins one before Kirby? ain't happening.
Bama fans are starting to realize that it's over. The invincible program and entitlement they enjoyed is no longer. Back to the days of being good but not great. A great program but not elite. We all knew it was coming one day and here it is. Enjoy the 18* titles or whatever made up number and memories of years past. Kirby says hello! and Caleb too!
Revenge will not the focus for the Dawgs Saturday. It will simply be going out and imposing your will on the opponent. Winning the LOS and pressuring Cook. Will be a golden opportunity for Daniels to take Heisman lead. I go with the better O in Tuscaloosa. Tigers win a close one late. I will take A&M in an upset too. GO DAWGS!!
Dawgs will be fine in JAX. It will be a battle but Dawgs will make enough plays in all 3 phases to get the W. Vols will be lucky to get a win in Lexington. Not an easy place to go following a road loss. GO DAWGS!
UAB has a better QB than Auburn and better receivers. Auburn D will keep them in games but they don’t have enough dudes on O. Will be difficult to throw the ball on Dawgs secondary. We will see! Go Dawgs!
Joe Milton is vastly overrated. He is not a threat to run and has problems with intermediate throws. WR corp is nowhere near last year. Run game will get slowed down in conference play. I don’t have Gators winning but it is a prove it game for sure for Tennessee.
Mizzou should build a statue out front of their stadium commemorating the 26-22 loss to the Dawgs last year. Still being talked about that is sad. Or maybe some rings or a trophy. Mizzou will finish 6-6 but they still have that 26-22 loss to talk about for generations. Go Dawgs!!
He is a grad of Alabama. He doesen't want to accept the fact the dynasty is now in Athens. They are unproven but have 70% of defensive production returning and offensive weapons everywhere. The best OL in the country and Kirby. No way they should be no.1 right. GO DAWGS!!!!
The guy was flat out terrible in Athens. Had a couple of highlights but looked confused and unable to catch passes the rest of the time. Hard to believe he is in the League now but good for him.
He’s a Dawg! Book it. Kirby and Co. aren’t done yet.
Dawgs aren’t losing in Knoxville. Joe Milton has a cannon but he isn’t Hooker. Vols will hang around until half but Dawgs depth will be the difference again. Please tell me how Tennessee will be better and Dawgs will be worse than last year????
He saw the writing on the wall. This means Dawgs are getting Williams so not a big deal. He was going to Athens until the last 24 hours. Good get for Auburn.
It’s unfair how much talent is going to Athens! Get used to it and we ain’t done yet. Not even close. #1 class book it! GO DAWGS!!!!
I assume you mean Auburn and everyone else on the schedule. I take it you’re an Auburn fan that feels inferior and jealous of teams with winning records.
Auburn is building quite the scout team right now. I heard they just got a commitment at LB from Bishop Sycamore.
Bama is not on top. They were on top for a while but not anymore. Dawgs on top now!!! Give me a reason that Bama is the now Alpha now.
Won’t matter who the QB is. Nobody to throw to and will be running for his life every week.
Buchner ain't Joe Burrow or Stetson. He is a hail mary that Saban is throwing because he has no other option it appears. Bryce Young kept them from going 8-4 last year. What do you Tide fans think about this year? How long before Saban is on the Lake everyday?
We are getting Raiola so you can have Bear as a consolation prize. It was a mutual separation per sources. He was a problem in the football facility. Now he can go make some cash and hope to finish 2nd like everybody else. Dawgs are loaded again and will be fine. Maybe he will help them beat the likes of Tulane next time around. GO DAWGS!!!
I bet all the Auburn fans are saying the same thing. Convincing yourself that "things aren't that bad" and "we will be ok". Denial is the first symptom of disastrous season.
Gators are a second rate program right now. Will be lucky to win 6 games in 23'. No QB and offense is FCS level. Couldn't be happier and can't wait til Jacksonville. Going to get ugly again! GO DAWGS!!!
It’s all about players and culture. Kirby has the elite players showing up year after year. He gets the most he can out of anybody on his roster. Physicality and connection! Playing for your brother and willing to sacrifice all you got. The Dawgs buy in and know expectations and the standard. The Standard is now in Athens not Tuscaloosa and isn’t going to change any time soon! GO DAWGS!!!