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The pressure is always there in Athens...nothing new. Adding Gilbert and Kendrick makes the Dawgs roster scary good. Hear all this talk about how Clemson has all their d coming back...ok. The same D that gave up like 700 yards to Ohio St.. So now they are going to handle the Dawgs loaded offense... Kirby is going all in and I love it!
I think he can lead the Tigers to a TD in Athens. Maybe even score in the 2nd half. How do you win a bought natty in 2010 and 2 years later 0-8 in the conference??? Unreal. You have lost to South Carolina and Tennessee in the last 2 years by the way. You just got the next Bo Nix....congrats. Maybe he can stay in the pocket.
This has to be fake...SEC player?? No way. Probably felt sorry them after bowl game and jumped to help out.
Huge pickup...he will probably have better career than Gunner anyway....ok. It’s all about quantity in Auburn right now. Scooping up as many 3-stars as you can to fill a roster. Look how excited he did I get an offer from Auburn is what he is thinking? I was going to Austin Peay and now this happens...miracle. I know there is going to be some 1980 comments and that is ok. When you haven’t had back to back 10 win seasons since the late 80’s and you are owned by all your rivals that what you have to fall back on. Auburn is a perennial 8 win program except when they luck out or pay $180k. Bo Nix for Heisman....Anthony Schwartz is unstoppable.....hahahaha!
Dillon Gabriel is not showing up. Did you see where he posted he got no phone call or anything from Heupel? He probably can’t stand the guy like it has been said with other players too at UCF. Heupel is getting in the deep end now. Time to take the floaties off and head to the high dive.
The Vols barely had a top-15 class and had to sell their soul to get there. So now we think that Heupel is going to come in and do better than that??? Sanctions coming and all the other SEC powerhouses still doing what they do. This is a hire that is desperate and expected. Steele would have been a way better choice. Good luck trying to convince a blue chip to come to Knoxville instead of Athens, Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, or Gainesville. GO DAWGS!!!
Very similar to Harsin...lived off previous coach players and record is deceiving. Steady regression with his own players. Couldn’t hold BYUs jock strap in bowl game. All these Vols fans still think they are getting a big time coach...unbelievable.
Does anyone really see Emory Jones beating teams with the pass?? Not taking trash just reality. Emory Jones is not an elite QB. Losing Trask was massive and then to lose Pitts and Toney...catastrophic. Please give me some logical reasons that Dawgs lose in Jax. Go Dawgs!
Bowl bans are no big deal if you don’t qualify which Tennessee won’t do again next season. What coach is going to head to Knoxville right??? Freeze leaving a top-25 Liberty....Napier leaving a top 25-Louisiana....Chadwell leaving a top-25 Coastal Carolina? Vols fans have lost their minds. Nobody wants to coach at Tennessee that is a legitimate head coach. The state is a bad recruiting base. Oh and the NCAA penalties coming. Tennessee is now way worse than Liberty, Coastal Carolina, and Louisiana. Unreal...those programs are miles ahead right now. Malzahn ain’t showing up...he knows! 0-37 against top-10 teams over the last 10 years or so....WTF! Good Ole Rocky Flop! The basketball school....GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in Knoxville!
What a W!! Dawgs looked done and then pride and talent took over. Thought my Dawgs would not get the ball back after poor decision to punt late. Stevenson makes unreal instinct play and JT brings us down the field. With Pickens, Smith, Burton, Blaylock, Rosemy, Washington, Gilbert, and our backs next year watch out! D should be really fast and physical again plus solid kicking game. Week 1 in Charlotte is going to be epic and rest of schedule is looking very manageable. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mullen is the biggest sore loser ever! Most coaches with class would start off presser by congratulating the other team for the win and then move on but not Mullen. He looks like a spoiled brat who didn't get his way. Lucked his way into Atlanta with the Dawgs not having Pickens or JT on the field and no Lecounte and Davis,etc. Couldn't beat an LSU team that had a freshman QB and no offensive threats really. Didn't play Pitts because it was in the bag or so he thought. I wonder if his wife kissed the players yesterday?? That could be it. Soak it in Gator fans. You know that next year the Dawgs will restore things in Jax. Emory Jones and the loss of Pitts, Toney, and others will make nobody in Athens nervous. The fun is about to over. 3 losses and a top 15 finish in the playoff rankings should make for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So keep putting 1980 and all the other stuff and tuck your tail Gator fans. Just know that you dodged a bullet once and got hit with the second shot. GO DAWGS!!!!
The same thing occurred when Alvin Kamara was wasted for Jalen Hurd...ouch! The problem is way more than the QB position. It has become a culture and is expected now for losing seasons and turnstile coaches. Nobody wants to be the head coach in Knoxville except guys wanting a payday assistants wanting to climb the ladder. Dave Doeren told them no...enough said. The Vols are like 0-36 against top-10 teams lately...unreal. They fired Fulmer and thought they could get whoever they wanted. Think again!
Mullen is a dork...he should be suspended for starting that brawl last night...out of control and lucky he didn’t get the wrong end of somebody...Players get ejected because their coach loses it and puts his players at risk
Lot of unknowns for the Dawgs this week....who’s healthy and who’s our QB? Is Pickens going to be on the field? He opens up the passing game a little if nothing else. Florida should have numerous suspensions but the conference will look the other way on that. If you’re a Florida fan and not embarrassed to have Mullen as your coach you are lying. You wear a costume to press conference...Let’s go Hogs...beat them Vols! Go Dawgs!!!
Auburn is a wannabe program that hasn’t had back to back 10 win seasons since the 80’s. All you heard was how Chad Morris was going to make Auburn’s offense unstoppable. Ha... Schwartz is a nobody and Bo Nix is too. Auburn will finish 5-5 and Malzahn will be back...Thank God I’m not an Auburn fan!!
Hey Auburn won and paid for a natty 10 years ago. Nobody cares anymore. Since then your like 70 and 40. 1988-89 is the last back to back 10 win seasons. Auburn is not a big time football program. They can’t win big games away from Jordan Hare and your coach is a offensive You should have lost to Arkansas but the refs saved you. You are going 6-4 this year and Bo Nix is a joke...if his last name was Smith nobody would give him the time of day. Thank God I’m not an Auburn fan....GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!
Bo Nix is an above average QB. He has average receivers and average RBs. Schwartz is a track star with pads on and Williams is the only go to they have. He is also above average. Malzahn is overrated and not an offensive genius. He has to have an athlete at QB with a run threat every down and mix in some Hail Marys and other miracle plays every season. Nobody is scared of their offense that has a real D. Does anyone see Nix winning in Athens or Tuscaloosa this year? Anybody???? Bigsby might help open things up but it will take some time. Chad Morris will have his shot but this ain’t the ACC! Go Dawgs!
Harbaugh is way overrated and people live off the past with him. He had some great years with Stanford and with the Niners but that was a long time back. He will never beat the Buckeyes or win the BigTen. He tries to look like a legend on the sideline but with his outfit. Really he just looks ridiculous. I am tired of hearing about Michigan and how Harbaugh is a top 5 coach. He is barely a top 5 coach in the conference. How is Michigan going to do any better really?maybe they should try to get Les again. Any recruit that chooses to go there right now is wasting their college career. Automatic 3-4 losses and not a chance chance at CFP. Michigan does not scare anybody
Im sure it was because of Maurer and Bailey already in Knoxville. He thought He would never start up there. They are too loaded. Or was it maybe he saw the writing on the wall or painting on the rock. I am just so thankful that Pruitt backed off at the end when he realized that he didn’t need him. Had to save scholly for a snapper. Pure comedy....GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!
I am shocked just like all other Dawg fans. This is a huge get for the future of the QB position in Athens. The offense is about to go to another level and the D is going to be top 5 caliber every season. Getting Daniels gives you proven QB to plug in against Clemson post Lawrence. A guy that has done it before and will be ready for the spotlight. With Pickens, Blaylock, Burton, Smith, Rosemy, and others to throw to. A stacked backfield and loaded O-Line along with Washington and maybe Bowers too. Looking real good for my Dawgs for years to come. Vols fans thought they had him in the bag. Kirby said not so fast. GO DAWGS!!!!!!
I get tired of hearing about Peyton Manning. Vols fans act like he is the best QB in history. What did he really do? Eli has more SB rings...come on. He didn’t win a Heisman. He didn’t win a natty. He is not a top-5 all time NFL or college QB. He looked like a goofball in pads. Does way too many ridiculous commercials...but people on Rocky Flop act like he is the second coming...Vols just signed another 3-star...Watch Out!!
Dawgs do have a few question marks going into season ( if we have one) but still CFP favorite for a reason. Defense and more defense. If you look at Dawgs last season went 11-1 with a mediocre offense and elite D... how can the O be worse or less consistent? Had some key injuries and played LSU with a FCS receiving corp for the most part and without Swift. Still were able to make some stops in Atlanta and give team a chance. There won’t be an offense like LSU had in the conference this year and Dawgs are loaded again. Auburn got wiped out and Florida is overhyped. Kyle Trask....really? Really excited to see what O looks like...lots of talent and explosive guys. Go Dawgs!!!!!
The Vols are not back...period! They would have to have 3 top 5 classes minimum. They have a limited amount of depth and yes consistent QB play. If they would have lost to mighty Indiana in the bowl game what would be the narrative now? They have 3-stars all in this class and probably won’t hang onto the 5-stars they have committed. Talk to me in December about recruiting classes. GO DAWGS!