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The basketball…I mean baseball school falls flat again. The cockiness and arrogance catches up to ‘em. The best part was watching all the fans wearing that ugly orange sit there with their mouths open after it was over. I hate Notre Dame more than anybody but I their biggest fan today. GO DAWGS!!
Arch would be crazy to play in Austin. NIL money would be available in Athens too. He wants to play for championships and play against the beat competition. No brainer Arch…commit to the G. GO DAWGS!!!!!
NIL is designed to level the playing field and let programs buy players who couldn’t convince to come with merit alone. Look at Tennessee and the Nico kid. No way he goes to Knoxville without $8 million offered. Players have been compensated in the past I get it. But not to the extent they will be now. Aggies buying their place in line and selling their soul just like other programs not named Georgia or Alabama or Ohio State etc.. This was about way more than players making money. It was about creating parity and bringing power programs back from the cellar. The ones who couldn’t do it by simply going into a players living room and talking to Mom.
I bet this will help with recruiting. If you come here you get to be on the podcast and talk about life! Maybe in December he can talk about his 5-7 season.
Bama should run the table. They won’t lose to A&M. Ole Miss won’t beat them either. They should be concerned with Arkansas. Going to Fayetteville the week before A&M will be a test for sure. Auburn could finish dead last in the west. Their roster is not SEC caliber. It’s all about players. Either you have them or you don’t.
Name another win besides Mercer, Western Kentucky, or San Jose State. Make a valid argument as to why. Auburn might get 5 wins. Bigsby is crazy for sticking around. He could get NIL money anywhere. He will regret the decision. Will not matter who QB is with no time to throw and now WR playmakers. Bad football team with joke coach. Auburn is the next Tennessee. All Auburn fans know it but don’t want to admit it. Not talkin smack just stating facts.
Have some Auburn Sweet sixteen shirts to get rid of if anybody is interested. $34.10 each. Go Dawgs!
Auburn was a complete fraud the whole season. They won some big games at home but couldn’t win on the road. Kessler can’t score outside 5 feet. The KD Johnson show has left town. If he was half the player he acts like he would be the no. 1 pick. At least now Auburn fans can focus on the spring game and winning 5 games this fall.
Todd Golden is an average coach. People are celebrating White leaving to get him. He was 1 game above .500 in the WCC. The next Billy Donovan has arrived. I’m sure the rest of the SEC is terrified.
It will all fall apart when they play a real team. Kessler will get neutralized again like A&M did which is the key. He will have to score from more than 2 feet out and can’t. KD Johnson will go 1-10 again and Smith will get contained. They can’t beat quality teams on the road. Great win over Jax St. but let’s not get too excited
Florida fans expect Billy Donovan to walk through the door again. Mike White is an excellent coach and will be successful in Athens. I love the hire and the energy he will bring with him. Good luck with your next hire Florida!
Auburn had to get up the 2nd half to play Georgia today. I love how you talk like a Duke fan about basketball…hilarious
They won’t make the Final Four. Will go cold from the floor and Kessler will get matched up with a 7’0 like Williams for Duke and not as effective. He will be forced to shoot outside 5 ft which he can’t. Johnson will have an off game and they won’t survive.
Don’t suck to be a Georgia football fan!! 2021 NATIONAL CHAMPS. Don’t suck to be a Houston football fan either. Birmingham Bowl Champs! Thank God I’m not a make believe basketball school.
Letdown game…right. I thought that was the Mizzou game. In over your head is when the “#1 team” bounces you by 30. Every Auburn fan was selling their soul with a minute left. Imagining the fall out from losing to the Dawgs. Kentucky will beat them on the neutral site.
What an effort by the Dawgs!!! Playing with the worst team in recent history against the best team in Auburn history and you have a shot to win it. Auburn is lights out at home and tremendously suspect on the road. #1 teams don’t escape Athens right now. So the excuse is not having their PG. Dawgs lost by 26 to Arkansas a few days ago in the same building!!! Auburn will not win the SEC tourney or NCAA. Oh well at least their football program isn’t a laughing stock. Next trip to Athens will be a lot worse! GO DAWGS!!!!
Auburn is a joke of a program. You won a natty 11 years ago. You haven’t done jack since except luck your way into another title game and 8-4 or 7-5 seasons. You can’t beat the Dawgs and you are in big trouble for years to come with recruiting. Harsin is low budget and so is the staff. Bigsby will probably hit the portal. Glad I’m not an Auburn fan!!
The pressure is always there in Athens...nothing new. Adding Gilbert and Kendrick makes the Dawgs roster scary good. Hear all this talk about how Clemson has all their d coming back...ok. The same D that gave up like 700 yards to Ohio St.. So now they are going to handle the Dawgs loaded offense... Kirby is going all in and I love it!
I think he can lead the Tigers to a TD in Athens. Maybe even score in the 2nd half. How do you win a bought natty in 2010 and 2 years later 0-8 in the conference??? Unreal. You have lost to South Carolina and Tennessee in the last 2 years by the way. You just got the next Bo Nix....congrats. Maybe he can stay in the pocket.
This has to be fake...SEC player?? No way. Probably felt sorry them after bowl game and jumped to help out.
Huge pickup...he will probably have better career than Gunner anyway....ok. It’s all about quantity in Auburn right now. Scooping up as many 3-stars as you can to fill a roster. Look how excited he did I get an offer from Auburn is what he is thinking? I was going to Austin Peay and now this happens...miracle. I know there is going to be some 1980 comments and that is ok. When you haven’t had back to back 10 win seasons since the late 80’s and you are owned by all your rivals that what you have to fall back on. Auburn is a perennial 8 win program except when they luck out or pay $180k. Bo Nix for Heisman....Anthony Schwartz is unstoppable.....hahahaha!
Dillon Gabriel is not showing up. Did you see where he posted he got no phone call or anything from Heupel? He probably can’t stand the guy like it has been said with other players too at UCF. Heupel is getting in the deep end now. Time to take the floaties off and head to the high dive.
The Vols barely had a top-15 class and had to sell their soul to get there. So now we think that Heupel is going to come in and do better than that??? Sanctions coming and all the other SEC powerhouses still doing what they do. This is a hire that is desperate and expected. Steele would have been a way better choice. Good luck trying to convince a blue chip to come to Knoxville instead of Athens, Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, or Gainesville. GO DAWGS!!!
Very similar to Harsin...lived off previous coach players and record is deceiving. Steady regression with his own players. Couldn’t hold BYUs jock strap in bowl game. All these Vols fans still think they are getting a big time coach...unbelievable.