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Think of the aftermath too that follows after the storm especially a category 4 storm.
Maybe you need to think that UF doesn't want to travel because they need to be there with their families. Not because they're chicken. Category 4 hurricane is serious business. Just saying
Good decision by Foley. Family and safety first before football. Prayers to the people in Florida. War Eagle
Not to mention Deshaun Watson was held in check by Auburn. The most dangerous duel threat quarterback in college football.
People really are sad. Wanting to trash talk over a devastating hurricane that has claimed 113 lives. Keep in mind on the schedule the game was suppose to be played at UF and that's why they want to keep it that way. Quit whining about LSU and Florida not playing and be glad that LSU will be safe at home and pray for what UF and the people in Florida are about to go through.