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Or Andy Hill. Guy walked on and earned a scholarship. Was a four-year letterman and caught 51 passes for 946 yards and seven TD's. Either way you guys missed on this, unless you don't acknowledge pre-SEC Mizzou...
It would appear Mizzou needs to switch to Under Armour $$$... Actually I'm an Under Armour guy so I would love Mizzou to switch
So I guess he wasn't considering himself as a front runner for the job, lol
Charlotte has the market, that's what drives these things... not quality of the program. College football is all about the $$$$
That was the 2007 season, January 1, 2008. Awesome game, I was there to see Tony Temple at his finest
Can't blame Scales for going to Alabama. Tigers used to use tight ends better than anyone in the Martin Rucker/Chase Coffman days. Not sure why that isn't a thing here anymore. On another note Williams is the best recruit in the state for my money, though, so glad Mizzou got him.
My only hope is that the Chiefs and Panthers meet in the Super Bowl and a Kelce vs. Cam dance off decides the outcome
we. are. Oregon... Tigers don't wear a uniform combo twice all season, when does the madness stop?
I love Under Armour... Maybe someday Mizzou will switch over from Nike... Not likely, but I can dream can't I, lol
Trophies are trophies and I have one in each ear so you'll excuse me if I can't hear your nonsense.
Plus it gets us away from taking DGB... I saw enough of him on the field to want him for the Chiefs, but heard enough about him off the field to not want him for the Chiefs
I just saw Kiper had Cooper going number four to Oakland. Chiefs have got to go make a trade to get a higher pick. We need Cooper in KC and absolutely do not want him on a division rivals' roster
Gary better get to Target and pick up some artificial citrus for that trophy, lol
Good Lord are we really going to force this rivalry?
Well Blaine Gabbert* isn't starting so I think we have a pretty good shot * See every bowl game Gabbert ever played in
Even if Tennessee gets the onside kick the odds of them going down field, scoring and getting a two-point conversion all in under two minutes against a very good Missouri defense are pretty slim. I guess I don't get why this is such a big deal.
You could sum up all of those "takeaways" with one... Maybe something like, oh I don't know, how about "Mizzou's defense is pretty damn good." We are a win away from a second straight SEC title game... How about some credit where it is due.
Pretty cheap compared to what I spent on Royals playoff and World Series tickets
I will say this, when Mizzou first joined the SEC, fans from nearly every school were very nice and welcoming... except from Georgia. Georgia fans were pretty rude on boards and Facebook, so I can believe this actually happened. Fans from the other schools were great, though. I was in the Atlanta airport on the way to Jamaica with my wife, wearing a Mizzou shirt and fans from all over the SEC (except GA) were coming up to me and saying "Welcome to the SEC." It was pretty awesome.
Is it just me or are 90% of all fights worldwide started by the Irish
Yes, we can lose a game and still be tied for first in the division, haha
Well Missouri and Tennessee are now the only two SEC East teams without a conference loss. Nice the Tigers have a leg up on Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. But My God! As a Mizzou fan I am embarrassed. How do you lose to a Big 10 bottom feeder? On behalf of the entire state of Missouri I apologize to the whole SEC for the shame we brought to the conference this week. Here is hoping the Tigers pull their heads out of their backsides this week as conference play begins.
Something tells me Old Man Snyder's signals are pretty basic to begin with
Good idea to mock Cam there Mosley... Not sure at what point in the game this happened, but he was either showboating while losing, which is dumb, or he did it early and pissed Cam off, which lead to getting blown out. Either way... C'mon Man!
If Tech was really committing to "Blackout" They would have Black pants with those unis
Can't change my desktop from Kauffman Stadium until the Royals are done for the years... which could actually be in October for once! Soon as they are done, though, that Mizzou background is going up