Kentucky Wildcats
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Very insightful commentDid you attend public school in Alabama?
I can't imagine winning the next 4 games and going into Georgia for the SEC East ChampionshipBut we got a lot of tough teams in the next 4, can't wait until SaturdayGBB
If Tennessee was desperate they should hire Kiffin, he will fill the stadium and bring excitement to the program.
Johnson is a leaderBest QB Kentucky has had since Andre Woodson
There are a couple of things Mississippians are proud ofTheir prize cow they entered into the county fairKnocking up their high school girlfriend
And you will be an unemployed drunk watching the game at your moms
BamaFans like you don't get it.What is going on at Alabama right not since Saban has been coach will NEVER happen again in your lifetime.You better enjoy this while it lasts and shut your trap because it will not last forever.
BamaOne thing weather Bama wins it loses it has absolutely nothing to do with youYou are a fan so my advise is to shut your trap and enjoy the season
Great post ChippyYou give BJ such good coaching advice on SDS every day. The Dols would be 6-0 right now if coach BJ did what you said.
Jones is VFLInk him to a 3 year extensionBrianchipsmom doesn't know talent when he sees it
Jones has an NFL attitude, hope he is healthy
Man don't rub salt in my wound. Kentucky went after Harris and begged him to play for Kentucky. Now he is a star at the best team in the country. Happy for Harris but would have loved to see him play for the Wildcats.
I was at the game last night. He was trying to hand the ball to the ref to start the next play and the ball slipped out of his hands, it was raining last night.
Kentucky's defensive backs allowed Missouri to stay in the gameLoved the ball slap!
Should have a very good shot at making a NFL roster
Kentucky was very fortunate tonight. Mizzou's QB and running back are top shelf. Really happy Kentucky is 5 -1.
Both Fan bases LSU and Florida are spoiled brats who can't take a bit of adversity.I can't decide which team I want to lose, I want both of them to lose on Saturday>
Stoops is the best thing that has ever happened to Kentucky FootballGBB
It was a fair call, Gruden is a goofball and should lobby the NFL or get back into coaching if he wants the rule changed.
Leach took a Kentucky program that was in the dumpster and turned it into an offensive machine. But he is a different sort of character, really happy he is doing well at Washington State after Texas Tech trashed him.
Kentucky Basketball fans are sometimes embarrassing, they called this referee and harassed him on Facebook and at home for days after the NCAA loss to North Carolina.