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Matt Luke should have been given another year
If Bowden doesn’t make All American it will be a crime I have heard TheCoaching staff is very high on Rodriguez. Does anyone know if Smoke is injured. He didn’t play much in the second half
Great Win Unbelievable crowd n the pouring down rain We passed for 4 yards and beat the crap out of Louisville Not bad eh Paris?
The NCAA really gave Mizoram the shaft this season Mizzou deserves the opportunity to play in a Bowl
Paris: You have followed me around like a sick troll for a long time You bragged about your miserable life as a Parol Officer, Gabe your name and Facebook account while stalking me No whi is the liar?
What does your comment have to do with the Louisville game?
Hey fuzzy, where did you get Guarantano’s phone number?
Prune is winning with Butch Jones recruits Give Jones the credit for the talent on UT s aquad
Eddie Gran did an unbelievable job adjusting the Offense after Touchdown Terry was injured. I hope KY can keep Stoops and his staff for a long time.
Nick Sagan, Kirby Smart and Ed Orgeron are 3 examples of Head Coaches that came from DC positions to HC. Sorry but that comment is silly
I was just repeating what a friend who is on staff told me about Rodriguez. He played a great game GBB
Very sad for a great player and a outstanding person. Prayers for Tua
Kentucky took care of the line of scrimmage Great win against a hard nosed Vanderbilt team
Memphis fans are still mad Calipari left them for Kentucky. I personally wish we would get a game with Memphis
I wonder if any of the West End rich kid, elitist, pseudo intellectual snobs from Vanderbilt will even show up to watch one of Mason's last games?
Apparently Coach Niedermeyer is too darn stupid to know the history of the drunk driving fatal accident that ended the beer barrel tradition.
BBN If you don't like KY Hoops I suggest you sell your tickets. Calipari has brought excitement back to Kentucky. Calipari early on said Kentucky is a "players first" program. Clearly he has the support of the University on this philosophy. As for Paris, he is a pathological liar that makes up facts to support his bitterness and hate. If you are in his camp you must have similar issues
Sorry but Tennessee does not outmatch Kentucky or any other SEC team. Kentucky blew it. Outside of Jennings there is not an impressive player on that crap team.
I don’t understand why Sawyer Smith did not play at least a series or two to mix things up Sheesh Stoops is stubborn
I was at the game It looked like the kick was blocked Our kicker has struggled all year
FSU is a toxic environment with an AD firing Taggert half way through season 2. But it is hard to feel bad for Taggert after the way he left Oregon.