Kentucky Wildcats
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Aside from Alabama the West is not superior to the East in any way shape or form. Sorry to burst your ego.
I am not surprised you are confused Please get a memory test
I am an outsider but it seems like Freeze was recruiting better talent than this new coach Maybe Bjork should restart the ole miss recruiting by ldelivering bags of money in the middle of the night to the top recruiting targets to seal the deal
Repetitive dribble is a sign of old age dementia Paris Check yourself into the nursing home
Folks Paris is an old man who is lonely and needs attention So here you go old man......get some help for the following old age issues Osteoporosis Vision Loss Hearing Loss Cognitive impairment Constipation
Nice language bunker Are you butthurt that MSU but not Ole Miss made the CWS
Ignore the troll Paris 10. Paris is a bitter old man who is frustrated with his lot in life. He has trouble with his bowel movements, falling down, digesting solid food and memory loss. He is extremely lonely and an overweight diabetic. His mission in life is to insult Kentucky Sports on this thread as well as local papers and webpages in Lexington. THey have kicked him off most sports sites because of his useless posts.
Read some of the garbage Paris10 posts Paris is a fat useless old man that needs to shut his filthy mouth
Paris, you need to take it easy old feller. Just reach over and hit the "call Nurse" button and ask for her to give you a bath and empty your bed pan. If you don't calm down they are going to kick you out of the nursing home.
Kentucky has completely mismanaged the football program for decades Thanks for rubbing salt in my wounds
I am not surprised a creep internet troll like Bunker complete with a supremist avatar would make that comment
It is about power and control The idea of Central Florida or Boisie State winning a NC is unacceptable to the football rlite
It is not foolish to question a National Championship program like Alabama scheduling a program like Mercer
What a dirtbag Saban is blocking a graduate transfer Obviously the graduate transfer is a good student that does the right thing and Saban throws him under the bus
Paris must have a leaking depends duper again. Paris is old tired and suffering from dementia. The game has left you behind Paris enjoy it or spend your remaining days of your miserable life playing bridge at the Senior Citizen center
Never mind Bunker. Bunker preaches his false morality gospel on SDS all the time.
This is hilarious. Saban scheduled MERCER last year? Then turns around and talks about scheduling tougher games.
Agree 100% just look for example how ESPN staff supported the anti American Flag NFL player protesters before games for evidence And Oberman is the worst commie pinko pig of them all
Good grief what is wrong with these head banger football players