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Nobody under the age of 70 reads a local daily newspaper. Change your Depends NOW you silly pitiful old man.
That did not happen, he was pulling his hand away from the pile
Didn’t see that one coming Great win Carolina
Coach love the win but you need to take a few dancing lessons
I wonder what the homophobic bigot PARIS10 will say about this?
Keenland Race Track! You are in luck because the Fall Races are in session Drakes in Landsdown Shopping Center on Tates Creek Rd for food
I watched the game Saturday and decided Tennessee is garbage. Stick to Women’s Basketball
You pathetic tobaccy chewin’, catfish eatin’ Moonshine suckin Hog fans are going to get smashed Saturday Sooeee better luck next time
OSKIE Since you are a millennial snowflake how can you be so insensitive to the Rocky Top theme of the murder of revenue agents by hillbilly moonshiners?
Fuzz I know you are disappointed.....but you should expect to climax early in the First Quarter
Bryanchip is correct...the truth is it takes a mean, hard core head banger to play in the SEC.
Why not give them a pass? The football players get a pass on everything else. Many of them have absolutely no business behind admitted and attending the University of TN (or any other D1 program)
Thanks for another off topic troll post Paris Apparently the UGa crowd hasn’t figured out that you are full of it
Kentucky will be fine, when you lose your starting QB and leader to a season ending injury in the SEC you are going to struggle I bet Gunner Hoak is kicking himself for transferring
I am wondering if Mizzou grade cheater Yolanda Kumar is still part of the Mizzou Football program?
The only reason KY is struggling is because Terry Wilson got injured. If I was Stoops I would play Lynn Bowden at QB the whole game
Kentucky owns South Carolina When Spurrier was coach KY was not able to win. That was because of Spurrier not the SC football program
KY and SC are struggling with QB injuries and giving away close games. Both teams are better than their records. It is always difficult to play at SC with all the inebriated rednecks in the stands. KY 20 - SC 13
I hope Fulmer takes over. Tom Osborne did a similar thing at Nebraska and Barry Alvarez did it At Wisconsin
Kentucky’s back is against the wall. South Carolina is a must win game. If the dynamic duo doesn’t get a game plan together quick the fan base will be done
In spite of the early season struggles with both programs I expect a great game Saturday night
Take care of the kicking game and don’t turn the ball over and this would have been an interesting game
That is big talk.....KY has beaten Mizzou the last 4 seasons. Stick with academic fraud and remember this season is a waste because Mizzou is BANNED