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Kentucky Wildcats
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This is what makes college athletics so special Well done Coach Stoops
Burrow is the QB Can’t blame the others for pursuing other opportunities
Louisville might be ok for a while if Lamar Jackson was still on the squad but he is gone to the NFL Garbage comment from a tier 2 ACC team
I always thought competitive Mississippi folks talked about their cows, tractor pulls and how many children they had by the time they finished high school? Not college athletics
Paris does not know what he is talking about This is year 6 under Stoops and Joker left a horrible roster when he was fired I feel sorry for Paris. He is about 75 years old and is miserable and sick
I can’t believe I am agreement with Boubon County! Last year’s embarrassing loss to Florida was awful and completely on the Coaching staff!
A cock fan trying to talk smack about Kentucky team that rolled over the past 4 years? See you in Lexington at YOUR Super Bowl
Tennessee is the worst team in the SEC I don’t see much for the butt crack fan base to look forward to this season
I always hate to hear about these type of injuries, hope it is not too serious
That streak ate me up and threw me into depression Many years it was a blowout from top shelf Tennessee teams But many years it was gut wrenching OT heartbreakers That is cruel to bring that up
Tennessee is in the early stage of a 25 year run of mediocrity. It is because they fired Fulmer without a transition plan. Once proud programs like Nebraska Michigan and Norte Dame has similar situations when the respective administrations abruptly got rid of Lou Holts Tom Osborne and Lloyd Carr I am enjoying watching the dumb UT redneck fans cry
Looks like BamaTurd is still on her period arguing with anyone that will pay attention to her
What is going to happen with Col Rebel?
Paris must have watched the Tournsment by himself at the Senior crnter
What is a handicapper? Another word for a degenerate gambler that bets point spreads?
Wow fuzzy, Tennessee is coming off a 0-8 SEC season last year and questions at QB and a no name nobody Coach who couldn't cut it at Alabama or Georgia. Maybe Fulmer can help? Good Luck
Maybe he grew up in a low income neighborhood without a good role model? He may be a victim of a bad environment
When Saban gives Jalen a full release to transfer I will buy the slop Saban is feeding the rrporters
Tennessee has clearly been on an upward trajectory since they fired Coach Fulmer! Tennessee has continued to make home run coaching hires like Kiffin, Dooley, Jones and now this new guy from the assistant coaching ranks.
After the way Tennessee treated Coach Fulmer it became clear the UT fan base is completely unrealistic. I don't blame Kiffin for leaving for a much better program. I really enjoyed laughing at the stupidity of the the Knoxville crowd.
The Alabama schools are bad due to years and years of inbreeding. Not that complicated
BamaTurd is a dirtbag loser just like the thousands of Ohio State fans that are sending Urban Meyer letters of support
There are tons of KY fans up here. What part of Wilcox County AL are you from moron? Maybe your stepdad will take you to Walmart and buy a AL T-shirt for you
BamaTurd You are a fan who cares about winning at all cost I care about the student athlete long term success You should move up here and hang out with the Kentucky hoops sidewalk alum
Bunker We are different people with different values
Jalen apparently was simply ignored by the Coaching staff. He needs the truth about his status after what he has done for the program. If he is out then help him find another program to transfer to. He is a student athlete not a paid professional