Kentucky Wildcats
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Tennessee needs to get their video crew busy making a hype showBold go 6-6 and head to Shreveport LA bowl
Pitino is a control freak he knew about the multiple parties over a five year period
Kentucky is the sleeper team in the SEC EastI am concerned about the DL
Mumme is a moronHe used some good players recruited by Bill Curry to win a few games Ison a gimmick offenseThen got KY inton probation and fired
Come on LSUSMC knock it off.....What if that was your wife, mother or sister being peeped by the sicko?
That was disgusting tooSports are supposed to be about entertainment not life and deathBut this is worse because UT fan is targeting one of the players
Peyton is a leader, I hope he does go into Politics some day
This is very typical for Tennessee. The loser fan base down there has always been completely awful.The fan base has a chip on their shoulder because they are second fiddle / second tier to the elite SEC teams like Florida, LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn
This really hurts KY, they were already thin at DL
VOLI really bet your mom is glad you finally moved out!Did she consign your loan and give you the down payment?
You are a FSU grad and have an Alabama avatar and then tell readers we wrongly assume bias?
I am impressed with your Ole Miss loyaltyI am not a fan of the NCAA because they are very inconsistent in dealing with infractionsI will be interesting to see what happens
Courtney Love ia a great leader and studentGlad he is getting recognized
BunkerYou can't blame this on the NCAA.If you believe what you read in the media Ole Miss decided to "lawyer up" with the NCAA and offer token punishments like the one season bowl ban.If Ole Miss was serious about dealing with their mess they would fire the Freeze and the AD immediately and then the NCAA would close the case against the program.
BBNI have been observing the deranged lunatic "Paris10" for some time. I really think he is a pitiful fool but now I am getting worried about him for his own safety. He has been all over SDS attacking everyone and saying the same twisted nonsense over and over.He has this multiple screen name theory and thinks everyone slanders him if they do not agree with him?I remember from your post he is some officer of the court assigned to track released prisoners. What kind of a tisted individual pursues that line of work? I mean it is creepy to keep files on people and get into their personal life and track them down and examine their personal life. Maybe that is why he wants people to follow him on facebook?
Love the passion BBNI tried to report Paris to Eastern State mental hospital and The Brown center for aging because he has lost his mind and is hearing multiple voices on SDSParis please get some help. You are having a mental breakdown
I have one screen name claim to have multiple names by your own admission so what does that tell you?I see you have lots of people who can't stand you here on what does that tell you?
The average culturally disadvantaged East Tennessean would not have a clue about the NHL.I would suggest a rodeo, motorcross or tractor pull at Neyland
You are crazy and probably a danger to yourself and othersEveryone on here notices and commentsI am going to report you
Old FartYou missed the obvious reason for the uptick in Kentucky Football