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Once again pairAss you are a senile blithering idiot that knows nothing about football. Stoops inherited the absolute worst SEC team and arguably the worst team in college football. Nick Saban would not win with that roster. Kentucky had a combined total of 4 SEC wins during the 3 previous years under Joker. Kentucky is a total rebuild. Stoops has managed to sell the program.
Hey Pairass Sounds like a good move for Kentucky Football don't you think?
'I Would' is the beginning on your post Entitlement - Lazy - and Stupid Just Sayin
Paris Just reach over and hit the "call nurse" button. You need a shower and a bath. Maybe she will wheel you outside for some fresh air and a cigarette
You obviously are too old and lazy to look it up for yourself
Stoops is an amazing recruiter. His connections in Ohio are bringing in really good players. We are NOT just a hoops school
Kentucky is solid at LB with Jordan Jones and Josh Allen leading the way. The D line is going to be KY's weakness
You are so insightful Chip....thanks for the analysis of the OLine I hope they give you the honorary title of UT's bricklaying campion of life!
I don't understand why KY dropped the Indiana game That was an interesting game and certainly a decent border rivalry with a Big 10 'basketball' school
Bunker Sad but true KY does it too and still struggles Guess I should just accept reality
Have you ever reviewed the graduation rate of SEC football players? This thug never should have been admitted into Ole Miss They used him to win football games and make a ton of money That is why I feel sorry for him he got a pass because he plays football and was told he was special
I feel bad for this player He was used by Ole Miss Football because of a body type and headbanger attitude. He is a thief that has nothing going for him except a willingness to get his head bashed in SEC football.
In his prime Fulmer was the best recruiter of offensive lineman in College football Fulmer knew how to grind it out and win close games But without Cutcliff'S discipline Fulmer's players were out of control
DL was the weak spot last year with the loss of Jason Hatcher and Reggie Meant to off the field issues.
Paris you do notown this site If you want to make up the rules then start you own thread I found out you got kicked off KSR
BBN You are a bright spot in this sewage pit site that Paris has created and I took his bait. This site is supposed to be for football fans who are BBN. I have allowed a hater to get under my skin. Paris is a worthless troll who is mad at the world. He probably does the same crap on other sites to get another crowd of fans upset. He does it for kicks because he is old and bitter. In fairness to Paris he probably was a fan when he was younger, sober and able to walk and have relations with women but has been disappointed over the years with Kentucky football that he has lost hope For the record I have no other account on this thread. I am a graduate of the University and am a die hard fan who attends every home game. GBB
Let's be hones Alabama doesn't need to recruit the way most programs recruit. They just send out letters to the players they want and wait for the phone to ring
Never mind Bunker He is mad about something I said the other day about the Ole Miss NCAA mess