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Allen is a great story. He was a 2-Star player out of high school with a 5-Star work ethic.
Paris Your obsession with LSU is crazy Check yourself into the mental ward or at least check the mirror to see if you are foaming at the mouth.
Bourbon Ignore Paris he is a Louisville fan Paris Eddie Gran has a winning record as OC at KY.
LSU Some NFL ‘experts’ claim Snell does not have explosive speed. I hope you are right Looks like Paris is still trolling you, he made numerous claims that he is a Louisville fan. Just ignore the old geezer
It will be interesting to see if Snell will make a NFL roster
Biggie You are awfully understanding of a Louisville troll like Paris
Paris is a lonely silly old man with no friends hobbies or anything else to do but troll people I feel sorry for him
Another inbred Alabama Fan makes another asinine comment!
Translation I think I “own” you. You can go NFL only when I give my blessing.
What is wrong with having a dream to be an NBA player? I know you don't have an answer because you only interested in trying to insult Kentucky again.
Not that facts matter to a troll like you Paris but here they are Smoke and Rodriguez saw limited action because you can play limited games and NOT burn your Redshirt season
Perhaps you can work with you friend BamaBoy and help him “get on with the State Government” and follow in your fata$$ bureaucrat life as a lowlife probationary officer
BamaBoy I understand you are a low IQ individual so let me explain something to you about Alabama football Through the history of the Tide there have been ups and downs so you better enjoy the high the program right now because it won’t last It wasn’t that long ago when you had a string of Head Coaches that struggled Mike DuBose Dennis Franchione Mike Price Mike Shula
And what did Alabama win? Another Clemson second fiddle
Dice when do you speak for “everyone” BamaBoy Kentucky went 10 - 3 last year
The success of AL or KY football has nothing to do with a hillbilly non-alumni like you BammaBoy. You are embarrassing
What a moron! Are you from Scott County where the average income is under $25,000 per year?
I know who Wills is genius. Wills is from Lexington, KY and was Kentucky's top player coming out of High School. He turned Kentucky down and is now at Alabama. The comment was sarcasm.
A lot of the credit goes to AD Barnhart who supported Stoopes during the first couple of seasons and gave Stoops enough time to build a respectable roster and support staff
Paris your X wife who divorced your broke a$$ is worried about your mental and physical stability She made a shopping list for you Depends Geritol Soup Crackers Cookies Prune Juice X-lax Beer Also she mentioned you owe a bunch of people money and the collection department is calling looking for you
It is not a good look for Saban to insult one of his former players.
Well said! Paris 10 is in his 70s and he acts like a child. Please Paris get some help. You have dementia shingles bad breath alcoholism depression bed sores loneliness isolation and marked bowel movements Change your depends because you peed all over yourself again
Villanova and UConn also have won twice since Calipari has been at Kentucky
You have stated many times you are a Louisville fan so you should be glad the home and away series with Louisville is in place