Kentucky Wildcats
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Tennessee is a better team snd should winBut Debi is right Kentucky has too much court
Good to see Tennessee in position to play for the title
Pinto to Georgia?That would be interesting
What a stupid comment even for the fat old useless ParisJohnson was hurt all season and had double shoulder and knee surgery at the end of the seasonYou think this may have hampered Johnson’s throws
You must have fine tuned that great legal mind while working as a dirtbag prison guard
Coach Cal is on the cover which makes it appear to be a plot by Cal to buy players
Buster and Paris are depressed individuals probably addicted to alcohol and pain pills
Paris is a sad lonely bitter old man that time has left behindHe is part of the hater crowd that has been bitterly disappointed over the years with KY football
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You have lost your mind, Kentucky has lost several good coaches since Stoops arrived on campus. Neil Brown to Troy and Derrik Ansley to Alabama. We are fortunate that Vince Marrow has not jumped ship too.
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Bingo the IU game was a border state rivalry game for a long time. If we are scheduling games with Ohio teams for recruiting purposes why not schedule Cincinnati?
Why in the world is there no security team in schools?
Agree 100%I liked the old NBA rule....draft them right out of High SchoolLabron James and Kobe Bryant were not forced to play college ball
I have always thought Kentucky should study the football programs at Mississippi State and South Carolina and figure out how to match those two programs at KYThere are a ton of football fans who are hungry for a consistent winning program
BullWhat is more sick, a Coach using his own daughter to booty recruit a QB or a Coach dressing up like his favorite rock star?That is creepy on so many levels.
BunkerWhy am I not surprised you bring a gun on campus?You must have little man’s syndrome
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