Kentucky Wildcats
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Paris is a pathological liar. He made a claim that he is a Probation Officer. What kind of perverted creep would enter that line of work and brag about it.
My gosh BamaBoy go back and read your posts You have mental health issues
Bama Boy I made an estimate of your posts on this article You don’t appear to be embarrassed that I called you out That is sad
Spot on UGa Did you know that there are now LBGQ “Safe rooms” in Lexington public high schools
BamaBoy Another 25 posts on Saturday Night Do you have anything to do fata$$
Paris Zero is taking a nap, his old broke ass drank a bottle of rock guy boubon and passed out at the nursing home
BamaBoy You posted over 25 times on this site. You are a pathetic LOSER. It is Saturday night and you are wasting your life on SDS posting nonsense
Yes it was awful Thanks for the sympathy
Do you think BamaBoy is sitting in fetal position thinking about Tua walking around in a booteith an ankleinjury?
Kentucky played their worst game of the season and was coming off an emotional beating against Georgia No excuses Tennessee played a great game
He would avoid injury and could focus on finding a team that wants him I know you are homer
Tua is a two faced phony I hope Hurts decides to skip the bowl game to pursue transfer options
Perhaps Chaney will read your praise and take the UT job?
It is a head scratcher when a 4 star player is not utilized
Helton was smart to run from that dump of a program
Old time Mizzou die hards want the second coming of Dan Devine
I never understood the Florida haters. Meyer guided Florida to TWO National Championships.
And the 15 percent of Alabama fans who graduated cringe at the uneducated sidewalk alumni