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Kentucky will be tough to beat at home. Last year’s loss at Tennessee was a fluke because KY was spent physically and emotionally following the Georgia game.
Looking forward to another beatdown this year. 5-7 is a generous prediction for this team
Typical dumb banjo picking hillbilly from East Tennessee. No wonder his girlfriend dumped his sorry tail
Good post, we could go on and on about KY not pushing their football program to a higher level over the years. I am optimistic that attitude from UK Administration has changed, it took a big step when they got rid of the stupid good ole boy athletic department board. What bothers me is when top tier in state recruits do not seem to want to play for Kentucky. A few names worth mentioning Jederick Wills from Lafayette HS is playing for Alabama right now Parks from Frederick Douglass HS is a Clemson recruit Hudson from Scott County is a Virginia Tech recruit The program needs to keep these in state player because as you said there are not that many available.
Kentucky will be very competitive again this year. The defensive backfield will be our weakness against top teams. 11-1
It is amazing to think Georgia has TWO blue chip QBs that have left the program (Eason and Fields) because of lack of playing time.
Freeze really screwed The Ole Miss program I hope they have enough sense to allow Luke to stabilize the situation It makes me ill to see Freeze back coaching at Liberty
The type of women who party and hang out with the football players put themselves into situations that can get out of hand. They are not the type of girls that deserve much respect
I have enjoyed watching the success MSU has had over the past 7 or 8 seasons. I have always thought Kentucky should study the MSU program and try to copy their model at KY. I wish MSU success except in the KY game.
Friend you have lost your mind! Get some mental help
I predict Alabama will squash FCS juggernaut Western Carolina!!!!
Paris You are such an idiot. Stoops said he plays to his strength and does what it takes to win. Stoops said the SEC is a Lind of scrimmage league and you must run the ball. We had Leach at KY and that was interesting for a season mainly because of Tim Couch’s talent. But it ended really badly. Stick with basketball moron
Most people on here can't remember when Tennessee was any good. I am pretty sure nobody cares about post WW 2 Coach General Needleman's Tennessee teams from last century. Florida is my pick
11. Will Tennessee get to 6 wins followed by a Dollar General Bowl invitation. 12. Will Fulmer consider stopping the non-rivalry game with Alabama?
11. Will Mizzou expand the schools academic cheating program? 12. Will Mizzou players continue with the on campus racial protests?
You all climaxed for a couple of seasons under Spurrier. It is OVER now You will slug it out with KY and will be very lucky to stay on the field with us
The lowlife Kaepernick was his QB at San Francisco Kaepernick flaked out and cost the team their shot
Sure Pal Western Carolina and New Mexico State are juggernauts opponents for Alabama to schedule Impressed
He has done well at Michigan. The only complaint is he has no figured out how to beat Ohio State In my opinion when a coach is successful at the NFL and College level that speaks volumes for his skills as a Head Coach
Harghbaugh has had successs at both the NFL and College level. Also he hasn’t coached that long for his age because he played in the NFL for a very long time There is no SEC Coach that can make that claim.
Sure Pal I was really impressed with Alabama scheduling Chattanooga
Sure Pal I was super impressed with Alabama’s match with Mercer