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Tennessee will beat Alabama Georgia Florida next year before they beat Clemson for the NC
UTs Coach Prune is combing the Middle School and Pop Warner sidelines looking for players Pathetic
I can’t believe you are still crying about the pass interference call. Maybe time for you to move on
Mizzou is famous for academic fraud to boost their athletes Since the crud has hit the fan I expect them to struggle
Chris Rodriguez will be the RB of the future at Kentucky. Lock that up.
Paris Kotex is a useless silly old man. A good day for the 75+ year old geezer is when he makes to the bathroom without soiling his shorts. Ignore the Louisville troll
I have always thought Kentucky should study two SEC programs (South Carolina and Mississippi State) and figure out what those programs are doing and bring that kind of success to Kentucky.
Wow! After last year’s disaster against Virginia you rednecks should be happy with any bowl
The photos of the Alabama people tell us something 1. It is still legal to marry your first cousin in Alabama notice the blank stare 2. It is dangerous to give those people alcohol BT is that one of your kin in the pictures
Paris did you soil your Depends adult duper again? You stink
Phat Phil is serving up the Coach Prune-Juice Prune will be fired soon enough
Tennessee is so bad the sale booze may help the sorry fans enjoy that god awful team's play.
Tua is a good athlete and a bad teammate. He stabbed Jalen Hurts in the back and was a no show in the NC game against Clemson. I predict he will never make it in the NFL
Horrible tragedy! Life is s precious gift that can end with one wrong turn. Prayers for the family.
Pay no attention to kotex10 he is a Louisville fan who trolls Kentucky Hey Kotex, tell us about Papa Johns Stadium where the Louisville Cardinals play Hey Kotex, tell us about the YUM Center where the Louisville Cardinals play
The players are used by Universities to make huge money Pay the Players for their work
No respect for Kentucky during the off season. The experts last year predicted a 5-7 season and KY went 10-3
Bama Did you read the article? It is about Alabama’s pathetic schedule. Alabama is an elite program and fans deserve better. I can only guess you can’t be truthful
Ok Bama tell me how impressed you are with the non conference schedule
LOL 1997 is a long time ago! In deference to you that was the last KY win over Alabama. Judging from your immature posts you probably were no born What is embarrassing is when a homer like you doesn’t have the guts to call for a better non conference schedule
Alabama vs Western Carolina and New Mexico State and Southern Mississippi will be fun! Alabubba’s strength of schedule is dead last in the SEC! That is what I call leadership!
It is sad when Alabama schedule cupcakes to become bowl eligible