Kentucky Wildcats
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I wonder if Buster is smart enough to realize how embarrassingly bad Ole Miss is going to be for the foreseeable future
Check the bottom 25 and you will find Mississippi
You have no sense of humor likeMost dumb meatheads
How is South Carolina left out of the Top 25
Paris you are a medicated drunk old bitter man.
How about a little gratitude!Saban hired you after you got you but fired and left at the airport at USC
Unbelievable that a NFL player would risk his career by dealing in illegal dangerous drugs
The troll Paris in a tired cranky useless old manParis is suffering from loneliness and depression from trying to make it on a social security check
Good job Mr BarnhartI would guess this “official” was paid off by the sports betting crime bosses
Paris your X wife called. She feels sorry for you but wanted me to remind your old crippled memory loss loser a$$ to go to the store and pick upPrunes Geritol Depends Soup XLax And don’t forget you Alzheimer’s medication
Brianchip spent a month on SDS sayin Chuckie was going to be UT’s next coachWhat a hotdog eater you are chippy
Paris has been researching useless stats from the nursing home computer again.Paris hit the Call Nurse button and have her empty your bedpan and give you a bath because you smell
The worst coach in UT history will be Pruitt
Never mind Paris. Paris is an old useless jerk. He is lonely and suffers from dementia and incontinence. He is unable to perform with a woman so he takes out his frustrations by trolling on SDS
Good Luck young man, wish you would stay Blue
Wish Drew the best of success. After the injury he needs a fresh start.
I guess the PETA crowd doesn’t care about finding a cure for diseases.
Great job State!Really hat Louisville, allKYFans hate Louisville
Now you are showing ignorance. College and High School players have copied the NFL protests.
I have no idea what is wrong with him.Maybe he was abused as a child?
No just ticked that KY got robbedYour hotdog obsession suggests latent homosexual tendencies, maybe you need therapy.?
Good for the Louisiana lawmakers! The left wing anti-American commie pinko low life people that protest the National Anthem are a disgrace. If you don’t like the USA then get the hell out,