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LSU Paris has a creepy stalker man crush Paris is a sick twisted lying creep
Hey dipstick Dana Holgisen is at Houston NIel Brown at WVa Did you attend public high school?
Stoops is the best Kentucky coach since Bryant
I will enjoy the upcoming game in Knoxville The hillbilly redneck team down there is interesting
Mississippi is the state of poor, illiterate good ole boys. This Stingray dude certainly fits the old stereotype of the short, fat, white, bald man smoking a cigar
Paris I hope the Nursing Home is making sure you are taking your medication. Did you know a sign of Dementia is repeating your self over and over and being combative with strangers? Perhaps you should talk it over with your Doctor. I understand the lying business, you simply can not remember what you say one day to the next. Good luck old man.
Forget about the Michigan lie Paris I know you are full of it
Vol You were looking for a reaction with the NBA comment Dumba$$
Paris you still haven’t produced any evidence Michigan was about to hire Stoops so that Prompted Barnhart to give him a million dollar raise Liar
Show me how you know Stoops was offered the Michigan job Liar Paris Not surprised you selected an effeminate French city liar
Tennessee hasn’t won at Rupp Arena in my lifetime Tennessee sucks
LOL liar What part of the contract published by the paper addresses the Michigan job search? Sorry Paris but you don’t know any more than the average old fool that still reads daily newspapers Please continue to explain how you know Michigan was going after stoops and that is why Barnhart make a contract change And if all you got is some mark story article then do not respond
The Herald Leader? Are you telling me that is your source? You truly are a stupid fool paris. I will repeat unless you are connected with the AD office you are nothing more than a fool who believes some speculation on coaching searches that are often times fabricated fake news stories
Paris you are an idiot Cite your source? You don’t have any connections to th AD office, I bet you think you read something on KSR. You are a fraud and a liar
Paris, thanks for the spell check. Did you know that Carp are bottom feeders who survive in very polluted waters. Maybe that explains why you know Carp? Folks are the company they keep and you are a bottom feeding liar troll and are full of pollution. I will give you credit you are a great liar. I asked you point blank to tell how you know Michigan was going to hire Stoops and Kentucky gave him 1 million to stay? Don't bother to answer because everyone knows you read it on some sports blog and are full of it.
What a liar you are Paris. Unless you are Stoop's attorney you don't know carp. BTW the floor for KY Football is 7-8 wins.
LSU is a very good team. I hope they enjoy the W because it doesn't happen often.
The key will be QB Terry Wilson. It appeared the coaches didn't trust Wilson in the passing game last year. This will be year 2 as the starting QB and he must improve for Kentucky to have success.
They are not discussing the terms of the buyout Stoops is a workhorse and very few assistants can keep up with his pace
Hopefully Stoops will hire his brother Mike to take over as DC.
The toothless road-kill, knuckle dragging Tennessee fans will be in town for their annual spanking. I hope the Lexington police are in full alert
Paris Slander means spreading false information about someone The things said about you are 100% true so it is not slander