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Um....Mizzou’s two best players Tillman and Mark Smith did not play. Unlike Auburn who has missed their player for one game, Mizzou’s two best players have been injured for months.
This is total Kiffin envy. Ole Miss makes a sexy hire and MSU feels plain. Neither will ever be much better than Arkansas.
If you are going to include SCarolina’s AcC Tourney Championship from the 50s?60s? You need to include Mizzou’s Big 8 Tourney Championships
Nub fans deserve every loss. Their booing the refs after their player’s hit on the Purdue QB was telling of what spoiled brats they are. The were only nice when they were winning. Their state is mostly empty and it’s popukation flatlined. There is no reason for a player outside of Nebraska to be a CornRutger.
Nebraska and Tennessee: two similar fanbases getting exactly what they deserve.
Mizzou lost their top CB at the start of the game with a concussion . His freshman replacement got burned all day. The starter will be back for Georgia.
He is a bore and has a face for radio. His show is too focused on a few tiresome HeeHaw-ish loons and they seem to think that’s awesome. SEC fans deserve more substance.
Why Gruden? Because fans think he’s cool? At some point Tennessee needs to get a coach that can coach and not just woo recruits and give good sound bites.
You know.....Mizzou beat the Gators by 28 in Gainesville in 2014 (lead 42-0 and then let them score twice just out of pity), so the 29 point pounding is really not so rarified air.
Agree. Unless you are an Ole Miss fan in denial, no one believes Freeze didn't know about the cheating. These assistants are simply worried they'll be wrapped up in the scandal and/or their resume and potential jobs with Freeze gets tainted. EVERYONE called this as it was happening. A similar situation happening with kansas, where desperation is pushing them to hire a Louisiana high school coach and (likely) tossing a lot of $$$ to his players and others in the state. Like Ole Miss, they probably think the benefits outweigh the risk of getting in trouble with the NCAA.
Good god. The Florida hype train is obnoxious. Just like the hype for Tennessee and Arkansas before it....and before they each played Mizzou last year. Last season in Gainesville, Mizzou led the Gators 42-0 in the 3rd quarter. Then the Tigers let up (still won 42-13). It will be more of the same in Columbia for the gators this Saturday - perhaps even more decisive with Lock at the helm for the Tigers.
Sad Nubs are the best
Neither crow, nor dirt. I'm not from East Tennessee. :)
I cursed Tennessee when I left Nashville. So far, it's worked. Tennessee's ongoing losing streak to Mizzou will continue to mess with the Vols and their fans. There is no precedent for Ut to beat Mizzou. They never have. And gods willing, their futility will go on forever :)
Mizzou has never lost to Tennessee in football and never will.
Mizzou plays BYu in Kansas City. the ACC considers BYU, an independent, equivalent to a power conference team. bYU is certainly tougher competition than Kansas, Iowa State, Washington State, Colorado, Virginia, Wake, or Purdue.
Ok. I'll be the first Mizzou fan. Mizzou's winning percentage would be even higher if you included ALL Mizzou matchups with SEC teams from before 2012. Mizzou-RAH!
KU doesn't want to play Mizzou because they have no football program. You caN bet that if ku football shows some signs of life the chickenhawks will want to play. On the basketball side, mu knows that Mizzou will beat then now and then (last season notwithstanding) but in football, Mizzou should have six straight wins in the series by now.
Add Sean Weatherspoon (Atlanta, now with Arizona) and William Moore (Atlanta) to Mizzou's collection of defensive players doing well in the NFL. Alas, they graduated just before the move to the SEC.
It should be noted that included in Mizzou's "official capacity" are 5-6000 "seats" that are actually giant white rocks (boulders, really) on the Rock M or (often wet) grass on the hill in the north end zone.
Tennessee simply hasn't done anything to merit such hype. And while as much as Finebaum etc. want them to be "back" I would argue that their success in the past, especially the '90s, like their red doppygangers the Nubs, was the fluke of history and neither program will ever be so consistently strong again.
I was there. It was awful from the kickoff. HOWEVER, Mauk had a horrific day with 5 turnovers...only one of which was (arguably) non-forced. That game gave everyone a far too high opinion of Georgia for the year -- something they couldn't live up to vs. Florida or at home vs. Tech. Moreover, the Mizzou D held Georgia to its lowest yards per play of the year (I think...or at least up to that point). If Mauk hadn't had the awful start I suspect the game would have been different. Regardless, the Mizzou team at the end end of the year (and Mauk, too), was not the one that choked vs. Indiana or followed Mauk out flat vs. Georgia. Mizzou improved. Georgia peaked mid-season.
I still think its hilarious that Mizzou faked everyone out by getting Maty Mauk to hand the game to Georgia with his 5T0s in order to convince entitled UGa fans, and college football's so-called "experts" that the Bulldogs were soooo good and rolling into the SEC championship game. Alas, Mizzou, again, won more conference games, and Georgia just watched it on TV. Boo hoo bitter Bulldog fan. It was really clever strategy. :)
VERY interesting to me that last year's SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam was slammed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "anonymous" source last year. And now the paper has a source -- anonymously, naturally -- slamming Ray. Hmmmmm. Someone has an agenda (and the J-S seems a party to it.). Is the "anonymous" source anti-SEC (or perhaps a bitter Big XII fan or Big Ten supporter)? !?! Or perhaps he's really anti-gay and has to decided to punish Ray (who is straight) just because he was on a team that supported Sam during a 12-2 season.?!?! Or maybe it's the sportswriter with an agenda (bitter he didn't get into J-school at Mizzou? Big Ten fan? etc.?) . It's all very suspect.
FPI might be most useless thing ever, except maybe for college football analysis by Jason Sehorn. I love this so-called criteria: "head coach information."
Missouri's scheduling got whacked with the transition to the SEC so getting opponents has been a challenge with so few options. Yet as recently as 2012, Mizzou was only one of two SEC schools (Vandy the other) to have non con games with at least two teams from power conferences (ArizSt and Syracuse). For 2015, games vs UConn and BYu (in KC) were hastily added as Mizzou has had to take what they could get at very poor terms