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There are jerks in every teams fan base. Did the writer include his return address?
Guess Jim's time in Gainesville is coming to an end. Is he another Lane Kiffin?
Too bad the video did not show what the she-male did to get the bad boy so energized!
I do not know for sure which Harris he was referring to. Can you imagine having both Harris' in the lineup at the same time. That is why I think he was referring to the Junior RB, not the freshman. IMHO!
But Kamara decided to transfer out of the mix and was a good running back for Tennessee and now with the NFL. One has to admit that Saban is not only a great coach but he is also a premier recruiter. How many can The Tide sign this year now. We have had so many transfers out lately I cannot count them all.
Is this the same guy that coached the Vols to numerous blowout losses? He forgot to load his brain before putting his mouth in gear, either way!
There will be nothing during the Spring games except white-washing the play book. You will see no innovation but some vanilla plays galore. Going to be a dog fight at Bama and AU for the starting QB Job that will not be decided until the fall. Hang on folks, fun time is upon us.
I like your thinking. Bama has an abundance of Backers to throw into the mix. Next month we will see how each has progressed during the A Day game or in April.
Vut he inherited Saban's recruiting classes for the 2005 through 2010 years did he not. So you saying 2011 through 2013 he was very good I guess.
Amen to that. IMHO Miles had too much of the Tommy Tubberville mindset. Took too many gambles, poor clock management, and breakdown in the offense. Even with the Professional OC's they brought in, it was a mismatch to the personnel. Harris resembled a deer caught in the headlights of a dishonest deer hunter in the swamps of LA!
Agreed. Jealousy is at its best these days in the SEC West isn't it?
You may have an axe to grind against Bama and Auburn but you need take heed. The Cam Newton fiasco was enough to purge Au and MSU of any complicity. Their staffers now are up to speed and heeding all bylaws and NCAA rules and regulations. Why do AU and Bama come up with these new wrinkles that they find is authorized by the NCAA. College Football, not the other athletic events, is the Money Maker for these Schools. When you get caught, and in my honest opinion, Ole Miss still has not come clean with the depth of their dishonesty yet. WarEagleRollingTide!!
So what? Was OJ the only TE on the team? No he was not. There is a bevy of potential stars at the position right now with OJ gone to the NFL. OJ was terribly under utilized by the OC's throughout his stay at BAMA! The TE is more than a receiver though, he must also be proficient at blocking the DE's and downfield blocking. OJ was an expert at those traits. We are going to see more of the Run first, throw later offense. Trust in the coaches to earn their pay. I trust Saban and will until he retires. Look at his record over the past 10 years. How does it match up with other HC's!
Not enough time to include the tiny facts, deadline nearing. No doubt it will be easy to fill and this person possibly just got put on another school's payroll! Roll Tide!
Did you read the entire story? The author made one brilliant comment near the end of the article. He stated that Saban has a large chore but he is in no hurry to rush to judgement. I know of a few team's fans that just wish Saban would retire too. Like the whining backers of Clinton hoping for Trump to resign. Not gonna happen folks.
That is the way to comment nicely. Not that we are both Bama fans but if we are, so what?
Not all Bama fans are as crude as you Ole Miss ones. The season cannot begin soon enough.
got to admit there is not much for these people to write about. It is like the Baseball writers between the end of the world series and the beginning of Sprint Training. Grin and bear it my man. Keep a cool head, and don't embarass yourself.
Will be pulling for Coach Mason and the Commadores to win the East this year. They are capable if no injuries occur to their Offense. Bama will be another beast this year and I look forward to watching them this year.
You have to go back to the year that Gus appeared on the scene at Ole Miss with his H/S QB that eventually transferred to a West Coast school and never got drafted. Gus tactics include the purchase of Cam for one year also.
Guess they must have recalled the BAGMAN from 2010!
This was a battle of the Bulges. Each team was well prepared and they all represented their commitment to the team values, with the exception of Watson who reminds me of a non team player. There surely were many questionable calls by the crew but it was not one sided. They blew many calls and especially the Illegal blocks of the DB's in the End zone. I have witnessed this for many years and only found one instance where the offending team was penalized with an Offensive Pass Interference penalty. Good game and it is not the end of the world for Alabama. The next season will start in two months when the A Day game is played. There will be competition at the QB and RB positions but the early en-rollees will shine.
You finished already? Sure you don't want to vent your frustration in the Vol's inability to beat Alabama over the last 10 years? Roll Tide!
Another Wishful Thinking Opinion. You cannot beat him, so shoo him away from the SEC and Alabama. Kiffin is his own man. He is a super recruiter as is evident in his QB recruits now on scholly at Bama! Roll Tide!
No way. Dabo is not that good a coach. That was proved during the NCS game when he screamed about the on-sides kick that Bama won the game because of its success. He does not know the required rules to be a head coach and his recruiting will probably come under scrutiny like Ole Miss is today.
Amen, check my posts other places on this blog. I too agree that Saban is looking forward to retirement and he can announce it at any time. Kiffin has learned well over his time at Alabama and he did not do such a bad job at TN or at USC. USC and their administration have been involved in a real battle since The Seahawks coach got caught with his pants down and put USC on probation!
Thanks for your opinion. I respect your right to express it on here but remember, it is your opinion and does not jive with mine. Roll Tide!
Whassamatter with you Barners today! Check the last 10 years going head to head with Bama. What did you find?