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Hahaha... you are now my favorite Vol poster. Rose petals... that made me laugh out loud. People can bash Trask but he has alway been legit. Weaker arm than Franks kept him off the field but he very similar to Wuerffel. Weak arm, deadly accurate decision making.
blame FSU for being so crappy lol. How FSU could lose to GaTech...
Fakse. Stricklin offered UCF the aame deal as USF accepted. 2 games at UF and one at USF. UCF president was to cocky and see declined. UCF is a directional school that thinks they are Alabama. Until they consistently knock ofd top teams thwy should be taking 2 for 1 deals every year. Until thwn, UCF is seen as a cocky team playing theur weak-ass schedule of cupcakes.
probably the last timed they played UF... or the time before that they played UF... See a trend...
Actually it is totally fair for a major power to offer 2 for 1. Would Georgia play Georgia Southern on a 1 for 1 home and home swap?
What the hell are you talking about? The Swamp has been one of the loudest and most intimidating places to play even though we are about 10k fans smaller than other big schools. Minus the Muschamp/McElwain joke years the Swamp is a huge advantage for us.
Agreed. There is a time and place for making dun of achool problems or typical fan arguements. An article about mental illness, his wife and kids being relocatedbetc is not one of those times. Thankbyou for knowing the difference UGAGrad.
Ok, what am I missing... why does the author keep referring to Virginia as the Hoos? They are the Cavaliers, or Cavs...
Missouri's current issues sound like the years under McElwain for the Gators. Predictable offense is a killer... I remember the tv announcers calling the Gator plays before Nussmeir did. Shocking that any coach, even McElwain, would hire such an inept OC as Nussmeir... let alone keep him three seasons after no creative was show, EVER!
I am guessing you don't care for the current state of Tiger's football? Your team tends to fix all of it's ailments against my Gators, so forgive me if I hope your dysfunction continues for another week. :)
Meh... Kirby will choke again in the SECCG. Its what he does afterall...
Thats funny actually... Geotgia is the better program at the moment but you really should be worried that Smart barely won this year...considering all of the injuries the Gators have sustained and all the great recruiting classes Georgia has had over last few years. With that big of a hole, Mullen still was a touchdown away from knocking off Georgia. That should send a chill down your spine rather than lead you to chest thumping. Mullen clearly did more with less than what Kirby did in that game. As noted by others, LSU will be lighting Georgia up.
Agree. Trask is playing awesome considering his lack of playing time. And when considering in this day and age everyone transfers if they are not annointed the starting QB by the 5th game, Trask waited his time. I hope he is the starter next season and improves on what he is doing now. That will be a good story and something to build the team around while giving Jones two years as full time starter in 2021-22.
Stoops will leave... This post is not a slight against Kentucky in anyway, as Kentucky has grown into a good program and moving to great. However, as a Gator back in 2001 I said Spurrier would never leave. He built the program and took it to heights never known before... He is a God on campus... and then he was Redskins head coach! As much as Kentucky has come along, it will be another decade before he can be competing for National Championships. Even longer if Florida continues its resurgence and heaven forbid Tennessee ever wakes up. Kentucky is benefiting to a degree from those two programs being in the gutter the last decade. Plus... recruiting would be far easier at FSU and lets face it, outside of Clemson the competition is much easier and FSU SHOULD be favored to win every game if it has a decent coach with the type of recruits it can get a hold of. Stoops connection to FSU also allows him to remember what it was like in the stadium with a great crowd, that annoying chant, etc. So it comes down to if Stoops loves Kentucky and has loyalty for giving him his first HBC spot... or if he has the itch that needs to be scratched at a "bigger" school like FSU. Trust me, I don't want him at FSU. He is a good coach but I think Kentucky's administration has ponied up remarkably to keep him and if he leaves they will be willing to pay another good coach to come in.
Georgia is on top at the moment. We know how these things cycle. It wasn't many years ago that the McElwain led inept Gators won the SEC TWICE. That was pathetic, even as a Gator fan... I was hoping to NOT go to the SECCG with those teams knowing how bad we would be whopped by Alabama consider Nussmeir was the single worse OC out there and McElwain was the dumbest coach for not firing Nussmeir. Enjoy your time in the sun... eventual it does change, one way or the other.
Wonder if a white coach would have been fired in 1.5 seasons with such a hefty buyout? Honest question... Granted as a Gator fan I enjoyed the woes FSU was going through since we had gone through the same thing with McElwain and especially the fact he refused to fire his incompetent offensive coordinator after 3 years of craptastic offense. I would have thought Taggert deserved at least to the end of this season to show some signs of improvement, make staff changes as needed, etc.
Totally agree. I wanted Trask for the last two years. Arm strength means nothing if the game general plays with half a deck. Franks just doesn't have the ability to read defenses quick and makes too many mistakes. Trask doesn't have the physical gifts but plays very smart ala Wuerrfel. I just want whichever team wins Saturday to go to the SECCG and end the west dominance.
and by the way... Georgia has been irrelevant since your last National Championship... which we won 3 NC's since your last one. So... suck it.
I don't see this as bad... have you seen some of our coeds in short cut off jeans. Purrrrrrr....
Lol, what is this Georgia-Florida thing the article speaks of? They do realize the alphabet places F before G correct? Florida-Georgia is proper name. But hey, they spell dog as Dawgs so there ya go. Joking aside, lets have a great game with few injuries! SEC East needs to reclaim the throne one way or the other... so no injuries for either team!
Seems like Auburn would have been a better game for Black Jersey premier... or at least FSU as a home game. Why wear black to an away game or Georgia when we cannot have recruits at the game?
I would question Saban over Dabo. Saban built machine at Alabama of course, but it had history and prestige from Bear Bryant, tons of donors, etc. What Dabo has done with lower ranked recruiting classes, less money, less history, etc is just amazing so I would tend to think he has done more with less and should be #1 at this point.
I seem to remember a game where the nation offensive leading Oklahoma Sooners were going to smoke the Gators... funny how a top ranked defense tends to take down a top ranked offense. Same thing happened two years earlier with OSU. Will be a good game.
Maybe one year we will be able to play with a starting QB. Seems we are always playing with a backup against LSU. But yes, awesome game this weekend I am sure. Let's hope for no severe injuries on either team so we both can go take care of those "other "rivals"!
Auburn should change nickname to War Eagle. That would be cool... drop Tigers as it is so common, heck we play 4 Tiger teams in a row. Anyways, Nix will be good and nothing to worry about.