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Congrats on Wuerffel and Reidel in 1996? Wow... guess you should ignore Herschel and 1980 then as well.. So in the last 20 years, Gators have 2 NC's and the Puppies have 1. Gotta work on your attempted smack talk.
and just to add on to my above comment... do we think the likes of Condelezza Rice ACTUALLY follows college football? WHy the heck are politicians part of the selection committee and not all ex head coaches or conference commissioners?
Playoffs are boring... Lets be honest, in August we could have said the playoffs would be Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio St. We almost would be guaranteed right now... Last year Ohio St got in with playing a minimum schedule vs other teams playing almost a full schedule. The playoff committee will select the same 4-6 teams for the four slots every year as long as they have not been blown out of the water in a game or had a total decline like Clemson this year. Close games, no problem. One loss, no problem as long as it was to a decent team. If your name is Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio St, or Clemson... you are invited, just look decent. Same to you Notre Dame! Etc etc.. We need expanded payoffs to build interest, and also add the chance that some team gets knock out early unexpectedly (injury, bad game plan, etc) More teams in the playoffs helps spread out recruits as well so it isnt Alabama just saying "come play for us, we get to the playoffs every year unlike Team X"
Haha, not here to troll... But maybe you can pull in your fan trolls on the Gator board? I like seeing a team led by a low rated QB beat a team led by a Heisman winning, NIL millionaire. I like that the SEC East has knocked off the SEC West as we, as a division, continue to rise back up. I don't like loosing the 1980`s joke. Sigh. However, we have one 3 NC's since 1996, so you still have to catch up! Hah. Anyways, congrats. Here's to a fun filled, hate spewing 2022 season. Go Gators... Go SEC East! (death to Dawgs!) :)
Well... On the one hand great for him to land a job... On the other hand, why would UCF want anyone related to the player personnel issues that were running a mock within the team that they just upset fairly easily? Seems you shod steal someone from a better organized staff!
I could agree with you if the coach left Florida as an assistant and became HBC at some directional school and convinced recruits to follow him. However, anyone with a shred of common sense can see that going from Louisiana to Florida is HUGE for that player. Opportunity to play for a huge SEC program, get a top 10 education, and experience the SEC football atmosphere. Only a moron would see a negative lining to this. The Louisiana coach, fans, etc should get how great it is for this young kid.
Umm UCFBS... The single most overrated conference is... The Big12... Especially the new Big12. Lol Anyways, enjoy the win... It was meaningless to us due to being the final game of a regime that was fired weeks ago. Hard to get the team fired up without HBC or Coordinators.. Or an OL coach.
They didn't play FSU or Miami so beating one team doesn't make them state Champs.. Let them feel good... If Florida is where Florida needs to be under Napier it won't matter. The best players still know playing in the SEC > Big 12. Not to mention... They beat a Gator team with no Head Coach, no Offensive Coordinator, and no Defensive Coordinator. So there is that... But hey, they won the game... We had our cha ces and had some bone headed calls from our fill in coaches.
Well good to see the Georgia children are up late tonight.
So a new coach showed up? That's what your team needs... A coach to go with that recruiter you have!
And how many NCs have you won in the last few DECADES? Maybe next year right?
Stetson Bennett WI s starting job over your beloved 5 star Qbs. So either your 5 star Qbs just suck or your coach does while evaluating who is best...
The kid chose where he wanted to play... But he will be in the transfer portal next year. When he sees his college days having the same crowd size as a high school vs watching games at Alabama and other big stadiums, he will get the itch to play in front of massive crowds.
You do understand there are only 11 members in the class so far right? Basic math is still taught at Georgia I assume so what is your possible excuse for not understanding such a simple concept?
Wait, is the kicker related to the FSU kicker from this year's game?
It's relative man... Let us have this moment!
That Georgia coach who posted the "still winning in Florida" post earlier looks like a douche now, haha.
Lol man, you need to get a life. Mullen time here is past tense... Move on fella! Otherwise your weak little minded rants will really start looking childish.
Wonder when your choke culture will change up there. Seems when Alabama is around Georgia just folds as Kirby pyckers up looking across the field at Saban.
I am going to take a guess you are fine with 4 team playoff format because Alabama always gets in, even with loses. That's the whole point to. Me... 4 team format is killing interest as it is always the same teams... Alabama, Clemson, OHIO State, and Notee Dame (or whatever 4th team) OSU got in last year with barely playing a schede... Just because they are OSU. More teams generate more interest and possible upsets... Ala Alabama beating Georgia in SECCG.
Keep in mind Alabama almost lost to Florida... And we know what a powerhouse Florida was this year.
#1 strength of schedule... Maybe at the beginning of the season but not based how teams played in reality (ie Florida and others)
Spending that much money on Napier would suggest we are opening the wallet finally for assistant coaches and recruiting staff. Napier had always said that budgets for staff and recruiting people was a requirement in the past job offers.
Because OKie Saltatr and others lost as well... Had they won, Georgia may have dropped to 5 or 6. Now they will drop to 4 most likely
I like this. He shod coach the Championship game... He and the team worked hard and they need to see it through together. Bowls are just bonus. Unlike Mullen who had the chance to Coach against FSU like Zook and Muschamp did. Mullen had nothing better to do but chose to leave the team to fend for themselves. Napier did the right thing.
Seems silly to leave before new DC and defensive position coaches are hired...
It is... An old old old nickname for Gainesville.
After that little charade in a bar with the young girl lap dancing him... His wife probably vetoed any possibility of being around college coeds.