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Truth! People are fixated on the loss but fail to think about our defense missing Shemar James and multiple dline guys. We fought back from 14-0 and could have won in Regulation on final play... a win that would have matched LSU and Alabama's 3 point victory over Arkansas. Yes we have plenty of stupid thing to fix, but the quality of players and their fighting spirit is definitely already here and getting better with each class. Hire an OC and Special Teams coordinator and there is no reason we can't take a big jump.
Who cares what any talking head says really... But she has a valid point. Everyone k ows Georgia has had a cupcake schedule so far. If other high ranked teams are knocking off better teams, then the voters need to nut up and vote for the other teams. Georgia is a great team, but are they the best currently. I would say no until they knock off some really good teams. And no, I don't c9nsider knocking off Florida this year as justifying #1, same with most the rest of their schedule. Tennessee maybe if their bad performance against Florida was just a one off...
How about any location outside of Alabama and Georgia? Georgia always had the football championship, Alabama gets this championship every year... seems like it should just be rotated every year or every two year among ever school, or every state represented by a school so all fans have a chance to go without travel issues.
I stopped reading pretty quick after your suggestion to tire out our 400 pound starter in the middle... He's 435, and a backup to Cam Jackson... So he remains fresh throughout the game. But great tstrategy to wear out the backup!
He already admitted getting a bit too conservative in second half. Keep in mind Mertz had two fingers wrapped together on his left hand and a deep cut on his throwing hand's thumb so being conservative was kinda dictated, but he could have call some sweeps or something similar.
Yawn... So you have had a few good years, and probably a few more coming. But we thoroughly dominated UGA for decades. Come back and puff you chest out ten years from now if UGA is still better than Florida.
Georgia's schedule is weak, don't bother trying to elevate it.
Running their mouth is all part of collegenfootball, I love it. Sometimes it's a great "I told ya so" moment, other times is a duck pulling a truck moment. We came out on top and get tonnage on the Void for another year now.... that's what matters!
I am just curious what Huepel thought would happen by calling a timeout with 14 seconds left? Is he that high on himself thinking he could get 2 scores in about 8 seconds??
Agree to a point, but to be fair Merrz had to fingers wrapped on left hand and cut open thumb on throwing hand.... would you prefer an errant pass for a pick six vs playing it safe with our great RBs?
Yeah, kinda like how dawg fans have to post on every single article on the Florida Gator page...
No, it's code speak for Ball State and UT Martin, you know, those two powerhouse programs Georgia has played so far this season...
Fun Fact... The only team Peyton Manning was never able to beat, in college or the NFL? Florida Gators It's ironic because he is simply the best Vol QB and played on some of the best Vol teams...
As Spurrier would say, it's an out of conference game. Why risk him for the season if he is not 100%. Even if they lose, the y have a whole season to get back in thenplayoff picture... which starts with winning their conference.
Because J8mbo is just a big turd waiting to be flushed. Its how he was at FSU with all the dodging of questions about Jameis Winston rap and theft issues.
Well, Georgia knows all about buying players... before and after NIL.
Sadly, shocking and weird decisions are here to stay now that NIL has ruined college football.
Wow, you must not have many brain cells to make a comment like that. EVERYONE knows that LSU new HBC Kelly did not retain Raymond... so Raymond was not "pulled away". Napier recognized the talent, Kelly did not. But anyone with brain power knows this story...
Does it really matter... There will never be another back to back to back National Championship run like Florida Gators had with Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan. Winning two NC's in a row for Basketball, bracketed by two NC's for football. That is a run no one will be matching anytime soon.
Who would hire anyone from our staff? We haven't proven anything yet.
Love my Gators but someone is smoking crack if they think Richardson is #1. Heck, I would say 2nd round is better. He has all the upside in the world but should little consitent improvement week to week. He was always hit or miss, we never knew which AR was showing up.
Unproven hs player, not unproven hs coach... darn auto correct.
I am curious if you really are thatbstupid to think UF or ANY school would pay a unproven high school coach 13 million. Most coaches at large schools make 3-4 million per year, do you think they are going to pay an unproven player MORE than a coach? Even considering Napier atb7 million or so, Saban and Smart at 9-10 million a year, do you think an unproven qb is worth 30-50% of a hbc salary? Come on man, at least make your trolling intelligent.
Keep in mind, the Gators didn't religion on a deal, the collective that made the deal did. The university had nothing to do with it. And as Doering said, I am glad I itnfell apart. This NIL stuff is ridiculousness current form... pay players millions once they are on campus and school is making money off their performance. Paying HS kids as a recruiting tool is utterly ridiculous and will destroy interest in thensport.