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Tennessee appears to be in the same place UF was with McElwain hiring Nussmeir. Nussmeir's offense was limited to a few plays and was so predictable even tv announcers would call the plays before they occurred. Maybe Pruitt will make up a story like McElwain did about getting threatening emails with no proof and be fired for cause?
Wow. Georgia finally has a decent team and their fans find their balls long enough to talk smack. When was the last UGA National Championship... ??? We will wait for the answer...
How did your defense do against that LSU offense... the same one Grantham shutdown weeks prior?
"Province of the poor"? Who does he think is CURRENTLY playing the college football game? There are not many rich white kids in college football... it is already played by poor kids trying to get out of bad situations in their home towns.
At the end of the day, I just want someone to knock of Alabama and bring the East back up to competition level. So tired of hearing how great the West is... everyone forgets the East dominance for so long... let's get that back.
McElwain is big on how players affect those around them... which was quite hard for Grier to do since he did not practice, did not hang around the team, etc afterwards even though he was permitted to do so. WHy should Mac keep a player like that who did nothing with the team following his on F-Up?
I think the fan bases really hate each other... I think recent history has these two teams very evenly matched, so maybe not a historical 100 year rivalry... but in the last 10-15 years I could see this sentiment being somewhat true.
ANd no, I am not piling on as an Atheist... I am piling on as a decent human being...
Yeah, I am curious via UGAArmy thinks Freeze represents a good Christian...
I am not religious, but I can respect those like Tebow who clearly live their life dictated by their faith. Freeze is a joke... a fraud as noted. Outside of being a cheating coach, he is the worse thing possible: A father who cheats on the mother of his children. Disgrace. Of all the hypocrisy and bad behavior, putting your family through this by far is the worst thing he could have done. Cheating to get a leg up on rivals is one thing, cheating with someone who has a leg up is another far worse issue. The real losers here are his wife and daughters.
2-2 over last two years since Mac has been here (historically, we dominated the west though if you want to go back to 1992) 2-2 is much better than Texas A&M's 4-8 record in the same two years though vs the West.
I am not sure what the "SEC East is easier" has to do with it. By default, if the whole division is not great (compared to the 90's) then they are all equal, and the one who wins the divisions twice is clearly better. It is not like Florida has had the most talent, but all things being equal in a "bad" division, then the coaches at Florida clearly got more out of their squad than any other coach. This proves the coaching quality regardless of how good the teams happen to be. And Florida has not had a QB since 2009... let that sink in. Yet still manages to win the division every year since Mac came along. I think it will become more clear once mcElwain has his team and a QB that is more than serviceable.
Georgia will be the darling and expected to win.... Florida will end up winning the division again.
8 p.m. Easter time... some bunny is working over time this year...
Exactly... this smells way too much of a setup for financial gain if it is in facct true the "victim" lawyer team is already calling to settle for undisclosed financial terms. Convenient timing right before the draft to "make it go away" since it could literally cost him millions in his contract if he drops. As noted, I would stay out of bars or any other place with alcohol if I had the chance to be drafted. Even accusations nowadays are presumed guilty signals before even going to court. If he did of course, I hope he goes undrafted. That is just sad to have to have two sides to every story so vastly apart for personal gain of one which is lying.
Kudos to Kirby and the UGA Athletic department. At some point, winning isn't everything if women are being assaulted by players. All teams should follow this.
Agree if an early signee wants to back out it should be allowed, but only with a coaching change. No back out if other offers, second guessing etc... I like the early signing period... if players are truly commited, then it frees them up from the media and stress, if they do not like that stuff. Those who love the spotlight won't sign early and have all their options open. Seems to be a win win for all players, depending on how they view their commitment. Coaches that close great would be affected if they think they have a chance at a flip. But, that just makes getting early commitments more important and will help classes form quicker. If the top players start signing early it helps coalesce the class around them. Of course, in this day of social media, most of the kids will still be waiting for Feb. Only the real die hard recruit who loves a school (legacies, etc) will sign early, or those who fear another recruit will take their spot if they wait. The latter option of course may get schools to stop throwing out 200 offers a year and focus a bit more.
Not sure, we were all confused about that. It was a calendar year suspension, from Mid-October 2015 to Mid October 2016. But it was also stated that tranferring schools carries the normal one year sit out rule and they cannot be served concurrently. Therefore, one would think he has to sit until Mid-October this year to finish the one year calendar suspension since 2016 was his transfer year. I am not 100% sure, but that is what I THOUGHT was supposed to happen with him. He could have played for us last year had he stayed.
Agreed, seems like politicians are trying to bully the conference with a threat... laying the groundwork for bathroom bill #2 to follow on shortly... DO that not realize, outside of the money they would owe to buyout of the contract, that UNC and NC State would be destroyed utterly by the lack of any conference money? SEC wouldn't take them with that baggage (the political fallout and threats to SEC tv money if the state tries the bill again)
I don't want another transfer QB... Play one of the freshmen, let him take his lumps and bruises this year... it is all in the best for the team going forward to develop a multi-year player, not one and done's that are not worthy of starting elsewhere. 2018 is when Florida has all the pieces come together... this is a flux year gaining experience for all the young starters... including the QB. Don't have a great team next year with a new QB... get the experience now and prepare for it next year to be great.
Col5, we lost a ton of people to injury last year as well... see my original post about walk ons playing in the SEC Championship game and against FSU, and in the Bowl game. The leadership is still on the sidelines, still at practice. You lost that, just as we have. We have lost of ton of talent on defense... we didn't use that as an excuse in 2016 though after losing a lot in 2015. All teams have injuries, UT is not special there. Outside of injuries and early draftees, we haven't even had a starting QB finish the season in the last couple years. The last two years in a row, we played our backup for the first time against LSU for instance. The difference... coaching. Jones is not an SEC coach, at least not yet. Very similar to Muschamp... underachieves with great recruits.
Nah, you are a moron... but regardless, UT lost a bunch of people and leadership. While the team had some dysfunction, you cannot disregard losing top RB's, a QB, and some stand out defensive guys. Florida lost a lot of defensive guys, even though out backups got a ton of games in as a result, the fact remains their leadership will be missed. We only lost that on defense... you lost it on both sides. And in case you missed it, Jones still sucks as a coach.
I laughed at the comment about Tennessee's Butch Jones finally going to be able to make the team in his image? WTF? How many years of recruiting does he get to do that? Lol. I think these are pretty spot on... I think Florida will be better than expected, but it is hard to argue at this point with what was written. Our depth is significantly better, but we did lose some starters. But comparing great starters with zero depth vs a team with much better depth, I'll take the later since we have lost so many players to season ending injuries the last few years. We played walk on's against Alabama and Iowa to end the season for instance... Depth rules in the SEC nowadays... I think Tennessee will crap the tank this year... but really, is anything truly expected with all they lost? Plus I think Jones is very similar to Muschamp... team plays down to his level, not up to a higher level... Georgia... should be number one in the division... but until they prove they can really win big games they are a question mark. On paper though, should win the division.
Same with the Jaguars hardly taking any Florida Gators... Jax is bad because they used to take Division 2 players over SEC players based on stat numbers from lesser competition... no wonder they have been worthless in the league for a decade. I lost interest as a result... at least pick SEC players, regardless of schools, because those are players we want to watch.
Congrats to South Carolina... you better represent the SEC East well going forward... bring a trophy home, kick some non-SEC ass.
While I am tried hearing about Tebow and his latest dream, I find it odd that people feel the need to put him down or make fun of him. By all accounts, he is a wonderful person. And as noted, I am tired of Tebow news... but in no way would I ever bash the guy for trying to follow a dream. I find it poor taste to make this declaration from a team account. MLB should reprimand the Greenville Drive.
They will be fine... Florida dealt with this last year... and the year before, and the one before that... and... Well, maybe they would be screwed after all....
I rather hand the reigns over and lose to Michigan and get the new QB some experience, rather than wasting the game on a short term QB with no long term future as QB1. At some point we need to through the inexperienced guys in... other schools do it just fine.
Be more impressive if the team plate was mounted straight!