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Exactly... Florida vs LSU didn't exist as a rivalry until we split into divisions... Now it is heated.
That SEC would then play Ohio State who had their "traditional" cupcake walk through the Big 10. The SEC team. Would enter the game full of injuries and play an OSU team who was able to play 3rd stringers in most games. That's the tradition Herbstreit likes.
Just point out to those three schools that when they asked to join the SEC plenty of people questioned it and did not want them... So sick it up buttercup and welcome new members just as we welcomed you!
Good deal... Hopefully a few more commit this weekend.
I want the 12 team playoff... Otherwise it will continue to be Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Random Team #4.
Hahahahahahhahahahahaha *breath* hahahahabahabahaha Georgia is one of the most feared football teams? WTF are you smoking? Alabama and Clemson, sure. Ohio State, sure... GEORGIA? LMAO. Everyone know Kirby does less with more.
That's fine... Kirby will degrade the kid's skills as usual.
Yeah, much like UGA fans hold on to this relatively short winning against UF. clearly you forget the last 30 years... UGA has yet to earn any semblance of "dominance" over UF in the modern era.
Actually if you looks at each pod, there are 2 top teams in each. Florida/Georgia, Texas/OU, etc. What sucks is moving Alabama and Auburn to the east... Basically just gives the West to Texas and OU
Survive, sure... but not as a Power 5 conference anymore. They would be the latest incarnation of the Big East... no name brands of any true value in football.
Yet... You lost last year to the crappy coach, with the crappy defense, and a former 2 star qb recruit that no one wanted. Stfu until UGA actually does something with all those recruiting championships.
And yet... With a horrible defense and a former 2 star qb recruit we beat Smart's outstanding recruiting classes. Explain that...
Totally agree... Boring yawnfest. We hammered them twice already, let's move on to bug schools.
We have played UCF multiple timrs already, most recently blanking them 65-0 in 2008. UCF is a cupcake... They had 2 good years with a coach who is no longer there.
Hahaha... Yeah, that same dynasty you dogs talked about under Richt. That one? Kirby sure knows how to do less with more...
What's the exchange rate for Alabama dollars to US Dollars?
Funny... I don't seem to recall a Georgia National Championship in oh 4 decades or so... Urban won 2 in his first 4 years at UF, with Mullen running the offense. Kirby is waaaaaay behind schedule dude. Maybe next year? Naaaaahh. Kirby is a choker.
TDOW... and yet Florida whipped Georgia's butt in 2020... Enough said... but hang your hat on those Uber recruiting classes even if the coach can't maximize the use of the talent.
I am a Gator, but have to say I like Saban. Jimbo is an asshat. Saban response reminds me of what you would expect to come outnof Spurrier's mouth in the early 90's.
Oh yeah, from 2010-2020 the record is 6-5 (Georgia on top) Wow... such a domination... Shall we discuss the Spurrier to Meyer domination?
People act like we never play UCF... we smacked the crap out of them twice a decade ago... as.noted, there is nothing to gain from playing UCF. I rather add a Power 5 team from out west and do home and home. Playing UCF is a big yawn for me.
I hate Alabama... well, because they are Alabama... same reason people hated UF when Meyer was crushing it here... I have nothing but respect for Saban and his program. Tired of hearing about Alabama.supposedly cheating. They don't need to, its a machine. The programs mired in mediocricy like Ole Miss was when Freeze showed up is where the cheating happens when they try to break out... Tennessee was another example, they righted their ship this year hopefully with Huepel. Go Gators
Georgia... where 5bstar QBs go to become 3 star QBs... Georgia would be Alabama East if they could actually develop any of these QBs.
They ha e to expand it or they will simply cause a loss of interest. Ohio St being allowed to be in the Playoffs is ridiculous since theybdidnt even play the minimum number of games ti be in the Big Ten championship game... until thatbrule was modified. If we are just going to anoint the same 4-5 teams every year, why bother playing the season... just play the NCG game and randomly choose 2 of the 4-5 teams every year. And just as LSU beat the Gators whe. No one expected it, or when in 2006 the Gatora steam rolled the "unbeatable" OSU Buckeyes... they play the game because on any given saturday, anyone can pull off an upset.
Negan, do you use orange or blue hand cream while you jerk off? Seriously, your hard on for the Gators puts Viagra to shame...