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Yes, the official colors since 1891, but you may want to look up the 1903 and 1914 uniforms and get back to us.
You mean the same A&M team that needed OT to beat a mediocre UCLA team at home? Not sold on the Aggies and Bama will expose them next week. If Tennessee had kept the turnovers even at 3 with them last week they would have won handily. Should be a better hands this weekend than people are thinking.
A&M obviously forgets they were 3 sloppy ball handling turnovers from Tennessee away from getting beat at home. It's ok, I would say there's a chance at a rematch in Atlanta but Alabama will take care of you handily next week and keep you looking for a better yell leader.
JRM is done at Tennessee. Kirkland will be back next week though.
How about your 12th man's helmet to face mask on Berry on the kickoff? Glossing over that one? You watch the replay on that one and get back to us.
Your troiling skills are as limp as your wrist.
They get Kirkland back next week, but the secondary will continue to be a concern. Ball security better be their focus this week. A loss against Alabama isn't necessarily a dream buster, unless Florida continues to puss out about playing LSU. Face it, no one expected Tennessee to go undefeated this season.
How about he owns up to the idiotic pass call in 2OT? That would be a good place to start. Tennessee owned them between the tackles, ram it in, turn around and get the ball first in 3OT against that gassed defense and do it again. He'll use euphemisms all day, but he'll never own up to his own mistakes.
Florida will be watching the SEC Championship game from the couch.
Going in to this year's draft Tennessee led the SEC with 337 draft picks overall, Georgia had 311. Bama was in second place with 326. South Carolina didn't even make the list.