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Gamecock Nation wishes Jaylen a speedy recovery and huge comeback!
Yeah, the refs tried to help Auburn against my Gamecocks last week too, but it still didn't work
Coach O flicked boogers at Clemsux. .. Greatest thing I've seen all season!!
How is a 16 game schedule borderline cruel? That's what the NFL plays and college players are hoping to make it to the pros
BamaAtlanta why would you want to see CBS go?? Gary Danielson absolutely LOVES Bama and almost creams his pants on every yard they gain on offense and every stop they make on defense.
You must be one of the blind Florida fans that think Florida actually won that game. No, they didn't. The refs gave Florida that game. You take away those two touchdowns that even Stevie Wonder could have seen should have been called back and my Gamecocks win that game.
As a die hard Cowboy fan, I have to say..... How bout NOOOOOOOOOOOO....
The only thing Georgia has to worry about with playing Florida is whether or not they've paid the officiating crew off. Florida is hot garbage and South Carolina proved that on Saturday. Florida didn't win the game, the refs won it for them.
Why does this clown who never played a down of football always got something stupid to say??
Doty sits next season behind Hilinski and possibly Joyner. I guarantee that
I'd drop LSU to number 4, move Oklahoma up to 2nd. Ohio State 3rd, and at this point, keep Bama at 1. Clemson should definitely be outside the top 4 just on their cupcake schedule and for the simple fact that like Tebow stated, they aren't the same dominant Clemson team as in years past.
Oklahoma needs to be ahead of Ohio State and LSU ahead of Clemson
Auburn is showing out so far, but a number 1 team?? Don't think so