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We had no issues at all. I mean, none that you wouldnt expect from 75,000 people all leaving at the same time. I was in the last group to go into MARTA (about 30 min after the game) and overhead the cops' radio and they said that was the last batch of people and the dome was pretty much empty and everyone was on MARTA. Very impressive for 30 minutes. Now, if you were a freaking idiot and drove to the game then I have no idea what your experience was like, but if you are smart and rode MARTA to basically be done after 30 min was pretty impressive.
Nice hire... has a reputation for doing what ADs are supposed to do and doesnt try to take over the press conference like a lot of them do. The best AD is never heard from outside of internal management.
yeah, I have no idea... Frog Soup? Frog Chili? And no idea what John Kelly meant either
My feeling exactly. And it's not even a "moral victory", Tennessee just flat outplayed A&M on offense and defense. Play that game over 10 times and UT would win 7-9 of them most likely. Great effort by A&M though and I would love to see them again in ATL.
SDS, please stop these really really lame fake articles. This trend was burned out about 3 years ago at least. It's really really stupid and wastes peoples time.
I both of them, especially Gary. He's all about actual content rather than being loud and catchphrases
Overreacted? I cant even tell what he was trying to say
I think most people have been saying mal-zahn and she is saying it should be malz-ahn
Am I the only one that always forgets that A&M is even in the SEC now?
Maybe I am ignorant about the financial structure of cable, but how does ESPN alone lose 7 millions subscribers? You can't just subscribe to ESPN, it comes in a cable package. Seems like cable in general would have lost 7 million subscribers...
LOL... Miss. State talking relevance. HHAHAHAHAHAHHA. You are the school everyone has a hard problem remembering when naming SEC schools. Out of the top 12 teams you've played the most, you have a winning record against 4 of them: Tulane, Kentucky, Memphis and Southern Miss. Real powerhouses there. And congrats on the SEC title in 1941. I freely admit that TN is down, but in our worst time period ever and probably your best ever by far, we have both won nothing of importance. Hell, you've only MADE it to the SEC Champ game once, and who beat you? exactly.
Wow, that is awful. Just awful. Good job UGA on the horrible pop country crap song.
I don't see it... Until last week this year has been really really blah, one of the more boring years.