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What a staged, preplanned, stir the pot tweet. Ha! Good one....
This puts the university in a hard pickle they should have seen coming.
I heard he likes to get a Brazilian wax to get ready for the season for good luck. Kinda like how TN fans wear the same underwear throughout the fall.
Let’s see what happens in GNV. The dawg fans who booed are morons because regardless of at whom the booing is intended, the players hear it and it’s distracting. The weather conditions were horrible and yes, the constant runs up the middle at stacked D’s is exhausting game after game when UGA has the ability to intermittently run wide though again, let’s see what happens in 2 weeks. Time will tell whether Coley lacks imagination and an ability to adjust and get the absolute best from his playmakers.
This was bad coaching and it falls on Smart. Smart should have never let Fields get away. Period. Fromm does not have that “it” factor. He’s got a good game but he’ll get crushed in the NFL. The dude had 5 plus occasions where he held the ball for what seemed like forever and missed open receivers. Plus, he could have helped his team with his legs on several plays and instead, it just kept looking for something that was not there. Granted, he ran some but didn’t look so good doing it. He didn’t put himself on the line enough. The defense held the opposing team to 10 points in regulation. A top 10 offense always wins those games. Most often by multiple scores. UGA is a top 15 at best. Maybe this was that mid season hiccup but noting that FL, AU, MO & A&M loom, I can see 2 more loses.
It seems to me that someone who comments on another persons education or lack thereof, should know when to use the word gone versus the word "went" in a sentence. I mean, if you're going to throw an insult, at least hit the target.