Shark Phucker

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Probst is Q, so I’m surprised anyone on this platform would not believe him.
Funny ha ha! Or, funny because they're dumb as a box of rocks. Regardless, ByeDon 2020!
That nasty orange runs like the toilet in your mobile home.
And they’re bringing their bacon grease!
I found a pinky finger on my folding chair today.
Needlepoint. Maybe crochet yourself a scarf. You’ll figure it out.
This Trump virus done screwed everything up. Coulda put a mask on in March, and kept it on for a bit but noooooo. Now look. Approaching 175.000 dead with projections of 300,000 by years end. “It’ll just go away.” I mean really. What a complete moron. Everything he touches, becomes toxic. Fat orange phuc. Guns & God! That’s his platform now. Ha! Go Dawgs!
We hear it all the time from folks looking to defend bad decisions on behalf of those who've made them. Ain't gonna be no football.....
I see him as a commentator in the Taiwanese Badminton league. I especially loved this classic Finebaum quote: “ Wǒ shì yī zhǐ wūguī, shīqùle wàiké. Qǐng bāngzhù wǒ zhǎodào wǒ de wàiké.“ Ha! Classic.....