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Isn't that like complaining to the fox that guards the henhouse?
One of the few times I agree with a Bammer but that's exactly what he said.
Not much of an excuse seeing that they were just at Auburn where the game aired on CBS.
He would be a fool to go that dumpster fire at Arkansas. He's coached there before so he knows how bad it is. Just being your home state shouldn't be a good reason.
He should have thought about that before he decided to break the law.
Get it right SDS. Auburn played Vanderbilt at Auburn, not at Vanderbilt.
Piggies can't even blame it on the refs this time.
Ummm, I don't believe that long run was called back.
"(H) as since led the program to a 62-18 (36-12 ACC) record in three seasons." Wow, how many games do they play each season?
Houston Nutt would beg for the job. 😆
Even if the ball had been snapped in time the pass was thrown past the line of scrimmage which should have been called and would have resulted in a loss of downs but no one is saying anything about that.
OK, is it Kerryon Johnson or Robinson? Geez...
Auburn Defense A Auburn Offense Failed to Appear
They had to stay away from any Native American reference. Political correctness and all...
Not that difficult to get a big crowd with free admission. Just sayin...
The problem is he is not on the coaching staff. If he was there would be no issue with the NCAA.
Why not North and South divisions? South: Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Florida, TAMU, Ole Miss, Mississippi St. North: Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Vandy, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina.
About as legitimate as the selectors for Bammer's 793 championships.
"... he caught two passes for 23 yards in six games after undergoing season-ending ankle surgery in November." How do you suspect he did that?