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Don't think I am going on a limb when I say it seems everything SEC- SEC media, fans, officials delight in tormenting Missouri. It is probably "cultural" or "heritage". And I thought the Big Texas was bad.
Yup. That UGA Game is going to be tough. So will the next one, @USC. And the one after that- @Bama. So.. If Ol' Mizzou goes 1-2 through there, most of the fan base will be pretty satisfied. At least I will- that is a gauntlet for a 4 week stretch. At least a bye week in there. That being said- since joining the SEC- Mizzou has ZERO fear of Tennessee or Florida. I did not anticipate that when moving conferences.
Mizzou is 4-2 against Tennessee. I respected your program when I was a kid. Now it is likea tabloid trash rag.
How can this be? There are Mizzou players on this list.. I thought their recruiting class was and is always worst in the SEC.. That's what the interweb stars keep saying..
As someone new to the SEC, Tennessee fans come off beyond clueless. They still think Peyton Manning is QB or something. Constantly referred to here and by their fan base as 'bluebloods'. Just a bunch of losers losing and acting like losers. Further, always so quick to dismiss Mizzou and b*tch about how we should never have been let in to the conference... Mizzou is 4-2 against Rocky Top. Vandy is a better program since we've been here. Seriously. Dead serious.
Gotta say last year's game was a good start for some rivalry build up. And God knows that Pig Sooey s*** is about the most annoying, inbred redneck thing out there. Had a neighbor down the road with a hog lot once. Made the whole county smell like s***. The only fan base proud to go "hoggin", for everyone else its a last resort.
“..It will be tough for the Tigers to win each of those games, but doing so would be a big boost for the program.” The games are in 2022-3. This site is a trash rag. This "article" is basically a re-tweet with some extra troll your own fan base spice thrown in. Paul Harvey lives in Atlanta, GA and covers SEC football. -not surprised
Somehow, SOMEHOW The SEC officiating is more corrupt than the Big 12. SEC refs like SEC fans like SEC media just love to stick it to Ol Mizzou wit zeal. Kind of an on the field 'payback' for being added to the conference they 'don't belong in'. It's shameful. Some network of Good Ol Boys they've got going in the SEC... At least in the Big 12 we had meaningful rivalries. Even when we were beating Florida, Georgia etc I was having trouble truly caring. I'd rather play Iowa St or Colorado.
***holes like you are exactly what's wrong with our fan base. There is so much race influenced criticism in your comment it's revolting. Why don't you just take your torch to Charlottesville or go crawl under a rock.
"the NFL is on the same path" -- (veiled) race baiting.
Thanks for the obligatory reply to a Mizzou post with veiled race baiting by an opposing SEC team fan. Comes like clockwork. Maybe the anarchists on the right who don't want their guns taken away because of the government are a problem? Going to guess you don't see it that way..
Get the ball to Johnathon Johnson HA the guy literally looks afraid to touch the football. Seriously. Nice insight, Spencer, I'm sure Odom will call for advice. Mizzou writer for SDS? Are you on suicide watch?
IF Beckner can stay on a football field, who knows the limit..
Pretty fair assessment, really. I think D-Line will be better, I think Garrett steps up at LB, secondary kind of a concern for me. Lots of B12 style shootouts in store. If we start 3-0, there will be lots of mo' going in to home game vs. Auburn, Faurot will be packed Damarea Crockett is going to run all over everyone this year, came on late last year in SEC play- and everyone is still focused on Lock.. This offense has more balance than the avg SEC fan realizes.
Thanks for the friendly update on an Alabama recruit getting injured in practie, Clint from Alabama.
another day with click bait either explicitly stating or implying Mizzou doesn't belong in the SEC Do the writers here really have anything else to add about Mizzou? Should I even bother with this site anymore?
All west teams would brag about winning the west- except for Alabama.
"It was talent more than coaching that made Pinkel." Come on, man. Every Mizzou fan knows Pinkel brought in low star guys and coached them up. Every Pinkel team out-performed talent-wise. Maybe not '08
Just more stupid from SDS- Tennessee hasn't won the East in 10 years. Mizzou won 5 divisional titles in that time. Been almost 20 since Fulmer's NC. Two 9-4 seasons in a row and Rocky Top is back?? I'm starting to think SDS basically trolls Carolina too. Since Mizzou has been in the SEC we have played all of the teams in the East well, including road Ws @ UF UGA SC TN ... fwiw I think SC is just as good a program as FL, GA, TN and Mizz. UK and Vandy seem to have some winning to do.
Dan Devine was a legendary Mizzou coach from 58-70 before moving on to coach the Packers and then Notre Dame. Just throwing it out there- a lot of SEC fans don't know anything about us.
As someone new to the SEC- your fans have impressed me the most so far. In the east anyhow, TN GA and FL are great- but more for the party it seems. Carolina fans are there for the game and are IN TO IT. Remind me of KC Chiefs fans- a big compliment.
Geaux Long- I've seen a movie about football fans in Louisiana- The Waterboy "I am not what you would call a handsome man. The good Lord chose not to bless me with... with charm, athletic ability... or a fully functional brain." -Average Louisianan in a movie- and at least we could make out the words this particular bayou character was saying, unlike others in the same movie.
I sincerely doubt this writer or anyone at SDS has ever even experienced Mizzou on gameday. Nebraska and Colorado fans would know more about what we call Faurot Field (not memorial stadium) than these SDS clowns. Really have no clue why me or any other mizzou fan keeps getting roped in to this click bait
"Switching Auburn and Missouri would even out the playing field in the divisions." We have beaten A&M 7 out of the last 9 times we've played. 6 of the 9 were in College Station. We OWN A&M of late... SEC media are so uneducated about Mizzou (probably because they don't care about Mizzou at all). Want to "even out divisions"? Move A&M
There was a counter protest of sorts. People driving through campus w confederate flags out the back of their pick ups and such. That didn't get much reporting. Also, someone spread cotton balls over the lawn of the multicultural center a few years before that. It was the B12 years, so many SEC fans wouldn't know about it. It shows that the Jim Crow type attitude some southerners (though not all) espouse unfortunately surfaces occasionally at Mizzou. A cultural fit, if you will. Pretty "rednecky" behavior from time to time. Overall though, very liberal town. I imagine Athens and other liberal southern cities deal with the problems of this juxtaposition as well. It is my experience that Columbia is a little liberal oasis in a desert of solid "southern cultural fit". This is why the B10 didn't want us and why the SEC thinks we're northerners Until the 60s the band played Dixie after touchdowns and a fraternity would wave the battle flag. How is this culturally different than Oxford?
Because Mizzou fans don't hate the opinions expressed on this site enough, let's write an article that not only boots them out of the SEC, but leaves them out of Power Conference football all together! Seriously, the click #s from Missouri must be awfully low. Big 12 blogs probably write about Mizzou in a more favorable light. I like being in the SEC overall, but the SEC media's constant berating of Mizzou gets really old. I know, no one that reads this blog cares. God I miss rivalries. Football Gods, please let us get revenge Sherman style this fall.. Please...