I am a former athlete, played at Southern Miss back in the 80's

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I say rescind their scholarships. It's time to stop caving to political correctness. Life happens, people are going to do and say things, and sometimes they might be racist, you deal with it, and move on. To act like you can protest racism and that fix things, how do you know the next guy in line isn't even more racist than the one you think is now? Answer, you don't. This country is acting like little toddlers who pitch tantrums when they don't get their way, and 9 times out of 10, the right and left CAVE to these idiots, so they keep going with it. Burn these scholarships if they don't play, and give them to people who want to play football, rather than make political statements and ruin a man's career.
He should have just sent in the entire game video when Alabama is on offense, their linemen hold every single play, but you don't see any whiney crybabies submitting those now do you?
I am surprised that it's taken the true Alabama Faithful not to see this eons ago. I quit cheering for Alabama when all this BS started. Welcome to reality of the typical Alabama fan. Fair weather as hell......
Nice try Dale, but nobody is buying it. He did bat it forward, and it was a bad no call, the refs did all they could to help Alabama win, but it wasn't to be. Hate it for you.....actually, no, I don't.
Typical Alabama entitlement attitude. This is why I can't stand Alabama.....SOOOO glad they got their asses kicked last night.
I guess it never ceases to amaze me at the people who step up, and bend over for Political Correctness. Instead of teaching our kids how to handle "symbols", we instead choose to just remove them all together, because SOMEONE might be offended by it. We have become a WEAK nation of the most spineless, crybaby, wussies I've ever seen. We can't handle anything. No wonder ISIS is threatening us, we are timid, meek, sorry excuses for human beings. We are more concerned about a symbol on a flag than we are millions of baby parts being sold by Planned Parenthood. More upset about a flag, than the millions of illegal aliens that cross our borders every day. That we are giving nuclear power to Iran, and dissing our closest ally, Israel. That Christians are being slaughtered by ISIS all over the world, but yet, this flag, and it's removal is OH so much more important, because despite all those other atrocities, it's about how someone might feel when they look at a state flag because we can't have them being offended at all about that. Everything else ...huh? So?..... Just really is.
James Franklin should have realized his dilemma before taking the job at Penn State. To talk kids into coming to Vanderbilt, then leaving the team and talking them in to coming to Penn State is just low. Just because it's legal doesn't make it ethical. Have some integrity. Sure, if they want to come, let THEM choose....but don't go trying to get them to change because you are too lazy or sorry to go recruit people who were being recruited by Penn State and finding your recruits through that venue. Can you say :Lane Kiffin? Karma is a b!tch Franklin.....and it's coming for'd think you'd take a clue from other people's misfortunes.....