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Surely you jest. Never. Guess you don't remember when Bama had that horrible decade and a massive losing streak to us. Are you Ga and Ala fans just young, or do you really believe TN will stay mediocre forever? We will beat you both sooner rather than later.
Exactly. I used to actually root for GA. I only hated FLa before, but these GA idiots on here simply hating on us has changed my mind. Its OK they are just scared cause the sleeping giant has awoke. Bring on the trolls. Tora Tora Tora.
I would much rather be a hillbilly than a Georgia or Fla redneck, my friend. I cant wait till TN does take Ga and FLa down again. If you think it wont happen either this year or next your flat out wrong. I said it in other posts. The SEC East DOES NOT want UT back to where we usually are. We have had a horrible decade out of over 100 years of football. TN is on the rise. You cant deny it. Make fun all you want but we will be the ones laughing at the end.
I pray he is wrong. Considering he is in charge tho that worries the hell out of me. Just how to we have football without fans. I feel like the All Powerful dollar will win out. The cost of running a season of football from travel to equipment and money spent on injuries we just can't have a season without fans. Financially it is not feasible.
Every Georgia fan on here gets their feelings hurt when anyone questions their "greatness". At least I have no problem admitting Tenn is average to above average this year. Georgia fans don't realize they are not part of the top echelon of college football. OSU, Clemson, Bama, and Oklahoma is the top. You guys are always on the outside looking in. Yes we may not even be able to see the top but I'm cool with admitting that. But look out for this year. Something tells me my Vols take Georgia down this year. Go Vols.
For real that works. Congrats to the dawgs and razorbacks
Ps it crismon tide so I tried to remeber how special Alabama fans are. Lol
I made a comment similar to your alls over on the UT site article about Coach Barnes' comments regarding the cancellation. I was called disgusting and that I was putting my entertainment over lives. I said nothing to that effect. Just agreeing that we never cancelled in past epidemics like bird flu and we are giving in to fear. It is what it is.
And everyone wants to argue mortality rate and stuff. We simply wont know the numbers for a while. If we took the simple precautions that you take for all other flus their is no greater risk of getting corona virus then any other disease. Its a new disease that has eveyone scared due to the sensasualism of it the media has done. Over 280,000 people died from the flu last year. Why didnt we cancel eventa last year too is all. Dont say oh well we have a vaccine for that. Well alot of people dont get it for one and even some that did get the vaccine still got the flu.
Yes it is deadly to those who have pre-existing conditions. But so are all the other flus. We didnt cancel for the bird flu or swine flu. Why didnt we cancel when west nile virus was killing people. There is no vaccine for it either. All im saying is that this disease is no more lethal or infectious then other health dangers we have had. So why cancel now? The only answer is fear. And yes 1 life is worth cancelling any sporting event. Its just i feel we have gave in to fear. Thats my worry.
It is a mild disease guys. Thats a fact. This flu is not more deadly to the old or sick then any other flu. And our body can produce antibodies for illnesses. There are many many types of the flu. Bird flu. Swine flu. Our body had no antibodies for those either. People want to get high and mighty like what I said means I have no regard for life. In no way did I say that. ALL im saging is that the media has added fuel to the fire with there reporting. Why didnt we cancel when the bird and swine flu was around? We simply dont have the numbers yet as far as mortality and infection. There are probably hundreds of thousands of cases world wide that are not reported. Due to the fact that if you are not already sick or very old the disease appears as a mild disease. No more problematic then a cold to them who are healthy. Its is not arguable or an opinion. Thats a fact people.
We prohobit those without the vaccine from attending? The risk of this disease os the same if not less from other flus. The media is fear mongering. Wether we have a vaccine for this flu isnt the point. Alot of people who attended past events wernt vaccinated and no athletes or fans were hurt or killed that we know of. I'm not saying they are doin2f the wrong thing. Im saying that they are doing out of fear and not common sense. The risk is the same as past years with past flus vacvine or not. I believe that they gave in to fear not actual risk. Someone said if it saves a life then its worth it and of course I agree. But why didn't we do it the past as well. Im sure someone at some time contracted the flu at a past sporting event and died from it. But we didnt hear about because the media didnt think it was worthy I guess. Thats my only point. When all is said and done more people will get abd die from the "regular" flu then corona virus.
Crimson tide your a straight idiot. Did i ever say that I dont worry about the athletes and fans. My entertainment means nothing compared to a life, and its funny that is what you got out of what i said. The point of what I said is that this flu is similar to other flus look it up. It is a mild disease for the majority that get it. If you have an underlying health issue it can kill you. Just like all flus. And yes we have a vaccine for the common flu but only about 50 percent get the vaccine. So in past years why didnt we prohobit
My only question with all of this is why we never cancelled in past flu seasons due to this. The "regular" flu kills tens of thousands more yearly and was never a problem. Its basically the same disease only with a lower fatality rate even. So why now. Its straight up fear. Thats the only reason. This disease doea not warrant all these steps when it is simply a different type of flu. Its a mild disease.
What rankings were used? Was Trey Smith only number 1 in espn rankings?
I love how you just spent hours trying to reply. See what i mean you have that feeling.
Completely disagree. You should have blown us out with the teams we had lately. Like I said big brother will always win. The tide is turning. Oops sorry to say "tide" I know that stings. I think you have a trainer returning this year. Even Mays got smart and saw what is coming. Good luck with Wake Forest transfer. Would rather have JG and Bailey. I mean even Chaney jumped ships. You know way down deep inside you are worried as hell. You just have that feeling that things dont seem right. Plus we get GA towards the end of the year now. Our offensive line and Eric Gray will be steam rolling. We may not win the East this year but next year we will be replacing GA and FLA in the SEC championship. UT is rising and GA is sliding. I've watched SEC football long enough to see the ebb and flow of teams. Good decades and bad decades. Yours is over. I hope watching from the sideline and seeing everyone else win Championships was fun, but play time is over. Mommy is calling you home, its time for the big boys to play. Have a seat GA. You gave it your best. Nice try
Losing up the stats on the " fulmer cup". Tenn has never won it while GA has and been in the top 10 way more. So nice try with felonteers but you need to look in the mirror when it comes to felonies and misdemeanors. Stats dont lie. Hahahaha
Dirty south stop being so sour. Talking about owning someone we have the longest winning streak all time in the series at 9. You have won 3 in a row. You have been stomping us lately for sure and yet after all that GA is 1 game up in the all time series. Thats it. You guys have had some good teams lately but yet its like the little guy is finally brave enough to play with his older brothers. And of course big brother always wins. Go Vols.
FPeroid.Fir real Irvin Meyers. Your an idiot name one player that got a felony and continued playing. Ill be waiting for your answer. And the Fulmer cup. Hahahaha. Keep trying. I know UT is below you guys on talent level. And thats whats funny. Georgia cant do anythong with it except lose to Bama and Fla.
Look say what you want on here. Just dont pretend to be someone else. Pruitt for sure is not going to bring up politics. Especially for that idiot. Go vols. Be true to your team and your coach. Dont pretend to be him. Dumbass.
IMO its going to come down to the QB. We will have WRs that can get open. Wether its the veterans or freshman on the field, I think they will be very capable as long as the ball is where it should be. No matter how talented you are you cant catch a ball thats 10 feet over your head. That is what this whole offense will come down to. No matter how good are line is, if we cant throw the ball or at least the threat of it, we will never move the ball. They will face 8 or 9 man fronts and go no where.
Couldnt be more proud to have on my home team.
Guys lets not forget that even our coach said we need to raise our expectations. Even he isnt too excited over 8-5 record. But we are for sure getting better and thats cause for excitement.
I hope JG is a stud but I doubt it. With a talent like Harrison you are pretty certain he is our "franchise" QB of the future. So I feel like just like in the pros throw him in there and let him learn by playing. There would be plenty of mistakes but also plenty of growth. And face it UT is not going to go to the playoffs. I figure that overall he might cost us 1 extra loss this season by starting him over JG. So one extra loss might drop you down a bowl game tier but the experience and growth of your franchise QB is worth that. Our real chance of winning the SEC is 2021, I feel, because we are still young. We would lose Trey Smith after this year but thats about it. Give your stud QB the experience so in 2021 we are ready to hoist that trophy. We will be a veteran and very talented team with a QB that already has a year of going the rigors of the SEC. Instead of a redshirt freshman looking like a deer in the headlights who would be the only weakness of a potential playoff team. Think about it.
Huge get. Good job Pruitt and Weinke. Top 10 class is now in sight.
This article is dumb. Of course strength of schedule matters. Even in preaeason polls. Unless they stop releasing them in the preseason then it will always be a consideration. Sos for A&M is a joke like he said. Smh. Sad.