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He shouldnt have taunted. That part is correct. But everyone needs to remember this is a 19 or 20 yr old "kid". He didnt think and im sure if he could do it again differently he would. It was pure emotion. Give him a break. People are acting like as soon as he hit it he turned around pulled out a gun and shot the catcher. The "unwritten rules" are disappearing for sure. But hell, look at all the taunting in pro sports. He just reacted like he sees most the pros from all sports act. And trust me, I'm sure that coach Vitello had a "talk" with him later. Vitello is old school.
2 of them stole rhebweed then smoked with the others, that's what happened. Yes I live in Knoxville
First I've heard about it. But living in knoxville ill look into it. Wow. Just wow if he did pass on him. Would have to be off the field problems or something. Maybe grades
You guys aren't really in a position to turn anyone down. But glad we took him. He is a beast. Made a stupid decision. But it's not get kicked off the team type stuff. He will make an impact eventually. I expect Willis to play this season some at least.
Irvin, do you havé a job or life. All you do is get on all the UT sites and call us hillbillies and TRY to put us down. Dude I would rather be a hillbilly then a GA redneck any day. These guys will still be on the team. Yes it was a stupid decision but what college kid doesn't smoke at least sometimes.
It's all about the coaching staff. It's not like Saban himself coached Henry every day. A head coach is more like a CEO theses days. For better or worse. I think the latter, but I digress, having the right coordinators is key. And Bama, Ga, Fla, and A&M have made the right hires. That's why TN is where it is. After Fulmer there has been nothing but strikeouts. Pruitt fired an on field coach in the middle of a game. I knew then it wouldn't be good. With Heupel we will probably lose most of our "big" games 48 to 42 or something. So who knows when we will climb back up where we do belong. Regardless of the past 15 years. Look at All-time records and etc, TN is a sleeping giant. I just have no idea when we will wake up.
Because not every player is paid by no means and if you speak up it hurts you too not just the university. No one would "win" if they speak up
Everyone cheats at every level of sports. If you think any different about your own school your in denial. Pruitt just did it in the wrong way. Or he decided to change it up. Ga, Bama and Fla all cheat as well. They're just better at it. I'm not saying that's why they win, just in that aspect of recruiting they do it better.
Back in the day when he coached here,we could tell how good we would play based on the belly hole crater size. Bigger the crater better we played. Seriously. If he lost weight, smaller crater, grumpier Phil.
The kids grades were not there. He had to go JUCO. Smart has done it too just like EVERY head coach. Im sick of this story getting twisted by the outside media.
Kentucky fans need to just shut the f$&k up. You beat us a couple times out of 35 years and your head swells. Just no. Go watch b-ball team and then you can watch a winner. Oh wait. Nevermind. 5-10. Ouch. And yes we lost to Ole Miss but we are still looking at a 3 seed while you MIGHT make the NIT.
His grades were the issue but your right. They could have helped him get to JUCO then signed him later after a year or two
This one pisses me off. Right now we need all the players that WANT to okay for us as we can get. Garbage move. Makes me not to even want to support the coach anymore. I was fine with the hire. I get nobody wanted the job. NCAA penalties, etc. So why do this. I KNOW they could have found a spot for him if he didn't fit Huepel,s "ideal" WR type or whatever the reason was. Bush league is right. I have been a UT fan all my life. Grew up and have lived in East TN my whole life. I truly bleed orange. So this crap makes me sick. IDK honestly how much more I can take till my allegiance for TN is gone. I absolutely love college football. I would have to be pick a new team to root for. Im sick, just sick with our ENTIRE football staff.
We had a solid 2 deep offensive line last year. Even tho they weren't great. We should have a "solid" line next year. We still have a lot of talent on the team. Losing Toó Toó is the only transfer I would even miss. The others, even Morris, is replaceable. He wasn't playing that well. It's not like Gray was tearing it up last year. He will be missed but can be replaced. Missing the D,s QB in Toó Toó will be hard to replace. Not sure who can handle that this year.
That's my gear too. Maybe that's why we didn't keep Steele. He probably wouldn't have out up with 30 second rests for his defense. I mean what D can? He will not be able to go up tempo all game in this league. Even with a great defense it needs rest.
Tenn dysfunction at it's best. Should have made the new coach keep him as part of the deal. Heupel needs ALL the defensive help he can get. That's always been his teams achilles heal.
Does a MSU fan really have any right to talk about another program winning??????? That's a head scrather
Coach irvin thank you so much for all of your expert opinions. Without you, on EVERY Tenn story, giving and sharing your wisdom we hillbillies wouldn't know what to think about our own program. You give new meaning to the word "troll". I use to think it was a monster who chased kids and hid under bridges. Now I know a troll is a redneck idiot who secretly is a UT fan. Otherwise why spend so much of your time on EVERY Tenn story. Oh that's right. It's because your a loser redneck who has to make sure that rebel flag is straight hanging over your couch, give your wife a good beating then head to your local meeting of aryan brotherhood. Like I say everytime to you I would rather be a hillbilly everytime over a redneck. Go vols and please continue providing us your incredible insight.
The conference would be stronger due to more and better competition. The SEC is better with 6 or 7 teams in the top 25 and getting New Year 6 bowls. I'm 45 so half my life UT was a powerhouse the other half mediocre at best. We have the resources and the money, maybe more and better then most of the other teams have. So give it time UT is NOT down for the count. Maybe we got a standing 8 count but we will survive and flourish again. It will happen.
Irvin man, get a life and find something else to do then read all of UTs articles. I think your a closet tenn fan. And Bcreek same thing dude. And Fulmer and Pruitt was toxic. Now they are gone. Yu our act like USC is some power house. UT still abetter institution and job then that crap down in Columbia. I gurantee that whoever White hires will be a better pick then Beamer Jr. The media will tell you the same thing once this is all said and done. Now I understand Ga Bama, and even Fla fans talking as much smack as you do. But honestly you chicken heads at South Carolina have zero room to blast anyone.
At least we're trying Bcreek. I don't think you guys hit a home run. Maybe a single. Or even just got in base by an error. Anyways. It's a great hire.
And like I've been saying to your trolling dumb ass for a week is that I would rather be a hillbilly then a Georgia redneck any day. This is a great hire and everyone knows it. Just accept it. Every article, I know you will be on here saying some garbage that just spews out of your mouth. Go vols
Wow. And which team are you with? UT fans have been praised by many other fans as being kind and respectful. And since you have never been to a game you really don't know now do you. At this point I welcome you to come see just how gracious and kind the fans of this program our. We are passionate and do bleed orange. Thru thick and thin and NCAA problems. We are committed to the program. Maybe you should try showing that respect to yourself because something tells me that when you look in the mirror you are very disappointed at the person you have become.
For the last time coach, me and I think most of America, except Fla and GA maybe, would MUCH rather be a hillbilly over a redneck.