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That is one of the best laughs I've had from football specific humor with it being so fresh off the game. Awesome that they put that together over yesterday.
Amen to that coach, that's frankly true in so many other instances of life bigger than my love of football. Mold some young great men both physically, mentally & spiritually. I am excited with guarded optimism for the future of our program. The saying comes to mind about the skills of a sailor are truly tested in rough seas.
Oh Noes!!! That is weak. I did however cringe at our greeting and the awkwardness in all fun. From the inside I can't explain it, lol, nor do I want to.
You would think after our meltdown to UCLA we would come out in our home opener with some angst, passion, grit. We have so much talent but they are not playing with intensity. I can't help but believe that stems from the leadership, mainly Sumlin but also his coaches. I have wanted him to succeed but time has proven he doesn't have the ingredients to produce at the level of expectation that we want. I've grown tired of watching Sumlin as the leader pace the sideline and not muster any kind of intensity. These talented young men will mirror your demeanor, model something that gives some energy. I watched Bama's coaches rip into some of their guys after they scored a TD against Fresno St. It's a mentality that starts at the top, we are missing it horribly. It raises expectations, it brings focus/determination and I would love to have some of that trickle thru our program from the top level of leadership down.
And we chose to not run with either of them when we were within field goal range, it was like 3rd and 8 i think, we had a solid lead and it ended up being the last time we were in or even close to the red zone. We instead called a passing play with our true freshman QB making a very true freshman mistake and taking a sack. Proceeded to miss a lengthened field goal and ensued the complete meltdown from there. I kept wondering through the entire 4th why we didn't run with them then and why that trend of play calling continued. Horrible coaching, scheme, whatever you want to call it when you move away from the very success that put you in the position of being up 44 to 10. It takes a special kind of garbage leadership to screw that up.
A big stank in all of this is losing Starkel. I was excited to have him start, I wanted this season to be a chance to build him and see our guys make what they can out of it. I was hoping Sumlin would redshirt Mond for future and him needing development. We had a secure experienced backup in Hubenak. I never wanted him to even be considered for starting cause we lose him soon and his ceiling is limited anyhow. If Starkel is out a few games or whole season, since I feel Sumlin already made mistake of burning Mond's redshirt I feel like you go with him from here on, invest in developing him with game experience, grit it out and make the best results you can with a true freshman at the helm and when Starkel is healthy long or short term you reassess when he returns.
Well one of the fun qualities about college football is that it holds the ability to surprise and so many variables change year to year. It's also the same quality that drives you nuts as a fan. I simply hope Sumlin and staff pick one of the young QBs Starkel or Mond, preferably Starkel and start building experience no matter the outcome on the season. I would rather see us suffer thru the inexperienced QB and have a so-so season with the wonder of what will come out of it by the end then even be magically guaranteed another repeat of 8-5 by starting and sticking with Jake. And that 8-5 is probably very generous with Jake at the helm. Invest in the future and make what you can out of this season, who knows where it can go. We should of had a 5 star experienced QB right now leading the way if it were not for horrible mistakes by Sumlin that have already been exhausted to the Nth degree in other commentaries.
Here's to hoping this squad gives Dave and the rest of us listening some unexpected success to celebrate this season. He has been awesome to listen to and will be missed.
I don't have full context of the statement "culture is off" but if I take that at face value its probably the only part of this I disagree with. Our culture is such that we have high expectations of the program because of reasons mentioned above by Greenwave81. Being faithful Aggs we always try to stand behind our team and wish the best for them but to imply we as a culture are off.... yea sure.... we are just so "off" having expectations and wanting our program to elevate itself to a true relevancy in the SEC.
LSU fans congrats on the win. We Aggs are just simply frustrated and I can only describe this team as soft on both sides of the ball. We are failing to win the battles in the trenches all year. We come off whiny because we so badly want our team to be capable of playing big boy football. We want our program to elevate from the mediocrity it is. It is a major problem when your leading tacklers on defense thru the year are your safeties playing in the SEC, that screams problems up front all over the place. Garrett will be missed but we need talent and coaching for the entire D as a collective unit. We want a wrecking crew, we have had a wrecking ball currently. We are glad to be playing in the best division of the best conference. As a fan and alum I so badly want to see our program elevate to the level of talent, execution, coaching that is needed to play this brand of football. God bless and Gig'em
Porter was part of a crew of players that had to work their asses off to even compete in what many regard as an extremely difficult division of one of the best if not the best conference in the NCAA. My Aggs were in the infant stages of a goliath transition and exceeded expectations of most since it was assumed they would be a doormat to the SEC. Excuse the guy for defending that what they did accomplish they owned and wasn't handed to them, being a successful season that had much more winning than losing cause hard work was prevalent in so many guys throughout the roster. That's quite frankly what most of us alum feel is the problem and Sumlin has failed to instill the high level talent he is adept at attracting that core work ethic and mentality.
Please get the log out of your own eye. The same breath you call him out for being an ass you display yourself as one. I agree there has been some horrible mismanagement by Sumlin, at least the evidence sure indicates it. Allen's comment regarding the mentality that some had I think was right on point and we in turn saw Sumlin have to suspend players from games because of the poor choices throughout this season.
The Chavis hire/recruit was the best move Sumlin has been a large part of making as the CEO style head coach he is. Most of us Aggie faithful have been slow to place most of the blame for offensive deficiencies on Spavital but I really feel it is all justified by this point and is not a rash judgment anymore. We have the ingredients to put together a championship level team but we are sorely lacking the offensive mind to use this talent we have had, currently do and will receive in coming classes. My concern is that he simply is in over his head as OC and Sumlin will stubbornly stick with him pointing to all the facets of the offense that need to be much improved. We all recognize those problems with our offense but I really do think much of it (not all) derives from Spavital's poor scheme for the level of play in the SEC.
We have failed if we can only post 24 points on their defense. My biggest curiosity is how our defense will handle their run up the middle. If we are successful making them move lateral I believe it will pay major dividends in the overall outcome. They are going to run with some angst, we have to match that physicality and for the first time in many years I feel our crew capable. Gig'em
I say this with all respect, someone had to lose and Ole Miss played a heck of game to take a win away. I felt the same way when our Aggs managed to do so in 2012. Reality is, no matter how much our fellow West counterparts might break each other down our program doesn't take any games against yours lightly. If you can take a loss and still grind through the SEC schedule and come out the victor in my mind you should always have a playoff bid. The only reason myself or any of you can confidently say that is because at the end of day, there is an implied respect for one another that only comes from being a part of this conference and seeing how hard our athletes have to compete to have any success in it. Good game to both programs, look forward to my Aggs facing major challenges this season as usual, wouldn't want it any other way.
He was coming off the right tackle and grabbed the guys feet, hard to see in this short clip.
Yeaaa baby!!! Come be part of the rebirth of the Wrecking Crew
Own your mistake. I don't believe any of the garbage these two are feeding the media after being all lawyered up. For argument sake, even if the coach was guilty of what they claim, they have now admitted that it was purposeful so they have removed any shred of doubt that may have existed on even that. Additionally, if what they claim is true it doesn't give you the right to physically assault someone. It is all excuses and BS to attempt deflecting accountability.
Good things ahead fellow Aggs, a lot to be excited for even already as we continue with this season but imagine as this crew is developed another year and supplemented with additional recruits where we are thin right now. We are on our way to having a program that is at the level to be competing for the SEC championship and God willing playoff bids to follow..
I think that represents most of our outlook on where we are and what we need to be the program we all want. Not enough can be said about the two studs coming off the edge but I'm also majorly pleased with our interior and love seeing Mack already make an impact in the rotation. I said in a couple posts before season start, I thought we had as good a front 4 as anyone in the league. The Chief's scheme is only enhancing the athleticism we actually already have in the secondary. If our linebackers can stay healthy and keep getting better this defense will remain solid I think.
was frustrating to watch the game be gifted to the Sooners
although it can throw a wrench into tailgating I do like being able to absorb SEC football from late morning through evening
well now you are just being prejudice against the rest of human anatomy just willy nilly throwing that comment out there
We have the right kind of "problem", competition breeds excellence. I'm also a huge fan of their attitudes, general demeanor and poise with it all, young men growing up.
We generally delight in their entitled attitude being humbled. Reality is we have moved on to better things with SEC, they are stuck in the Little 10. Our program is moving forward and has much reason to be excited as we develop into the program we want, T-sips will continue to look back from a decade that is past. Bitterness of us leaving will eat at them because it was the catalyst of a paradigm shift.
We have as talented a front 4 as any and with actual depth for the first time since we joined SEC. Fun season ahead, was great to see talent being utilized instead of confused and out of position on defense all the time. Confident Sumlin will stick with Allen, need the continuity and he knows that. So many freshman having impact, awesome to get them experience now. Glad we had a difficult opponent to start, gives a clear picture of where we need to improve. In particular, the shatastic O-line blocking, glad to see some semblance of run game being attempted but lots of work needed.
How bout that front 4, caused hell against a good offense all game
Was he really as influential on the defense at Florida as is eluded to with the transition to Auburn now? Curious about a Gator's opinion on that.
Dear God, Help our front four pitch a tent in the sun devil backfield, our linebackers play their assignments (stay healthy) and our DBs actually look for the ball when defending the pass. Sincerely, Aggie Faithful
your comment made me laugh for a few minutes And oh boy, the piece on Alabama, Tradition enough said..... fan of the crimson are we?