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Bryan I don't completely agree but we could use the smoke and mirrors for the puffing the fair weather fans need in their lives. Butch can stand the bs, handle the knives in his back and keep on trucking. Players love him. What We need to do is shake up, fire and replace Larry, Moe and Curly (coordinators) or dumb and dumber. The "My Buddy" coaching staff needs to be revamped, replaced and educated in head outta a** lessons
This is totally my option. I think there is differences of options, beliefs in players, head butting and egos getting in the way of the play calling. There are pieces falling though the cracks that is undeniable. The coaching staff is dropping the ball. Unfortunately, for Butch Jones it all lands at his feet, falls on his shoulders and is his responsibility. But one thing that can be said for Jones is, once they committ to play for Jones they do exactly that, his players believe in him, and stand by him.
Ever since Mayor's we've been building, rebuilding and building again. TN fans sometimes forget that the our coaches don't have a magic wand, a team with no injuries, a cake walk game where everything comes together like planned. It's easy for us to seat back and play the blame game. But, how are we supposed to become the Power House we once where? If Everytime we lose a game we as fans are ready to bail, trash talk, fire coaches, bench players and throw in the towel. It's like people believe that a coach can get hired one day and the next win a National Championship. When they don't meet up to our expectations, we're ready to kick them to the curb and start all over. Jones has done a lot with what he was given to start off with and he did get the bad taste out of our mouths from past coaches. You can't have a legacy championship team again without standing behind whomever is hired through the good, the bad and the ugly. Any Tennessee fan should know that this is not the worst coach that we've had, nor the worst season ever. S**t Happens, wins, losses and injuries that's the name of the game. How we rebuild, regroup and come through all the stumbles, hiccups, and red tape is what matters. Everyone wants the title of SEC national champions but it does not come without struggles, losses, and injuries. We have to build, train and reassemble a Team that works together from a freshman walk on, to the head coach and President. A team that will do whatever to obtain their goals and stand firm together! As A Team! All for One and One for All!