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Suck that burnt orange D until your head caves in Connor. We'll regret inviting a team that has destroyed 2 conferences and caused 5 major universities to pay tens of millions to get away from them.
UNC is probably the best team right now, though I'd like to see the fightin' Rick Barnes' win it all. As an aside, I wish Connor would show us on the doll where A&M allegedly touched him, because he absolutely hates them.
Apparently he never stepped foot on campus in College Station. He was hired a week or so ago as an analyst, and was charged 2 days ago. Don't know if that's all accurate, but what I heard on the radio. seems to show a similar story.
Connor, And I mean this in all sincerity: stand up and take your knee pads off. Saban was fine with under the table BS for decades. He's as crooked as anyone who has ever coached the sport, or any sport for that matter. Did he do it better than everyone else? Of course he did. But he's no saint, and he's no prophet.
I don't get the complete lack of respect for A&M by most of the writers at SDS. Their talent looks fantastic to me, and living in NC I know Elko can coach. They're not the 4 win team that O'Gara makes them out to be.
Exactly. Why is there this gigantic difference between the states of Florida and Texas? What is Florida afraid of? Also Matt, who are the SEC members of the AAU? C'mon you know you have zero idea. And going to the "Free speech" card? GTFO.
Campbell at Detroit? He'd make a LOT more money and have MUCH better facilities than he does with the Lions.
To be honest, the only reason Missouri isn't in the Big 12 right now is A&M. They needed a partner and the Big 10 told you no.
We'll win it all again. The West will come down to the winner of A&M at LSU.
When can we expect the article on how AU spent $30MM on NIL and Saban's comments on how the entire team was bought?
It's definitely deep in the offseason at SDS. Not one but two Jimbo articles in the same week? Don't work too hard Connor.
Color me shocked that Texas is already screwing up a third conference.
Disagree. They're only going to take what, 18-19 kids? If a majority of them are top 100, and it seems likely that they will be, A&M will be plenty salty by the time we finally play them in Texas.
Tell me you haven't been to Austin recently without telling me you haven't been to Austin recently.
Next year, I hope your attitude is to learn to form a complete sentence and to get off your cousin. Hotty Toddy!
My bad. Based upon a brief perusal on this website, there is zero indication that any team other than UT is even still playing, much less moving on.
It's really weird that no other SEC team has punched their ticket to Omaha.
Can someone take the poor people back to their trailers? Thanks in advance.
One : There will be no pod system. Period. Please catch up. Two : A&M said 11 years ago to UTx "Any time, any place." Their AD said no. Again and again and again.
I'd make a comment about defrauding a children's charity for NIL, but I'm betting you've never stepped foot in a university classroom. Don't want to confuse you.
That's an understatement. Go away Longhorn Dave.
If all of this took place behind the backs of the A&M administrators then I have a significant problem with this process. That's not how the SEC historically does business, and signals a troubling philosophical change from the office in Birmingham.