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I agree he was wrong for retaliation, but it was nowhere near as bad as they portrayed it. I think he was playing his heart out and just had enough
I meant they didn’t show a slow mo edited replay of the Georgia players punching. Obviously they did show Mekhi in slowmo.
Animal? There were at least 2 occasions where Georgia players punched Alabama players unprovoked after the whistle, including the play involving Mekhi, the announcers never mentioned it and they didn’t show an edited slowmo replay of it. I’d be pissed too if I was Mekhi ad saw the one sided replay they showed. Go watch the play on watch ESPN sky cam.
Go watch the play on watch ESPN sky cam. ESPN1 did not give you the whole story. Georgia #48 punched Mekhi after the whistle first, Mekhi punched back. It didn’t even look that hard in real time. What you saw on ESPN was a cut slow motion replay. The outrage should be at espn’s coverage, not at Mekhi.