sicem dawgs

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Thank goodness they got passed. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
What a bunch of wuss-ies! There's alot of hard nosed former offensive linemen rolling over in their graves. NFL= Nancy Football League
I hear ya. Seems like every 3 star that commits, the header calls him "elite". Either the writer does grasp the meaning of the word or the person writing the headlines is punking us.
Last person leaving college football, please turn out the lights. More lawyers being involved will not be good.
It has the same effect on me. The "Tess Effect " he is referring to, makes me throw up a little in my mouth every game I have to endure that he calls. Im sure "People ran with it...". Ran the hell away.
I'm over this talking season. Can't wait for toe to meet leather. Go Dawgs!
Some of the bammy fans on this site really still have some major butt hurt going on from last season. They must really be concerned about the Dawgs and their upward trend towards conference dominance.
Coach Hartley is definitely on an upward trajectory. Going to make a solid head coach some day.
Luc, I know all teams have the over the top fanatics. I'm not one of them. Georgia has a ways to go to knock off Clemson, much less Bama. Never acted like or said we are now a dynasty. But the only knock was not winning a championship and thats been checked off. Kirby Smart has to accomplish what Saban has been able to do the majority of these seasons. Convince the team that last year don't mean squat and get them to work harder. Keep their head level. Everything we're hearing out of Athens is that is heading that way. Dawgs got over a big mind hurdle when they defeated the tide for the NC. Would not trade coach Smart for any other in the profession. Bigger things on the way. Go Dawgs!
Man, some of you bama boys need to up your meds. UGA has been a top tier team in the conference meaning they also are one of the players when playoff selections are made. Dawgs show up and make things none too easy for any opponent the go up against. Win their share and keeping striving for the big ticket item, National Championship. All awhile coach Smart only knows one way to recruit...W.F.O! The man and his staff are working harder and smarter than any time in the past 40 years in Athens. Getting bigger, faster and stronger is the way to win another soon enough. 2023,24 are two years that Kirby will have the top dogs at every position on the field. Bama ain't going right away to their room. Sabans the best. But if any of bammys forgot CKS's fire for dominating the opponent (see Grantham and Gus and throw in Sargeant Carter from Knoxville too) he wants teams that make the opponent quit. Going to be more big boy games between Dawgs and Tide in the not so distant future. And it has more than a few bamma bluebloods contemplating life after the ride. And it shows all over these message boards. Now go call your pharmacist rail on them for awhile. GO DAWGS, SIC'EM!
8th grade. First year playing football. And if you know anything about college football, you know im right.
You can go ahead and live it up deadmeat. It will come way sooner this time around.
My take exactly. All the twitter keyboard warriors are more of a problem than the ump.
Right on. Like so many athletes today, he's been told how great he is since the 6th grade. All about me and what me can get. Nike can get me paid. Sports is circling the bowl for sure.
Already had a ton of respect for coach Saban. Now I've got even more.
Thank the good LORD Nakobe didn't get stuck with the Falcons. They can't get out of their own way. The same franchise passed on Hines Ward and drafted Tim Dwight. Said Hines was too small for the NFL. Idiots.