sicem dawgs

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Hoping he doesn't leave. But, I gotta believe his thinking is if he goes down there and does a good job, if the head coach gets fired he moves into that position. Meaning more prestige and more money. He might just prefer the nfl.
You got that right Mountain Dog! Believe Van Pran coming back was the biggest piece of Dawgs have a championship caliber offense.
There were concerns about his size and holding up coming out of college. He looks like bodybuilder compared to BY.
Yeah, I just don't get all the hate this kid gets. Can he bust? Sure. But he looks to be tough as nails and he played hurt the entire season. Right system, like 95% of the qbs, and he will excel.
Tua getting crushed this season in the league ain't gonna help your boy Bryce. If Tua can't get through unscathed, BY ain't got a chance with his physic. But he can flat out play though.
Taking God's name in vain after literally thousands of people prayed for him this week. Yeah, I'm a blast at parties dog.
CKS is going to have them men breathing fire when they take the field Saturday night. Dawgs defense about to unleash hellfire on the buckeyes.
Two years in a row. After get the ball jammed down their throat in the semi-final last year. Hope they play each other for the championship this season. It will be an epic beat down. Again.
Hope he checks out the Dawgs again. He's going to be a great qb at the next level.
Joel Klatt? Never heard of her. Go look up his college football accomplishments on his Wikipedia page. Stet is everything he wasn't as a player. She's just jealous.
No quitting in that LSU team. Both QB's are ballers. Proud of my Dawgs and the 13-0 season and SEC championship! Go Dawgs! Two more wins.
After the effort the Tech players gave yesterday and the job the coaches did getting them ready, Key needs to made the permanent head coach. They gave the Dawgs fits. I hope that game helps Georgia win three more this season. Go Dawgs!
My poor old eyes. I first read, Donna Reed flips...