sicem dawgs

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I'll get with ya the closer we get to that time.
"any amount of money" Wow,there's that alabama confidence we all love.
He's 100% right. Teaching his players to give it their all until the final whistle. Crazy huh?
As my pop use to say,"That's 2 feet from your heart, you'll live" In all seriousness, glad it wasn't worst coach. Hope you take it easy on them this week.
Yeah, we all know that ain't happening. Not part of the plan.
Yeah, we all know that happening. Not part of the plan.
I came away with impression that it's going be awhile before auburn is relevant in the conference. A long while.
Son, my advice to you is put down your phone and start watching some film on Nakobe and the rest of them junkyard Dawgs. On second thought, just keep enjoying last weeks game. Ain't gonna be pretty this weekend.
This idiot makes coach/cousin Eddie look like Tom Landry.
Congratulations on that big win. Way to answer coach doofus on that play #1. Electric.
Y'all keep winning and we keep winning and we'll see who's the baddest bully this year.
Send Mullen a copy of Coach Pittman's response after UGA/ARK game. That's how you speak to the media after a loss. Class act. Go Dawgs!
Gators show up with that weak offense that you showed today against us, it'll be a curb stomp.
Hang tough. Ya'll are on to something good. Got the right head man. Our coaches have our guys playing for blood. No prisoners.
Home cooking?!? Just take the L and get back to work. Next week.
Haters gonna hate. Let's just keep eatin' Go Dawgs!
The "it factor" that scouts saw in Nix has a name. George Pickens.
Well said Darth. The ME generation. The people that think being on television, no matter how stupid you look, is the end all be all.