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How on earth would you know that? Oh a gator fan, got it.
What a wimp! Guess Oklahoma won't be very good this year considering they won't begin practice until the Friday before the 1st game.
We get it, you think you're the better team because we have beaten many years in a row now? Three years in a row Kirby has beaten Dan. Until you do something that's outstanding, which you haven't done since Urban left, save your speech for the Gator fan forum cause it's not working here.
I don't know what that means but I do know about people that live in glass houses.
You have no proof of illegal benefits, so why put it out there? This is a nothing burger. A lot of these kids smoke pot, not just Georgia players. What I can't believe is that he said "he smoked it already". Not the wisest choice of words. He won't get another chance from Kirby, but UF or Auburn will pick him up if he's discharged from the team.
Fields was never going to stay at UGA. Our offensive scheme, known to all of America now: run, run, pass, is not built for him. He's much better at OSU
Have you lost your mind? You haven't played Georgia's defense this year so how would you know genius? You know nothing. All the stats and sports experts disagree with you yet here you are talking smack. Now LSU fans sound like Alabama fans used to. Arrogant and full of hot air.
Does anyone know what hell this means....anyone....Bueller?
I'm glad we won but I think Kirby and Coley need a come to Jesus talk from somebody. The play calling in the second half was some of the worst I've ever seen. We were really lucky.
Here's the thing. Can anyone tell me why Georgia didn't move up in the polls? The media is oooing and awwwwing over ND...but we beat them, we won, not ND. They're a good football team, but we were better on Saturday. Nothing against AL or Clemson, but they haven't really played anyone and neither one has played a top 10 team. For that matter, Auburn has better quality wins too, why aren't they ahead of Alabama or Clemson? What is the criteria for being a top 5 team? It certainly isn't quality wins, not for the top 2 spots.