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Not to mention the AAU rankings are kind of a joke and very subjective. If you go by just research and academics. GA ranks higher than several schools in, which is another joke considering you have to get voted in. GT and Emory Universities are both in and would probably not get Georgia Techs or Emory's vote. That is an stupid way of determining College sports and divisions.
You are saying Harvard and Dartmouth Yale and Columbia are in and schools like LSU GA and AL are out? Wonder how that would work with no TV money to support the new college division you think will come to be.
Not arguing the point you tried to make but there are all kinds if individual awards for position players all through college football. The Heisman is supposed to go to the player who contributed the most to his team. Lately when I say lately since late 1990's. It has somehow turned in to an individual achievement award of a beauty contest. Not nessisarily what it was intended for. Who caught the most passes, who had the most yards not who impacted and contributed the most their team s sucsses. All those running backs, quarter back, recievers did great things for their teams. No one is saying they didn't but here we are at the end of tge year and no one offensive player has distinguished himself as the most inpactful player on any team. So why not someone like J. DAVIS who because of his talent speed and size draws double and some times triple blocks, freeing up linebackers who now have no blockers to get sacks. Or for that matter why not Williams from Alabama he is tge most impacted player on The Tides defense and has made them a great defense.
I am all for automatic bids for confrence champions. We can finally stop arguing over which team is better because of scheduals and who they did and did not play. Win your confrense then try your luck with all the other confrence champions. Let the team who wants it the most have it. No matter how they get into the playoffs. Also power 5 schools get to finally show why all these years why group of 5 have been left out of the playoffs.
I am doing the same on Alabama's injury report oozing for Mitchie, Anderson, and J Williams
Lawn mowing from your moms garage counts as a business it TN? Are you supposed to be in class right about now.
I think UGA golf is usually pretty good. They do have something like 15 alumni playing on the PGA.
And 17 points to show for all them yards. It is not about moving the ball Dan its about scoring when you get to the red zone. GA has kept 55% of trips to the end zone this year to ZERO points.
The best chance ever. GA played Al close the last three times the teams met. Saban had to change Quarterbacks twice in to games to win them you don't have two elite QB this year. And you won't have them next year either. And what makes you think GA won't have an Elite Offense next year. Along with another great GA defense. I can't believe the level of stupid on these blogs. Smart is a great coach and a pro en elite recruiter. You think he is going to stop recruiting why? His Name is Smart no Mullen.
We missed you and the TN mouths. Your elite passing game, air raid attack is going to destroy GA. We're glad your back. But I have to admit you saying its easy to beat GA just gives GA fans more confidence that GA is going to win.
Who in the east is going to beat GA next year for a chance at the SEC Championship? And who's going to beat Alabama?
Those strength of schedual stats change from betting site to betting site. Its a stupid way of looking at why a team may or may not have done well.
Well look at your stats again. GA offense is ranked 27th nationally and has run less plays on offense than everyone in front of them. Also GA does have the number 6 scoring offense in college football. They are ranked 27th in total offense. But again it is due to them.running less plays than everyone ranked in front of them.
Look at 2012 season he beat Michigan. MICHIGAN State, Oklahoma, USC, all in one season. He is a pretty good coach. No matter how you look at it.
I DO WONDER what the break down of the PODs would look like. ARkansas Texas TEXAS A&m Ok Miss st Old Miss LSU Al Ga FL SC Auburn MIZZO VANDY KY TN If there is 4 teams per pod. Each team would play one team from each pod and two teams from one of the PODs for 8 confrence games. Although it would be better if we played 10 confrence games and only two out of confrence. And no more cupcake games play two other power 5 confrence games. Rival week would take care of one of those games for some teams. Like SC, FL, and GA. But I wish we could stop playing those as well and pick better teams to play. At Least for GA who would get Tech every year. FL gets FL state. SC gets Clemson every year.
Think of what the short hand of Richard is
Yes please take the advice of a guy who post on a blog over a professional coach with a great offensive coordinator. This guy obviously knows Smart isn't going to play the best player he has, because secretly Smart is still an Alabama guy at heart and wants to see the team he coaches lose.
Georgia has played three teams Alabama has played. Al played all three close. GA has not, so how do you explain that? What wall is coming for GA? I have watched 9 Alabama games this year and seen 9 diffrent AL teams. Which one is going to play this week?
I don't think Bryce is going to be the best player on the feild. He might be the 3rd at best in the game. And 2nd best when AL offense is on the feild.
I play golf skins on Saturday with about 30 guys that have mostly graduated from SEC schools. One guy from Michigan and another from USC Trojans. When we finish playing we watch college football at the club house until the late games come on. Everyone was rooting for Michigan this last weekend. It seems the only thing we can all agree on is how much the SEC hates Ohio.
Everyone e seems to forget that for the longest time the only games televised were those in the big 10, bid east and the pac 12 and notre dame. No one knew what was going on down here because the games where not nationally televised.
I don’t think Ohio is that great. They struggle against good defenses.
I don’t think Ohio is that great. The struggle against good defenses.
SECHomer by your own reasoning if GA isn’t a consistent winner FL has been irrelevant for the last decade.
SEChomer you haven’t seen GA be consistent winners? Where have you been since the CFP have started? The Natty might be the college Super Bowl and only one team wins a year, but that one win does not negate the entire season. GA has made it to the playoffs twice. In that time FL has only made it to the SEC Championship once. And still has not made the playoffs.