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Thank you Gwhite I am definitely betting dogs to not only cover but boat race Ohio .
How do we know they are for real the only test they had all year was Ohio and maybe Penn State. You have looked at who they played all year right?
.840 winning percentage 1 national title 2 SEC Titles 79-15 overall record Either finished ranked 1,2or 3 in the nation every year and has done it in hands down the toughest college football conference in the nation and in an a time with transfer portals to contend with And is on the way to back to back national titles and he isn’t even in the conversation. Dude pull your head out of your four point contact.
Your boy Hooker is 24 only a few months younger. And a 5th year senior.
What Kelly was able to get out of ND while he was there makes him a great coach. Because of standards to get into ND he could not recruit just any great player. At LSU which has a nationally recognized brand. And with what he did this year in his first year with a team he had to throw together in less than a year. If people aren’t scared of what LSU will become they better be.
That Gwhite thinks LSU has a chance means I am beating my house and life savings on GA to win and cover.
That Gwhite thinks LSU has a chance means I am beating my house and life savings on GA to win and cover.
Go back to your hole GA SoS is 23rd in the nation because just like everything else the rankings change during the year. That 75th ranking was before they got into the met of the SEC schedule
@gwhite the more you write the more yo I prove you have no idea what you are talking about. Stength of Schedule rankings change throughout the year. Depending on how everything plays out. GA SoS is higher than TN GA SoS is at 23 now not 75 idiot.
And be happy it started raining inthe 2nd half of the GA game. That game was well on its way to being 50- to 6 until GA stopped airing out on your non existent secondary.
You still don’t get it it’s is about wins and losses not about statistics or yards gained or how many points you score the only column that matters is W vs L. GA -0 L’s were TN -2 L’s. Stop crying and hope your team does better next year.
Because TN would be a two loss team and even though LSU is also a two loss team they still won their division and will be playing for a conference championship. This should come as no surprise LSU and AL have both been in this exact position AL with one loss to Alburn when GA and AL both got onto the playoffs. Ohio And Penn state. Why are you acting surprised. There is little to no room for error at the end of the season for any one. It’s not always about who you beat it’s also about who beat you. If you had not played GA and were in the west this would be a moot point. But you guys are in the east and just like every year “There can be only One”!
UAB and UCLA are not even in the same atmosphere of college football. USC win over UCLA a much higher profile win than LSU over UAB.
@gwhite you do realize that it does not matter how many yards a team gains in rushing or passing that determines if they win or lose. TN could have ran for 600,000 yards and passed the ball an equivalent of 4 light years in distance and still not win they game if they don’t actually score when they have the ball right.
I so desperately want TN to make the final 4 some how. I also hope every stadium in college football across the entire country has to be treated for mold or flooding or any problems really. Every stadium except Neyland so GA is forced to play TN at TN. After this wish is granted I hope there is no rain, no wind, just mild temperatures and sunny clear skys. So at the end of the game, when the 20000 or so TN who did not leave half way through the third quarter an take pictures of the GA 48-TN 6 score board. Maybe then TN fans will shut up about how TN would have won if.... (my favorite excuse I have heard so far was TN did not want to win the game so they wouldn't have to play an extra championship game)
I desperately want TN back in the playoffs preferable at #4 so GA is guaranteed to make the national championship game.
GA is ahead of tn in passing offense and was before the game between GA and TN
@Gwhite are you in a mental hospital? If not you should be. That 27-13 could easily have been 48-13. If you dont think GA took their foot off of the gas in the 2nd half you have no idea how to objectively watch an analysis football. I swear if you think TN lost that game on.purpose because they have some master strategy to win the national championship by not playing in a confrence championship, you have to be crazy.
Walker couldn’t stop lying about himself. He was not a viable candidate don’t blame voters. Blame the GOP and the DNC. Out of 330 million people in this country the best they can offer up is the asshats they give us to vote on every election. You know they only get away with it because of idiots like you who view it as a popularity contest or who can be the most divisive between the “ your side vs my side “ debates. Instead of demanding better from our leaders we get what ever fool they give us. Stop voting along party lines and pay attention to what the candidates says. You won’t agree 100% of the time with everyone but you vote according to who you think will do the best job. If people started doing that and we stopped alowomg negative ads in politics we would get much better candidates.
What ever drugs you are currently on please put them down and just say no. There is no way in Hell LSU beats GA this year and no way any 2 loss team makes the playoff. Even if by some Intervention by the Hand of God LSU beats GA they don’t make the playoffs. GA would drop to #4 in that case. Ohio and Michigan both get on as long as the only loss between them is to each other and they take the PAC 12 or Big 12 Champion as #3 team.
@biomedicalengineeringvol Usually let idiots post what ever without comment but since you have posted this on 37 diffrent blogs on this site alone I thought you might like to learn it was not a professor from UGA that made the mistake. There were 3 GA surveyors and 3 TN surveyors on the team. The boarder isn't a 1/4 mile off it is over a mile off. When the boarder was made the land belonged to the Chickamauga tribe who were war like and no one wanted to survey the land. This was in 1788 that the border was placed at 35 degrees latitude by congress. The survey was not completed until mid 1800's or so. GA is not fighting for water rights ever 20 years ago GA legislation makes a fuss over it that no one takes seriously. No one but a guy who probably never attended UT because no one who actually attended a program of study would be arrogant or narcissistic enough to use that program as a moniker. Lions don't have to go around telling everyone they are lions.
He was on another blog telling everyone TN meant to lose that game so they have an easier road to the national championship by not having to play an extra conference game.
1925, John Scopes was tried in Dayton TN for the crime of teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.see we can do it too find some obscure fact from someone doing something stupid.
That's like the pot calling the kettle black.
Wow 6 sacks against Henderson Hooker. The most feared QB in the history of college football. (According to TN fans only) GA did not even have to stack the box to get to him. Looks like TN was exposed to me.
GWhite what have you got to say now. I guess that inferior schedule GA played, makes TN a top 25 team not a top 10 team. You know since GA defense "man handled your no one can stop TN offense team". If by some miracle TN makes the playoffs, they get exposed once again in the first game against a championship caliber defense.
If the National title game wasn’t played Alabama would have been 1-0 against Georgia last season.
I wouldn’t go counting Alabama out just yet. The reported Temp on the field was 110+ with high humidity. I am not saying that was the only reason for sloppy play, but I am beating it was a deciding factor.