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If he says he is not going to Indianapolis, he is gone. He is made that way.
At least we don't have to worry about a player being arrested for shoplifting chicken wings.
# 7 has not been healthy all year. I would love to see him one more time in the purple and gold. However, he is the one to determine whether it is worth the risk to aggravate his injury before the combine. He was going to the NFL and I think he made the wise decision. LSU in in good hands with Guice, Williams and Broussette for the bowl game. Most teams only dream of a trio such as those. Good luck, Leonard. You just may cause me to watch a few NFL games again.
If I were a butthole, I possibly would say that Florida got what they "deserved".
Nothing is gonna change in the SEC until Saban tires of playing with the rest of us, and O is more fun than a barrel of monkeys on the other 364 days of the year. While the rest of the SEC also rans are sweating bullets, we are going to be having a blast down on the bayou. It's just a game. Might as well have fun with it.
I'm with the players. Nothing is going to change in the SEC as long as Saban stays around (my respect for him only concerns his ability to win). At least, LSU fans can have some real fun for the other 364 days of the year with Coach O. I truly like the guy and believe he can be a winner on the other 364 days.
Foley is still upset that his meteorology skills were exposed. His weather forecast was costly to both schools. The final "solution" (did I really type that?) was as fair as either could get from an unfair situation.
This one is on the Gators. Bring on the asterisks.
Translated: "Well, you know, we were a little beat up and would have had a problem getting to the championship with two losses. Now it is someone else's problem".
Houston Nutt left the cupboard bare for Coach O at Ole Miss. Coach O filled the cupboard for Bucky.
Houston Nutt left the cupboard bare when he left Ole Miss (Nutt did the same at Arkansas). Keep that in mind before judging Coach O.
One look into the eyes of Harris and one is left with the distinct impression that nobody is home.
I thought the new improved LSU offense was the most embarrassing thing I had seen until Boutte's faux pas. An apology to Wisconsin is insufficient.
One look into the eyes of Brandon Harris and one is left with the distinct impression that nobody is home. It is time for Harris to get the Jarrett Lee, which Lee did not deserve.
I just wish people would grow some skin; skis has gotten too damned thin since the emergence of the divider-in-chief. It has become fashionable to be a victim.
The narcissist wants to blame the cops because the players were possessing dope. Sounds a lot like Obama to me.
Bama is stuck with Saban, whatever his future record; some idiot has already put his statue up.
Nick ain't goin' nowhere. Incest has a way of growing on you.
Don't know what to think. Couldn't see it. I hate censorship. I know how to avert my own eyes, if appropriate.
Congrats to Bama on another great season. There will never be another Bear. But enjoy football for what it is, just a game.
Condi aspires to be the NFL commissioner and be on the college football selection committee. I aspire to be a porn star. Condi and I have the same problem. We don't have the qualifications to achieve our aspirations.