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Even though I'm not a fan of Texas, I've been rooting for Coach Strong. I hoped that he could show up and install some discipline in that locker room and eventually make it work. Good luck Coach Strong, you should be able to find a much better fit
I'm honestly shocked. Thing of beauty to finally see our offense click like that. Coach Ludwig needs to keep it up
Glad to know it wasn't just me that saw that
Went to the High School as Roc. The dude was amazing, I remember a play in which every member of the opposing defense touched him yet he managed a 60 yard TD. Anyways now I'm at Jax St and we're getting him. That's awesome. JSU's head coach was also our HS coach
Was just about to ask that myself. He needs to be on here
I like Reed. Hard worker who understands how he got there.
Vandy LB Darreon Herring signed with the LA Rams
Had to do a double take on that. You're right, dang he looks weird
You are correct. He is/was an underclassman
Not really blasting Auburn. Just telling the truth Many College recievers that play in spread offenses have similar problems
Am I the only one surprised that LSU didn't have anyone selected until the 2nd round?
Congrats Lattimore. You're achieving what many people do not
Agreed. He could have done well in the league but his greed got in the way. Heck he even held out for a bigger contract in the beginning of his first season. That hurt him a lot by putting him behind in learning the playbook and learning the NFL game.
You don't agree with Nick Saban as Nick Saban?
I'd put Tebow at #4 and move T-Rich up to #3. Like you said at least Tebow won a playoff game and appeared serviceable, the only reason Richardson had so many yards in his 1st season is that they kept giving him the ball.
These were Franklin recruits (there were 4 of them that did this). They were not exactly recruited by the highest standards. Not excusing the school for letting this happen but we try not to bring in these kinds of athletes.
I can't possibly understand how Kevin Steele demands that high of a salary. I'm sorry but he's just not good
Is it sad that I thought the same thing?
I've always been disappointed that y'all didn't have that great of a running game. Hope that changes this yr. Except when you play us
Great move by Coach Jones in letting Coker down to join their pro-day. Really a win-win: Coker gets another chance to make an impression on scouts and the seniors down at USA possibly get a better chance at exposure with more scouts showing up.
I haven't a doubt he'll be the best QB in the league next year. Not really sure if he will be remembered as one of the best in league history though. Not saying he's not good but consider that of those names in the title, 3 were awarded Heismans and 2 won national championships. If he does achieve one of those marks he will deservedly have earned his place. If not it is likely he will just be remembered as a very underrated QB (except to Ole Miss fans that is)
That picture shows Wommack as a DC and Jones as a Co-DC. Is that a mistype or does Ole Miss have so odd coaching setup?
Del Rio is a good coach. I'm sure Coach McElwain doesn't mind having him around
Lattimore was taken on a flyer with the hope he could overcome his injures. There was never any expectation for him the be the best back in the league, they just hoped he could become a starter. Besides Lattimore is a class act and gracefully bowed out of the league when he realized he would not be able to recover to the be an NFL RB.
LOL, worst RB ever is a little overboard. Many RBs never even gain a yard in the league, Richardson has gained over 2,000 yds. If you mean the biggest RB bust you would probably be right.
Aldon is getting his life back together. The Raiders are waiting for him to prove he can stay sober and out of trouble. If he does they are bringing him back. He did well last year considering the circumstances