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Why do you read his articles? I certainly would not read the work of someone that I detested. Do you know what the letters F O stand for?
Hooker is young enough to be my son. What do you put out for the world to see and critique? Nothing. A class A loser no doubt. Born an idiot, live an idiot, and will die an idiot.
Love you Dave! You are light years ahead of these dip sticks that look at Tennessee through orange colored glasses. I swannee Dave, they have kenipsion fits when you aren't as delusional as they are. Keep up the good work.
Good points Dave. I think that Pruitt should throw this season the way of developing his recruits. Play his freshman and sophs. If he does that, in a couple of years he will be in a good spot. Don't pay any attention to these losers' negative comments.
Good article Dave. Keep up the good work. Seems that Vol fans with room temperature IQ's have issues with reality. Do not let it slow you down. Go Panthers.
Just because he does not blow orange smoke up your ass does not mean that he is a clown. Hooker has good insight and sense of humor. He is from Powell. The guy is making a living, so keep it civil!