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46yrs in the dirty south! Love the UA and bleed 'houndstooth'! Value the Freedom of speech and can't stand p***ys that abuse it or hide behind it! Love college sports

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I’m sorry, I was wrong. Fla. offered him the 11mil deal not LSU. My bad.
I don’t either of you know wtf your talking about. At least Young was already In school and practicing. The kid that’s in high school and supposed to be going to Miami signed a 9.5 million deal this summer. It was said he turned down an 11mil dollar deal to go to LS-who! How the phuk is that not enticing! And he’s STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL! Roll tide
That’s exactly what Saban was trying to say that day. Telling his boosters and others they better get their wallets out because we are way behind Texas and A&M. Not “look look A&M’s buying recruiting classes”. But they got plenty enough money to buy them if they wanted too! Thank you
I’ll say it again, what Saban said that day to his boosters and alumni and others was that they better start raising more money. Cause we’re behind A&M as well as Texas. Whether that money is used to entice a whole recruiting class or not, they have it to do so! At this point BAMA does not!
You were doing better when talking about your own team. I’m sorry but your friends lied to you. Everybody and their momma have been saying for years “BAMA MUST be breaking the rules, nobody can win that much”! Saban runs a tight ship around here. He knows people have them under a microscope and would love to catch BAMA cheating.
Again, your crazy if you don’t think these kids aren’t having the money talk. Whether it’s against the rules or not. Come on man. and I’m a die hard BAMA fan!
You would be ignorant to think that now that we can talk about $$ and these players can get a little $$ that it wouldn’t be talked about during recruitment. People still don’t understand what Saban said that day. His point was that our boosters etc better start raising more $$ because we are way behind A&M. If we are gonna compete then we need to raise more $$ or else Texas and Tx A&M are gonna get all the recruits.
Not if Bama had just lost because of poor play or play calling. It would be more along the lines of “I’ll hold you to that”! That’s not to say he wouldn’t pick at her the rest of the season.
Why would anybody apologize to him! He’s supposed to win. I’m really surprised he made a joke (the $10 comment) in the first place.
Probably one of the better fights we’v seen in the last year or so! Far better than some adults fighting. Hell, they end up hitting the wrong person more than once. Lol
Wtf is Brooks? You talk about Foucha’s numbers while at Arkansas and then bring up ‘Brooks’ numbers “in 3 seasons for the Razorbacks”! Does anyone proof read this stuff before it goes out?
It seems u meatheads at A&M still don’t quite understand what was said that day. That’s understandable cause ur coach didn’t either. Pay attention now cause this is where a lot of u BAMA haters are missing the point. What he ment was that Alabama better start raising more money to be able to compete with other schools for these recruites! If Texas A & M can buy all of their recruits then Alabama needs to be able to buy theirs as well. He didn’t say they were doing anything wrong nor did he say they were cheating! So tell me, who started crying first? Saban was just trying to get more money from the boosters!
A lot of folks on here are missing the point. Imagine if his family was there, in Auburn's home court. And one of Auburn's fans is screaming that at ur kid! Basically this kid was representing AU in a manner they didn't like! It's really embarrassing because u might expect this behavior from a 12yr old! I applaud AU for making an example out of this fan. Regarding free speech I feel like since we have that right make sure whatever we have to say count!