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2 NCs in baseball and several other sports with NCs. Also several NIT Championships... Try again.
He did pretty well for his first class in managing to bring in Bentley, Edwards, Dowdle and the rest... Give the guy time. FYI, UGA is filling up on DB spots and several experts predict the final spot will not be for Williams (A. Speed more than likely). He is doing pretty well and a hell of a lot better than Spurrier did his last 3 years...
May not hurt now or 3 years down the road, but Clemson's loss of focus on SC is what will be there downfall. It is what gave them a ton of there talent this year and for the past few.
Had he stayed completely healthy, I have no doubt in my mind that Lattimore would have won the Heisman at some point in his career. Was something special and outside of sports, he is a great all-around individual.
I think after his OV, he will be convinced what a huge asset he is for this team. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Not one SC player? Really? Ok
I get McIlwain hasn't panned out yet, but to compare against Hurts isn't fair. Look at all the talent Hurts is surrounded by compared to McIlwain. I think he needs time to develop his passing game but he will be good or better down the road.
Idk. I think the positives like fan turnout, proximity and exposure are all there but the chances of fans going to stay in Charlotte, is less likely. Geographically, SC makes the most sense
You can't mention a close game without also including Clemson... nearly lost at home to Troy and NC State...
Have to look at fan travel (Columbia is closer than Lexington to Charlotte) and marketability (and no offense, y'all clearly beat us) but SC is a more recognizable football team than UK. If it were Basketball, no question, everyone knows Kentucky, but I just see Charlotte as a better fit for SC. They are all projections, who knows what will happen after the next two weeks.
OL was and has been terrible before Muschamp. Dropped passes and extremely poor blocking led to no offense. It's a very young team and with a new OL coach, they will improve. Congrats on the W ad have fun getting crushed by Bama
The east is still open. SC can still win it, mathematically speaking!!! lol
To SC: You are famous for let down games after a big win, don't screw it up on Sat....
Not going to doubt Mizzou for a second. SC always seems to play slower after a big win and may get ahead of themselves. Hoping that isn't that case and business is taken care of to get us 1 game closer to a bowl
If I was a betting man, I would put SC at -4 or -5. As good as they looked, SC can always find some way to disappoint after a big win. Hoping for the W next week either way
Nothing to take away wins from UGA, UK or A&M but Bentley has definitely been an offensive catalyst and I am not sure we lose as many as we have had he been put in earlier in the season. Hope momentum is kept and we beat Mizzou next week!
I'd say GT is the only probable win. Don't get me wrong, I am not here to trash UGA ( as they beat SC fair and square) but their offense looks like SC's the first half of the season and with UK and Auburn looking up for now, things don't look as well as they could or should have for Georgia.
Have to beat Mizzou and win our next OOC game (WCU). Think it is entirely do-able, but can not play soft against Mizzou based off their record.
Where the UT fans talking about beatdowns and UT crushing SC.... #SpursUp
Next to Tigger Rag, it is the most annoying and overplayed fight song... Plus all that nasty orange. Gross
Can see Jones recommitting but Gay seemed pretty high on UM when he mentioned them...
Considering the game since 2011, UT has continually made SC fans suffer for the past few seasons. The comeback in 2014... The fumble from last season that preserved the game for them. I hope SC pulls the upset...
Yep, right now Alabama rules the SEC in football. No doubt about it. They have the best coach in the business and the staff and players he has developed is the formula that is dominating everyone else they play. The thing is, its all cyclical. Look at the past 30 years. The 80s it was Miami, Oklahoma and Penn St. The 90s you have a wide assortment of teams. The reality of it is, until Saban retires or starts to slip down the road, they will continue to be the head of SEC football.