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Saban isn't wrong. Unless a team comes back the following year with zero turnover among the players or staff it is technically a rebuilding year. Every team rebuilds each year in college football, it's just to what extent does a team need to rebuild.
UGA wins 1 national championship in 40 year and they're already living rent free in your head?! I really hope they don't win another anytime soon or these gumps' heads might explode.
Having a major interstate running right through the city is a HUGE negative. Also its a 15-20 minute drive from I-85, very easy to access for those that aren't donkey-brained.
Wow Kirk, seems like you touched a nerve with little Gabby, she’s very upset with you.
So after UGA beat you guys you don't like them? Enlightening stuff. Also isn't it Bama fans that will shoot you, stab you or poison your beloved trees over their football team?
Exactly! I must've been writing my comment at the same time as you.
"...objectionable to everyone", "This is not acceptable. Period." So will the player who actually wrote that horrendous word on their iPad be kicked off the team as well? Or just the unlucky coach who decided to read the words another person wrote?
And you love it! Why else would you waste hours a day commenting 20+ times on this site about them.
Fair enough, Alabama also had the highest blue-chip ratio in the country at 84% last year. Meaning that, on paper, they had the most talented team in the country. But please continue to believe that Alabama, with Saban and all that talent, is ever rebuilding. Sometimes it’s just not your year, just like sometimes your sister is busy and can’t give you the goods.
Everyone thought Alabama was the best team in the nation going into last year, that's why the were preseason #1 in most polls. Just because they didn't finish #1 doesn't mean it is now retroactively a rebuild, it just means they didn't live up to expectations.
But it isn't a top 20 university, it's not even top 50! Why lie about something that can be easily debunked. Can't take anything he says seriously.
Here's a number for you. Zero. That is the number of times Kirby lost to Dabo. I'd argue that head to head matters too.
GabrielRTR... replace elite defense with elite receivers and you are describing Bryce Young. The only QB who needs two of the top 5 receivers in CFB to win a game. Bennett proved all season he could win with a 5'10 walk-on freshman WR as one of his top options.
But if he wants to be the #1 pick he shouldn't go to Bama either (using your logic). Might as well come to UK!
So did UGA get the ball back after that punt or was Bama able to keep it and score a TD on that same possession thus helping to send it to OT and ultimately win the game? If UGA got the ball back (like they should have) I'm not sure it goes to OT at all and UGA may have won the game outright.
Saban said it too. Looks like his sore loser mentality trickled down to the players and fans. Just pathetic to witness such a great coach and program implode like this.
Bama fans have no room to talk, y’all have been handing out cars to recruits since Saban got there.
Can't speak for all UF fans but I know my only focus is on winning a championship. Beating UGA can certainly be a part in that overall goal but it isn't the end-all be-all for me and I hope it's not the goal of the team either.
"All I can say is that I never during the course of my day give one fleeting thought to what is going on in Athens.." Then proceeds to write an entire article about UGA. I mean you just can't make this stuff up!
Like I said, Ignorance is bliss. I believe Najee Harris is much better than Sermon too. The difference is I actually know a bit about Sermon to make that call, you already said you know nothing about him but know Najee is better. You are a moron.
Ok tglaze, go back to your moms trailer, she's waiting to give you that Bama special *wink wink*
But you don't know all you need to know. You already admitted that you don't know anything about Sermon. You can't say "I know nothing about X but Y is better than X." Your statement may be correct (and for the record I do think Najee is better), but your reasoning for making that statement is flawed. I can't believe there are this many dumb Bammers that don't understand this.
Perhaps using the right post would help you. It was 2Bits post, not Marsh's an hour later...
Math isn't one of your strengths, is it? 18 comments by Gators, 5 by Dawgs. Last I checked 18 is a lot more than 5, right?
I trust Clark over this clown. No reason for Clark to have lied about what he said but every reason for this clown to lie, not a good look when you had to hire your 12th choice, no matter how you want to spin it.