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It is definitely your comments. Everyone with a pulse on here has seen what you write and can infer what kind of person you are from that. You are a pathetic troll who lives to put others down because your own life is so sad. Grow up you child.
Oh the irony of seeing a troll call others trolls...
You made that point after I made mine. Your original point was "They’re not defending anything because they can’t lose their 2019 title..", but they can as I stated with USC. You then made the point that they didn't lose their title to someone the next year, which is a completely different point than your original point. Do you just constantly switch up the point you're trying to make to make it seem like you're right? Seems odd.
The point is they lost their title, doesn't matter if it was one year or 10 years later
Imagine if Bama, LSU, UGA or Florida gave their coach an extension after losing to BYU & GA St the year before. Even us Kentucky fans would question the move.
I guess they could lose their title of "defending national champs", but you're right, they don't actually lose that national title (except for 2005 USC)
Ironic that you're the one on here making comments about UGA though...
UVA was left out because they played in December, not November. Stupid post by Ricker either way but that's why they were left out.
You were looking to offend with that comment. Why else would you post your hate for basketball on a basketball article?
That Alabama education is failing you again I see. You are an Alabama fan on a Georgia board trolling. The real tragedy is that your mom didn't abort you before it was too late.
Screw UGA, I was just stating an opinion... nice try trolling though.
crishvol I don't think you know what a backfield is.
You guys are 6-5 over the last 5 years against East teams, maybe you shouldn't disrespect them so much.
Wouldn't the University's weapon policy, which prohibits firearms on campus or areas controlled by the University, supersede this law?
You're absolutely right that just about anyone is a better QB than Lambert... but Dobbs isn't one of them. He is definitely a better runner/athlete but not a better passer.
Chubb didn't tear his ACL... try doing a simple Google search next time before hitting Publish
I think you got confused. Georgia doesn't play Florida until Oct. 29th.
jdfromtn1- No other team had the guts?? Really, pretty sure this was supposed to be one of the easy openers for an SEC team this year... I tend to think that Clemson, FSU, Wisconsin, UCLA, & UNC are all better than App St. but you're right. Tenn was the only team brave enough to face the powerhouse that is App
Nice to see a Vols fan is having a good day
Yea those Bama defenses over the last few years really held the team back...
Kirby never did it under the guise of "what's best for the player" he did it because he wanted to set a precedent that all the recruits couldn't follow the old HC. If Saban was just honest and said he was blocking the transfer because he wanted to set a precedent that these kids can't follow their old DC I don't think he'd be getting as much heat as he is. But to say that this is best for the kid is a flat out lie.
Uh what? I really hope you're kidding/being sarcastic.