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Can't speak for all UF fans but I know my only focus is on winning a championship. Beating UGA can certainly be a part in that overall goal but it isn't the end-all be-all for me and I hope it's not the goal of the team either.
"All I can say is that I never during the course of my day give one fleeting thought to what is going on in Athens.." Then proceeds to write an entire article about UGA. I mean you just can't make this stuff up!
Like I said, Ignorance is bliss. I believe Najee Harris is much better than Sermon too. The difference is I actually know a bit about Sermon to make that call, you already said you know nothing about him but know Najee is better. You are a moron.
Ok tglaze, go back to your moms trailer, she's waiting to give you that Bama special *wink wink*
But you don't know all you need to know. You already admitted that you don't know anything about Sermon. You can't say "I know nothing about X but Y is better than X." Your statement may be correct (and for the record I do think Najee is better), but your reasoning for making that statement is flawed. I can't believe there are this many dumb Bammers that don't understand this.
Perhaps using the right post would help you. It was 2Bits post, not Marsh's an hour later...
Math isn't one of your strengths, is it? 18 comments by Gators, 5 by Dawgs. Last I checked 18 is a lot more than 5, right?
I trust Clark over this clown. No reason for Clark to have lied about what he said but every reason for this clown to lie, not a good look when you had to hire your 12th choice, no matter how you want to spin it.
Looks like I triggered this snowflake... Take it easy Marsh, it's not your dad.
Either Kentucky, Ole Miss, Miss St or Arkansas should give up their spot for UAB. None of us earned the right to play in a bowl game with a losing record. I'd say either Miss St or Arkansas as they only have 3 wins each.
"Every coach at every SEC school was fired", I just listed 5-6 examples of how that statement is not true. You're moving the bar by now saying every SEC school has fired a coach after being proven wrong.
Forgot about Gary Pinkel, he wasn't fired, he retired. I'm sure there are a few more but that's all I could think of off the top of my head.
Spurrier wasn't fired, he quit/retired. Kiffin wasn't fired, he left UT for USC. James Franklin wasn't fired, he left Vandy for Penn St. Dan Mullen wasn't fired, he left Miss St for Florida. Rich Brooks wasn't fired, he retired.
Ignore BamaTime, he's a sweaty little troll.
That's one way to look at it Bayou, another way to look at it is you guys started the season at #3 and fell to #6. You guys definitely underachieved this year.
You only focused on 1/2 of the issue here, Mac also had 0 turnovers against a 3 win team and won the game, something Trask just couldn't do.
You really think Smart is the worst coach in the SEC or are you just being a sweaty little troll?
Here's another stat from this weekend and it's arguably the most important stat to a QB in football. Jones went 1-0 while Trask went 0-1
It is definitely your comments. Everyone with a pulse on here has seen what you write and can infer what kind of person you are from that. You are a pathetic troll who lives to put others down because your own life is so sad. Grow up you child.
Oh the irony of seeing a troll call others trolls...
You made that point after I made mine. Your original point was "They’re not defending anything because they can’t lose their 2019 title..", but they can as I stated with USC. You then made the point that they didn't lose their title to someone the next year, which is a completely different point than your original point. Do you just constantly switch up the point you're trying to make to make it seem like you're right? Seems odd.
The point is they lost their title, doesn't matter if it was one year or 10 years later
Imagine if Bama, LSU, UGA or Florida gave their coach an extension after losing to BYU & GA St the year before. Even us Kentucky fans would question the move.