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So, Newman was a Heisman caliber player even though the previous year he played at Wake Forest. Then Daniels, who lost his job once he got hurt, had to leave schools when he couldn't get his job back at a Pac-12 school, is now the savior for Georgia. Got it...
Remember following his story. Good kid. Wish him well except the obvious of course. Good story. Go Gators!
I want our boys to be up. Can't get caught sleeping in Knoxville.
Woah, I know you had a bad year, but don't take it out on us. lol :p We are back, we have had a great two years, wonderful recruiting stretch and Georgia is on a downslide. Little brother? They beat us three years? We beat THEM three years? And then they beat us three years. There's been a lot of runs. Kirby is overrated and I think we are meeting you in Atlanta.