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I mean what an all around brilliant season for the Tigers! Coach O really has done an outstanding job recruiting not only the right players but the right coaches as well. As good as Joe has been this year, it’s obvious that he realizes that football is a team game and it all starts with the leader, in this case Coach O! Great job all around! Geaux Jeaux! Geaux Ceauxch Eaux! Geaux Tigers!
Too bad he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. His passing is awful. He won’t last long once defenses figure out his style. He’ll be Kapernick Jr. without the fro
I can already see the memes about Ole Pisses best tackler being the ref lol
LSU “escapes” with a 21 point victory? Lol. Guess this is how Bama fans have felt the last decade. Hey look I get it, LSUs defense played a sloppy second half against an average SEC team but there is no way you can say there’s no hangover from Bama. LSU is 10-0 and in the driver seat. That Plumlee kid played his heart out for Ole Miss against a tired LSU defense. I’d definitely rest some defensive starters against Arkansas and limit the starting offense as well. Geaux Tigers!
I agree. I think this will only add to LSUs resolve on Saturday. Even at AP #1 no one has given them a chance to beat Bama. If I were Coach O, I’d use this as a rallying cry. Geaux Tigers!!
I think they are afraid to rank Burrow over Tua simply because of Tua’s career resume, but strictly going by the numbers this season I believe Burrow should be tops. Also, Tua seems to throw a lot of 2 yard passes that end up going for 70 (Which is understandable considering the amount of five star talent he has around him) Burrow seems to have the edge pressing the ball down the field. As far as the younger QBs in this group. I think that Trask has played considerably better than Nix and Fromm, definitely better than Mond. (Pretty good considering that Mond and Fromm are Juniors) Burrow Tua Trask Fromm Mond
Honestly, even if Florida loses at LSU, they are still in the drivers seat in the East. Could end up being a rematch in the SEC Championship game. Geaux Tigers!
I hope the Cowboys draft some good D-line guys this year but it would be cool to see Amari Cooper and Dez Bryant on both sides of the Cowboys line! Still, the best players always end up on the crappiest teams. I fear Amari Cooper will share the same fate as many high 1st rounders that came before him. Tons of super talent in the SEC though! Should be an awesome draft class. Geaux Tigers!
Unfortunately these days, SEC football is big business and there is no bigger corporate division than Alabama football. There is no way the officials are going to let that change. Here are some stats. These just cover the last 6 seasons but if you look deeper into the stats, Alabama is basically always the least penalized. Coincidence? Which SEC teams have been the most and least penalized over the last five years? Here’s a breakdown, from the least to the most. 1 Alabama 2 Kentucky 3 Miss St 4 Tennessee 5 Ole Miss 6 Vanderbilt 7 South Carolina 8 Arkansas 9 Auburn 10 LSU 11 Georgia 12 Florida
LSU got screwed out of a first and goal from the 2 yard line on their very first drive because the officials blew an "inadvertant" whistle which negated an awesome run by Fournette. The next play they didn't call PI on Ole Miss. Cost LSU 7 points.
Now that's funny. They call fouls in basketball for those kinda flops. Oh well good win Tigers!
If a defensive player intends to inhibit an official from spotting the ball at the end of the game (completely subjective depending on the referees opinion of the matter) a penalty for delay of game can be called and the clock can be reset. The referee (white hat) explained that he felt the defense was intentionally stalling and reset the clock. He even said delay of game. If Florida wants to whine about not seeing an actual flag then so be it. They still committed the foul and it was enforced. End of story. ( /*\ )
Ok...I really like Harris. I'm very surprised that Les Miles is starting him bit happy nonetheless. I don't expect that LSU will stomp a mud hole in Auburn by any means but at least Harris will give them a much better opportunity to stay in the game. Can't wait to see 5 he kid play a real team on the road! Geaux Harris and Geaux Tigers!!
I was just thinking the same thing. No respectable LSU fan has forgotten about Jordan Jefferson. Les Miles kept playing him regardless of how obviously lost he was. It was like Jefferson had some blackmail on Miles. I feel sure that Jennings sorry butt will start against Auburn.
Sheesh, I'm gonna have to agree with the ugly Tiger on this one. If K-State's kicker hadn't gotten hammered at a frat party last night with Lockett, Auburn loses this game.
No one is discounting Auburn. Everyone knows how talented a team they are. It's just that the level of talent all over the SEC West this season is scary. As with every season, the cream will rise to the top and we will see what team is best. Just because Ark and Miss St aren't in the top 10, does not mean that they aren't very talented also. I mean, odds are they won't topple LSU and A&M this weekend but those games are gonna be dogfights. It will start this weekend with the Gumps stomping a mudhole in Florida. Not to belittle the SEC East. Yall have some great teams as well. Florida and Georgia will always be tough. Kentucky and Tennessee I thought played very good football this past weekend and Spurrier will never let the Cocks fall too far. Ain't football great?! Geaux SEC and Geaux Tigers!!
First I will say that, being an LSU fan, I despise the gators. Secondly, I commend Kentucky for giving Florida all they wanted in the swamp! I was truly pulling for the Wildcats. That being said, I have to honestly say that this "no call" on the delay of game in OT, seemed warranted. I saw some bad calls in this game, but this particular one was not one of them. The difference between the clock hitting 0 and the snap of the ball is so miniscule. We see these types of snaps all the time in football go without being called. Anyway, great game Kentucky. Yalls team is looking better and better. Keep up the good work coach Stoops! Geaux Tigers!
Wow, LSU has Hillyard, McGee, and Fournette. I'm not arguing with any of these guys assesments of who's the best or anything. It just makes me laugh that all these other so-called "Power" conferences still argue the fact that the SEC isnt dominant. Not only does the SEC have better players, but SEC teams are deeper at every position. I'm ready for this coming week! Geaux Tigers!!!