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28-9 Florida?!?! Florida's offense is a dumpster fire, the Gamecocks haven't given up 30 points to a team yet this year and you project them to put up 28...completely ridiculous and it'll never happen. Go Cocks!!
Ah, here comes the Georgia fan. If my memory serves me correctly, we've beaten you guys four of the last six times we've played against each other...I guess that would make you an expert on South Carolina losing, right?
I cannot wait until we are six games into the season and all of the conversations about South Carolina and Muschamp have completely turned to surprise, when what has transpired is the polar opposite of what is predicted above. Not only will South Carolina not go 0-6, but after the first 6 games of the season they will be well on their way to a bowl bid. How's that for a bold prediction?!? I'll come back and laugh at your comments and ignorance on October 8th!!