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I have seen where the Arkansas idiots are predicting up to 8 wins. I say 4 or less. In fact I am willing to set that as the over under and bet it with any of you Arkansas morons who would like to wager.
Sam thought coming out would overshadow his poor ability. it did not. I find it funny that he said at his press conference "I wish you guys could just ask me about football". They, the reporters, were not the ones that brought up the gay thing, you did that to yourself Mr. Sam.
Bama will always have one of the easier schedules in the SEC, they don't have to play Bama. Same reason ARkansas has a hard schedule, they don't have to play Arkansas or they would have a easy schedule.
Unfortunately for Kendrick, Arkansas has sorry QB's an no one who can throw an accurate pass over 20 yards.
You are wrong as usual. It is Gus, Saban was second choice, when Gus said yes Saban was out so he signed a better contract with Bama.
Noway Tenner beats WKU, WKU and it won't be close. SC over Georgia also.
Dyer is a paid cheater and won't last the season, TR? What a joke. Joe Adams is better than all in the SEC.
War Memorial is the toughest in the conference. Many teams refuse to play there.
Robert Thomas DT at Arkansas will be an all SEC player this year.