Go Cocks!

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So is Skai Moore not listed bc he hasn't declared or is he not expected to be drafted? If so, I hope he stays around for his senior year. He is one of our best players on D on the the current roster and we could def benifit from him staying for his senior year.
Maybe u should include the team that has beat yall 4 out of the past 6 meetings. Go Cocks!
I totally agree. That game was a nail biter and not to mention "The Hit." Last second bomb in the end zone, hell of a game.
You must be insane. The USC is a far better job that Maryland. SEC vs ACC? Maybe if you want to win the All Cupcake Conference and arent looking for any kind of real challenge. Carolina is on equal ground as everyone in the east.
We were within 3 points of beating the East champs. I know we looked bad most of the game, but we have some moments of solid football. I think we can handle the Citadel, we aren't that bad.
Let me correct myself, we havnt owned UGA since the HBC changed things here in Columbia, but we did beat yall 3 years in a row and the games have been toss ups. I would say we are pretty equal.
U r crazy, the Gamecocks have owned UGA since the HBC came to Columbia with the exception of a couple years. And before that we always played y'all close. No more HBC, but things have changed in the east.
This is true, the Gamecocks have had 2 down years and rocky top is already acting like we r the team before The HBC changed the culture here in Columbia and not to mention we are the reason Fulmer was fired.
I know UGA has high expectations, but who's going to be better than Richt? Kirby Smart could be the answer, but just look at Muschamp. Great DC, but wasn't ready to be head coach.
This is a non story. Why must people always try to create controversy about top players? I know why, but it is getting old.
I don't think any conference wants to claim your team right now. I know it must suck seeing spurrier kicking your ass on the other sideline, but atleast you have a statue of the HBC to look at every Saturday.
I might be a little biased, but I love the UA Gamecock uniforms. I didn't like the first UA uniforms, but they got it right the second time. The all garnet, and garnet with white pants look pretty legit. I know we don't have the best bc tradition has a lot to do with them, but Arkansas has to be the worst.
Enough with this. Yall need to move on. It was a hell of a game, like always. Both teams had questionable calls that COULD have changed the game. We will see who makes it to ATL. GO COCKS!