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In this order... Basketball, Baseball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Girls Soccer, and Female Basketball. Muschamp wont make the Clempson game. Flo, she needs to go. I'd go with the Ole'Miss mascot because I'm never sure what it is at the time. Who knows, maybe tomorrow its a Cheeseburger and I could eat it.
Do you even mailbag bro? Have you ever read a mailbag before? Look up Bill Simmons, Gregg Easterbrook, Drew Magary to see exactly what Mr. Spencer is trying to do here... lighten up Francis
Yeah, the trillion $$$ economy and all, fourth largest in the US. Either way, if UF won a Natty and essentially doubled Mullens salary I wouldn't blame Dan if I thought it was a bit excessive. I'd wonder what the #$%^ the state lawmakers were thinking, tossing around my tax dollars hand over fist, just cause. But again, good on Coach-O.
Him leaving Wisconsin for Arky blew old school, Big10 homers brains out of the tops of their skulls. If anything I think Arkansas would have been better served to let the guy stick around longer.
Let it go... find something new to bring up to make yourself feel marginally better about your cross state rival blowing y'alls doors off in the 2000s...
Grats to Coach-O, well earned and deserved. But... For the first time in...heck, not even sure. 10-15 years? The state of Lousiana actually made money. The debt is still mindboggling, 17.5 billion, or 1500 a person. So yeah LSU, y'all finally have some surplus, might as well gove it to Coach-O
Good luck with this... In the weak ACC he completed 60% and threw 11 picks. His picks will double and his completion% will drop 8 points. He was 6/14 and two picks against Clemson. He is going to struggle against sub-par or better SEC teams, his numbers dont lie. He struggled in nearly every single game he played non-cupcakes.
Idc what conference the refs were from. But that catch fumble call was absolute garbage, tOSU wins that game if the call went their, the correct, way. The fans have a legitimate gripe, the call was garbage.
Ill miss CBS... I will not miss Gary, it cost 400 million a year to get rid of him. Well spent ABC
These shoes are literally designed to appeal to teenage boys. Its a recruiting ploy, if you, or I, found them appealing that would be an issue.
Sorry your rival is a team thats in a P5 conference only because they are great at Basketball.
Hopefully when the Nulls play The U Suck next year both teams suck so bad it reverses gravity and both teams are sucked into a black hole.
North State Journal, lol, wtf?! Good on ya! Let me know when thw state of North Carolina puts a team in a football conference that isnt a tire fire. They know their roundball up there, not so much Football tho...
I want Bammer to win just because the Michigan buses blocked all of 528 during rush hour traffic so they could make it to their hotel. Like 24 cops bringing Orlando to an absolute stand still a 1/4 to four. Regardless, boohoo...poor Bammer. Cry me a river, schedule better and this won't be an issue. Y'all should have known this would happen. The committee couldn't shoehorn ya'll in this year like they love to do, cause bammers schedule was so soft.
The Barves are way out in Charlotte County. By way out I mean 3 hours away, more if I4 is crappy. I used to catch half a dozen Braves spring games because the facilities oin Disney are next level, but now they moved to North Port which is, can't empathize this enough, the absolute middle of f...... nowhere.
Y'all lose to that Baptist school in the middle of nowhere yet?
Please do me a favor. Count how many Gators are on this list. Go ahead. Count all of that bias...
"In the top 5 greatest Alabama linebackers not named Derrick Brooks" ???
Dude is laughing all the way to the bank.