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I honestly enjoy this new rivalry. Missouri not being a straight pushover like the teams they share a border with has been great, refreshing really. Which is why bringing in UM and AtM has been a resounding success up to this point. However, I will always think as long as there is an SEC East and West Missouri should be a Western team. Either way, if there has been one new "rivalry" to be born out of the expansion I appreciate that Florida is a part of it.
You can wake up from a nightmare, and it usually doesn't cost nineteen million dollars.
Leach would be a Homerun for Arkansas. Idc what his record this year is.
Dude is hard to get rid of, Muschamp Simplex Virus.
We shall see. Sabans turnover with his coaches will catch up to him at some point. The defense, the secondary in particular, looks bad. Still a ton of talent at the skill positions, but the lines don't look remotely special. So either its just a down year, or something more than that. I think its its something more.
He should wear a Mardi gras costume to NY for the Heisman
He should @willietaggart and say sorry not sorry for getting him out of FSU and paid 17 million for his trouble.
Honestly wouldnt be surprised if UF drops below both Baylor and Penn State. PSU has lost one game, and Minnesota looks pretty darn good. Not sure how the f Baylor is undefeated at this point, yet here we are. I see UF at 12 and either PSU or Baylor at 10/11.
And beating them aint gonna get y'all to Atlanta, or the Playoffs...
Sweet dreams, bammer! Sweet dreams, bammer! Sweet dreams, bammer! We're going to leave you now.
So like a Mens version of Tennessee Basketball, but...Baseball.
Its what dogs do, they play dead. "UGA!!! UGA!!!" ::makes finger gun, shoots the dog:: ::UGA flops on his side:: "GOOD BOY UGA, HERES A MILKBONE!!!" Cant teach an old ass dog new tricks
Pretty much. He also earned a job with either Cincinnati, NYJ, or Miami. least he is going to win the Heisman.
I bet you do. So does everyone else, which is why it wont happen. Y'alls soft ass schedule, bammer had one job. Beat LSU at home. Bammer failed and now you will reap your reward. Locked out of the playoffs, go to bed.
What you smoking bro??? Lol calm down killer, go hit the showers, your done.
And yet it does. Any change up in the status quo is helpful. Florida has a pretty terrible history against bammer, however, they dont against LSU. We get LSU every year, we font get bammer every year. A strong LSU is beneficial in multiple ways, them winning the NC ultimately makes them stronger. Afa recruiting, it is what it is. LSU will always lock down Louisiana, even when they're not good those kids still go to LSU. Just the way it is. Recruiting in the state of Florida will come with success, always does. Florida will win the East next year, not even worried about that, jawja has been regressing year after year even with all those croots. Not a lot to hang the Gator hat on this year, but losing to LSU in a relatively close game is something, albeit not a big something. But something nonetheless, and after the last two regimes that is something to build on. So yeah. LSU wing the Natty is in Floridas interest.
Between the new lights, Gameday, Trump at the game, Saban all over the T.V. schilling for whatever company pays for his face to be on their brand. Documentaries about Saban and his greatness on ESPN, the absolute soft schedule, etc., etc.... Maybe Bama just needs to chill out with all of the extracurricular B.S. and get back to playing football. Whole lota nonsense, not a lot of substance.
Paul: "Florida-Man from Orlando, go ahead" FM: "HEY PAWWWWLLLLL!!!!" "BAMA. AINT. PLAYED. NO-BODY. PAWWWWLLLL!!!!" Paul: "Im sorry Florida Man, do you have anything relevant to the conversation to share" FM: "HEY PAWWWWL!!!! WELL NOW THEY HAVE!!!" "GOODNIGHT. T-TOWN. I'll hang up."
As did most, including LSU fans. I thought LSU hiring Coach O as full time HC would be an absolute disaster. Boy was I wrong. Plus he is fun as hell, dude is always happy and in a positive mood.
Florida is good this year. Florida could be great next year.