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HELP ME!!!!! HELP ME!!! I'M FEELIN FAINT, A BIT LIGHTHEADED!?!?!? The Deja-Vu is overwhelming, I need to sit down. Lol.
You can't even have a back and forth with out throwing out some childish insult about the guy. A guy who has succeeded more than 99% of the guys who work in his profession, spare me the ridiculous bias and ignorant slights.
Lol, I'm a Dolphins fan. He set the Phins back 10 years, they we t an entire season with out a win because of Saban. They are just now recovering. Saban ruined the Dolphins with his inept ability as an NFL HC. Youre right, he didnt fail miserably, he failed in some epic out of this world level.
Bruh... Chill on the diatribe, take a breath friend. Childish...
He literally did. He was a 1st round draft pick and played his bowl games. He didn't quit on his team and he still got paid. He made it to the NFL and his body got ruined, now the thing he hangs his hat on is his allegiance to his alma mater. A lesson in there somewhere, and it blows my mind I'm defending a former uGa great to a puppy fan.
Thankfully, I think, coaches learned from the best. Ol'Saint Nick. The greatest College Coach in history made the jump, failed miserably, went back and has never looked back. Add in Dan is likely still close to a certain former Atlanta HC who had great success, yet got fired after a couple marginal seasons. There is no loyalty in the NFL, something I think Dan is big on.
If Philly, Washington or Pittsburgh comes calling I could see Dan going. I dont think Dan is stupid enough to take the Jets job, its a 2 year gig and you get fired. Detroit has at least shown they will give a HC time to implement a system but its in Detroit and the talent on that team is somehow less desirable than even the Jets. Mullen is well known for giving vague answers on the NFL, just like Urban. Its what coaches do, I dont see him jumping for a job like the Jets. Again, Dan is a Pennsylvania guy, if Philly came calling he would jump.
Y'all little puppies get so hurt by words, so easy. Y'all cant take a lick of criticism. The lack of self confidence, the inability to take any feedback says it all.
I wouldn't equate opting out with a dishonorable discharge. A dishonorable would be more akin to getting kicked off the team, embarrassing your teammates before a big game. Doing something that brings dishonor to your University, the uniform and everything you worked and trained for. Think Jameis and crab legs, or grab her by the #!$$/, or his timeshare fiasco. Jumbo and FSU defended him and kept him in uniform, but I would still call that more along the lines of dishonorable than opting out. Opting out would be more like not volunteering to go outside the wire when needed, if a CO makes it optional to go on some difficult and likely dangerous task. Its more cowardice, and self preservation than a servicemember who is simply a PoS.
Even if Florida has a down year, which is highly probable, does it matter? Jawja may well win the SEC East, they might beat Florida, but haven't proven they can do anything with being top dawg in 40 years. So enjoy this optimism, worst case scenario for a Gators fan is we get to watch y'all screw the pooch yet again...
If y'all puppies sniff even the slightest criticism y'all whine like a toddler. Stop being so sensitive, y'all talk trash about everyone yet can't take even the smallest amount. Childish...
I dont see it, Mullen is a Philly guy. If the Steelers, Egles, or Redskins ;) came calling I could see him going. The Jets job is a dumpster fire.
The guy literally had to move out of Ohio because tOSU fans thought he was a traitor. Herbie is about as good an analyst on earth, to ask him to show zero love for his school is ridiculous.
Sermon might be the best player I've seen all year, size and speed for days. Bama better get right, not sure the games they played against UF and ND are going to cut it. Something to be said for a team with fresh legs, peaking at the right time. Looking forward to the Natty, hoping for a good game.
Dabo is a clown, he just got exposed along with the ACC tonight. Y'all better get ready, Bama's in for a fight. This tOSU team is legit.
and a big'ol wheel of cheddar. Just need a cup and some crackers.
Not a good bowl year for the SEC. Looking forward to the off-season.
As time passes its easy to be more reflective on 3rd amd Inept. Passions and anger calm and you try and justify, or give reason to why Tod d and his defense has struggled. Its easier to look at what he did well, as opposed to what he did poorly. You know what? Beem there, done that. I remember vividly the exact same thing happening with Muschamp and McElwain. Tod d was on thin ice last year, especially after the LSU game. This year the Florida D has been an absolute diaper fire, had the offense not been so prolific the Gators are looking at a losing record. Its Tod d's scheme, whether he doesnt have the personnel, whether its Covid, whatever, its still on him. Mullen can choose to be loyal to Tod d if he wants, but another year like this one, and the last, the fanbase will be calling for more than just Tod d's job, they'll want Mullens too.
No less than 2 of those were in the Cotton Bowl and on the receivers. Please dont try and push the focus on the most effective player, and group on the team...
Unbelievable arrogance, mindnumbingly ignorant. Have fun at Jackson State Community College!!!
They could always pay them, take their tuition out of the compensation. If a kid decides to not play he can be sent a bill...
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