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Yes, the quality of entertainment has declined over the last two weeks. I caught myself watching the 2019 Syracuse-FSU game on the ACC network, didn't realize how pathetic that was till I turned it off. What a time to be alive...
Thats because you literally do post on all the UF articles... It is what it is, I generally skim your dogsh!t comments because they are nearly always ignorant, petty, or both. I could care less about UgA articles, unless they have some sort of tie in with the Gator. I certainly don't take the time to comment on them... but its cool were in your head jawja, just makes you Gatorbait.
Fetch doggo... fetch. Now....sit. Be good and I'll throw you a bone.
01 Canes, if 2019 LSU had a defense it would be them.
Grew up in Central Florida, and most of my family is from Western Carolina/Upstate SC and East Tenn. So NASCAR was a pretty big part of my childhood, as was Ric Flair, Takeout and Bojangles. I went to the Daytona 500 pretty much every year that I can remember as a kid. UHauls in the in-field, uncles passed out drunk in the mud, aunts drunk dancing on tables and Gramas hooping and hollering. Good times… Rusty Wallace, Bill Elliot, Daryl Waltrip, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, all of them my heroes. But man… Dale Earnhardt was pretty much Jesus incarnate as a racecar driver, he was the be all end all. I had t-shirts, hats, painted my bike black and silver, and dreamed of growing a Man-Stache. Anyway, in 2001 I had just finished Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, AIT at Ft. Gordon and went home for Hometown Recruiting. My Army Recruiting office was in Merritt Island, just south of Cape Canaveral. We scored tickets to the 500 that year, just stoked. Went in full dress greens, no awards or tabs, mosquito wings on my shoulders. I was an absolute polished t^rd, grinning from ear to ear at my favorite race, chest stuck out and watching my heroes. In my homestate watching NASCAR on my favorite track, in my brand new uniform and getting looks from all the fine young gals. Just the best. Dale was running up front on the final lap, jeesh, the final d@mn lap, hurts to even think about now. He got into it with Sterling Marlin and wrecked…with somebody, name escapes me. Bleh… Dale had died and I haven’t really watched NASCAR since, certainly haven’t been back to Daytona. Puts stuff into perspective though, it certainly did for me at the time.
Jawja fans are like their namesakes. Dogs are nearly never worried about their own things, what they have. Give a dog a bone, let it be for a bit. Pull out a new bone and show it to the pup, everytime that dawg will drop its bone and want the one you have. Works the same with toys, food, whatever. Jawja fans are always more concerned about the Gators, what we have, how we got it. How they can rationalize why they can't get over the hump, why they are always second fiddle to either Bama/LSU/Auburn/Florida/lol-Tennessee. They wish the Rambling Wreck wasnt usually one in the win loss column, but since they usually are, the easiest way for them to deal with it is to say FSU sucks, etc. Just Jawja fans being Jawja fans.
Honestly... UF has been so craptastic this decade, between Tweedle Dee(Mac) and Tweedle Dum(Champ), nothing really stands out. Well, maybe in 2015 when Cece Jefferson stripped a Null QB for a safety, lost the game to a trash fSu team in the swamp, one lone safety score. My buddy turned to me, legit exited about keeping a (now 387 games) scoring streak alive. It was pretty much that moment I knew just how bad the Gators were...
Tennessee — Feleipe Franks and Tyrie Cleveland’s walk-off Hail Mary in 2017 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!
Not a sequel but The Last Boy Scout was a cool movie back in the day. It could get rebooted and nobody would get angry, and it could turn out well. I mean... it had Bruce Willis at the height of his powers, 1991, and Damon Wayans at his, peak In Living Color timeframe. But most important, Halle Berry was the damsel/stripper in distress.
Probably against the rules to serve Dog, Elephant or Tiger... But yeah who ever came up with the Gainesville dog needs to rethink their culinary acumen.
Phin fan here, trade the house for the kid. In the NFL you are only as good as your starting QB, there are extremely rare exceptions. The last time Miami wasn't mediocre, or barely above average, was when Marino was the QB. Whats the point of drafting 4 guys, that may or may not pan out, if you get smoked in the playoffs? Go all in, bet it all, and build around him. I believe Joe is the real deal, closest thing to Peyton Manning coming out of college since Luck.
I think the Razorback is one of the best logos in sports. Its unique, like UFs Gator, and has significant in-state meaning. Was stoked when Franks went to Arky, he's the first RazorGator. Either way, Arky uniforms are dope, they essentially Bammer unis with a better red and a more unique logo
Either way... Jawjas logo is boring as heck, red and black as a color combo is something a teenager would pick out and its great to be a Gator. No other team uses the Alligator as their mascot, unlike a Bulldog, which outside of a Tiger must be the most generic mascot ever.
"As I am a bit of a nostalgist, I really like the old Florida logo with the alligator strutting over the state of Florida and wish that could somehow be reincorporated." So... I think you mean the Albert logo? Although he doesn't strut over the state of Florida, he does have an image of the state on the shirt/jersey that he is wearing. Either way it is by far the Gators best logo imho. The Gators "fast" F logo can get shot into the sun.
Yup, here's your Vol fan. Wouldn't expect this classy comment to come from any other fanbase.
Grats to the young man. Boone is out of this world, and Kidd Brewer might have the most beautiful backdrop of any stadium in the country. It gets a little chilly in late fall though. Also, you can visit Knoxville and Asheville but not have to live there.
Put Gators in cursive on the helmet,or Albert and these Unis are spectacular. The helmet looks like trash, everything else is great.
Heres an example of how to not fire a guy. If MSU hadn't burned a bridge with Blackwell, if they had let him go amicably, he's not throwing the skeletons all over the floor. Sucks, Dantonio was one of the great NCAA coaches.