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I'd agree with the first part if you had just left it at that, but like a jawja fan you can't help but put a foot in your mouth. Just like a lil puppy chewing on his feet.
The Wright Hit pretty much led to targeting being a thing.
Y'all that think the block F is an improvement over the Gators in cursive script are crazy, the block F is awful and boring. Its okay for Baseball, and maybe Basketball, but looks awful on a helmet. The best UF logo is Albert, puffing his chest out wearing a sweater, for some reason. Or the UF logo with a gator above the state of Florida, sort of like a mirror, inside of a circle. Blasphemous Neil... you can turn in your card now. USCe should go with the Carolina script full time, it looks sharp regardless of it being similar to UFs script. USCe has a history of wearing it anyway. Missouri and LSU have the most confusing logos. LSU just needs to simplify theirs, go with either the tiger or the LSU, as said in the post above. Missouri's Tiger is wierd, it so hard to figure out wtf is going on with it. Its like a vague representation of a tiger by splattered paint. The block M is iconic and would look great imo. Jawja is boring and should stay so, its perfect they use absolute generic colors like Red and Black, with a stolen G logo. Represents UgA athletics perfectly, pretenders even in dress. Ditto Vandy, they should not be wearing anything flashy, their uni/logo is fine. Bammer is bamer, never change,Auburn same, the Voluntolds and UK too. Wish A&M would wear their all whites more, they look great. No clue about Miss State, not even sure what or who their mascot is, how many there are and whether it is land based or water based, or both. Either way their dog is less ugly than Jawjas dog, but both are Gatorbait. Ole Miss is the biggest offender, the fact that they don't wear their baby blue and red helmets full time is criminal. Easily the absolute best helmet design, and color combo in the SEC. Hell, imo all of college football. Ole Miss's blue and red and Florida A&M are 1&2, #3 being ITSGREATTOBEAGATOR!!!!
Agreed, and its honestly not even close. Wish they would wear it full time.
Tonny Gwynn and Willie McGinest Long Beach Poly H.S.
3,500,000,000. Thats about how many Soccer fans exist in the world.
You could make an argument for Torres over Abby.
I don't want to agree with a Dawg, but I do.
Im guessing you are from Arkansas. If you dont consider south of Gainsville southern than there is no way you could consider Western and Northern Arkansas Southern, or basically the Ozarks. Coincidentally where Fayetteville is, and where all the money is. Sure, Little Rock, W.Memphis, Texarkana and everything on the border is "Southern" but once the elevation starts to rise, Arkansans are more Western than Southern, imho.
South Eastern Conference Say it again.... SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE Oklahoma is not in the south, in any way, neither OSU. I get A&M, Houston is nearby, as is I10. Missouri is what it is, southern mizzou is essentially in the "south", i guess. Ditto Arkansas. Either way, all of them were a reach when they were added. All of them barely considered southern. Two states are missing to shore up, the true South, North Carolina and Virginia. Adding NC State, traditionally the premier(yes...I know) football school in the state would be awesome. It would pull in a big missing piece, Charlotte and the research triangle T.V. markets. NC state is a great school scholasticly as well, one of the premier Ag and Mech schools in the South, and its the largest school in the UNC system. The school would be an immediate upgrade in Basketball, they would hold their own in football and compete well in every other sport. UNC ain't leaving Duke, or Wake for that matter. I bet NC State would love to jump and get out of big brothers shadow, see A&M. Next....Virginia. Either one would work, Virginia or Virginia Tech, but heres the thing. UVA is the premier public university in the country, period. Full stop. Every single year UVA is rated as #1. Which says something, Tech is an outstanding school in its own right, as one of the best public engineering schools in the country. But, man-o-man, UVA would be a feather in the cap for the conference. They are middling at football and would immediately be on of the top 5 schools in Basketball. They also complete at a national level in every other sport on campus, but honestly UVA would be about academics. Well...and TV markets, Eastern Virgina has a huuuuuge TV market, add in D.C. as well. Western Virgina, or VaTech absolutely does not. No brainer add UVA. Sorry WVU doesn't fit, at all. Regionally WV is not considered the South, at all. The people there don't consider it, they are Appalachians first, mountain folk, and are more Pennsylvanian than Virginian. Plus, scholasticly WVU is a tire fire, they would immediately be one of the absolute worst schools in the conference academically. Nope. Call it done, adding NC State and Virginia would shore up the rest of the true south, but would push too many schools in the East, so toss out divisions(thank god).
Dude lives part time in Florida? If he was going to his home I don't think its as bad as people are making this out to be. However the dozens of people that had to go to work to fuel, clean, fly and navigate his plane is troublesom. Regardless... Alex Krishner is a barely adequate writer for SB Nation, which doesn't even cover CFB on their main page anymore.
Ken Griffey Jr Randy Johnson Ichiro Frank Thomas Chipper Jones Kerry Wood Tom Glavine Larry Walker Mark Prior Paul Konerko Ivan Rodriguez. PED Sammy Sosa. PED Gary Sheffield. PED Rafael Palmeiro PED
He should honestly be around Sheffield. Glavine was absolutely great, but he was not Smoltz in his prime, don't even need to compare him with Maddux. Hell if anything, had Avery not blown out his shoulder he would have likely pushed Glavine to fourth fiddle, and likely trade bait.
Regardless, Clemson has traditionally been underrated. The authors numbers dont lie.
They were literally worse than the metric he came up with, if it were possible A&M WOULD BE OVER 100%
Yes, the quality of entertainment has declined over the last two weeks. I caught myself watching the 2019 Syracuse-FSU game on the ACC network, didn't realize how pathetic that was till I turned it off. What a time to be alive...
Thats because you literally do post on all the UF articles... It is what it is, I generally skim your dogsh!t comments because they are nearly always ignorant, petty, or both. I could care less about UgA articles, unless they have some sort of tie in with the Gator. I certainly don't take the time to comment on them... but its cool were in your head jawja, just makes you Gatorbait.
Fetch doggo... fetch. Now....sit. Be good and I'll throw you a bone.
01 Canes, if 2019 LSU had a defense it would be them.