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Even, in, Kentucky, we, teach, punctuation. aND win to Capitalize. Kentucky whens!
UK needs to play the Pooville Fartinals in Music City Bowl. Close to both teams, would be sold out, we can’t play them otherwise... all Louisville needs to do is cover some receivers and win a few games to be eligible
It’s misleading, the context of the question was something like “does having Florida game prep for a quarterback that they don’t know give you an advantage?”
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We are like the youngest kid in the family who is finally getting attention and are so looking forward to this game! If you’re coming to Lexington, welcome and enjoy our city, some bourbon, and hopefully we can mirror the way Aggie nation welcomed BBN to A&M. My nephew is a college coach and for years he’s said UK should be recruiting Ohio, he was right. Go Cats!
You are entirely correct, UGA is a much better team, way EZ dub. Hopefully you told the team and coaches how easy it’ll be? That’d be great. That way they can spend some extra reps getting ready for Bama.
Would you say you’re a glass half empty or half empty type of guy?
The Aggie fans were amazing hosts! Aggie Nation welcomed BBN with Texas hospitality, I only hope to learn from their example on how to welcome visiting fans (then beat them). Thanks A&M for the class act
People fail to realize that Kentucky has ditched the losing attitude and Stoops has fostered a champion’s attitude- compete every day, stick to your role, trust your brother... I think that’s a huge reason for this newfound success. Minus the offensive balance, each of these points in his article are a strength of UK as well, should be a fun game! It’ll be my first time at Kyle Field.