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Blatant racism and ignorance? You've likely never even been to Alabama because I promise you it's nothing like the stereotypes that ignorant people like you associate with it. Means to an end? What do you want them to do, start him just because he's nice? That's not how it works.
It's not illegal nor is it dirty to clothes line someone. And obviously Nick Saban is a pretty good disciplinary coach seeing as you hardly ever hear about Alabama players stirring up any trouble while in college. They usually don't get in any trouble until after they leave, Rolando McClain for example. You can hate all you want on Saban because he wins all the time but you can't deny he's respectful and pretty classy. Especially when it comes to opposing teams players and coaches. Roll Tide
All these georgia fans acting like him not getting ejected cost them the game lol He was a 3rd string line backer on special teams who only had 1 tackle for Christ's sake. Him getting ejected wouldn't have changed the fact that y'all took an L. Also I'm pretty sure Saban didn't know about him attacking the coach seeing as he had already walked off and was focusing on the defense for the upcoming drive.