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How is it no benefit? LSU plays a state school every year (ULM, ULL, La. TECH, ect.) They pay these schools to come play. Keeps the money instate. Make it a rivalry game every year and play in Little Rock. Arkansas only plays one game a year in Little Rock now. Nobody can give a reasonable explanation as to why the game shouldnt be played.
Who is the last qb from Bama to really do well in the NFL? Honest question...
WVA applied to be a member of the SEC and ACC and were turned down. Big 12 was thier only shot at getting out of the old Big East (now the AAC).
Wheres the story here? Hes a longhorns writer. Is he really gonna say A&M did the right thing? Guys an idiot.
Some probably left early because they were struggling to keep thier grades up and saw a chance to go. Unfortunate when it doesnt work out. Theres alot of players that did get drafted in later rounds that i think would have benefitted from staying another year.
I dont think he wouldve seen the firld at Bama anyhow. He was recruited for depth. When the numbers get tight theyre gonna take stars over depth. Shouldnt have caught this kid by surprise.
Do you people ever proofread anything before you put it out there? A&M must be on probation and not allowed to participate.
"Tripp" is his nickname. Theres not three of them.
I thought this was gonna be some kind of side by side team comparison. Pretty much useless info here.
Do you know how they line up on a regular kickoff? They sure as hell aint bunched up outside the hash marks.
I agree. But if LSU loses to Bama and then wins out they will be 10-1. Their first game got cancelled. Dont think it would matter since it was just McNeese St. LSU wouldve won anyhow but you never know how the Playoff Comittee will look at it.
Youre right. Iowa wiped the floor with Northwestern. But that obviously doesnt support the writers agenda so he doesnt do any research.
How is that weird? The holders knee is always on the ground on a field goal or extra point.
I dont have a dog in this fight but your post is so pathetic in so many ways. You have to use Bamas record against Arkansas to prove your point. Why not use your own schools record? Oh thats right, Auburn is 12-10-1 against Arky since they joined the SEC. Cant make a point there can ya? And its hilarious that an Auburn fan would resort to calling somebody else a toothless inbred. Hell your own coach is from Arkansas. And lastly, Arky wasnt in the Big 12. It was the old Southwest Conference. Alot of the same teams but not the same conference.
We promise to field one? Well Les...i would hope so.
He was referencing wearing of the mascot headgear which is partly what this story is about. Try to keep up junior.
Thank you. I was wondering why the hell nobody said that.
Really? MSU fans seem to be the only ones that either dont think it was intentional or not sure. Thats either ignorance or bias. Take your pick. Im not bashing MSU fans. I have family and friends up there. But if you cant look at that and tell its intentional then you have a problem.
Take that crap somewhere else. LSU has owned your asses for so long you pay them rent to use your stadium....boy.