Oregon resident born in California. Raised in Louisiana from the age of 8 until adulthood. Majority of adult life in Texas.

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He looked shell shocked. He didn't look that way last year when he was cleaning up. He should be ready.
Owning a business in the state does not make you "from" that state. Everything I've ever seen about him says he's from Mississippi.
Yeah. It's disappointing to say the least.
Yup. Save the excuses. Geaux Tigers! #JugularJoe
He needs to play. He was out all of last season and has only played in two games this season. I’m afraid he won’t have his technique under control. That’s how he got hurt in the first place.
Wisconsin. Did you see what happened to Michigan? GEAUX TIGERS!
That's not true. It's also not the point, and you know it. It's about pride, perception, and momentum. Moreover, they haven't been challenged yet. Fact.
Yes, we need a running game just as good as we've always had. Yes, we need a Tiger defense like the one we've always had. We want to win Nattys. We want to crush 'Bama the way Clemson did last year, b ut we want to do it for the next 10-15 years consecutively. We want a dynasty! The passing game was what was missing. An adjustment period is to be expected. However, make no mistake, we need all three competencies in order to begin that dynasty. The dynasty that we were denied by out "hall of fame" coach.
How can Texas be our second loss? They are our second game. You must be conceding a loss to ‘bama and counting it first. I know you’re not saying we lose to GA Southern in first game, right? I’m not willing to concede any losses to ‘bama or anyone else. GEAUX TIGERS!